We’re no brainwashers, say the brainwashers

by on 13 August, 2013

Quadrant's Tony Thomas exposed how our tax dollars were being spent by brainwashing immigrants about the treasures of Labor in his July article.

Don't miss Tony's follow up below on what is going on at the Yarraville Community Centre in Melbourne and how your money is being spent. GC.Ed.@L.

Yarraville Community Centre (YCC), in Melbourne’s inner west, has come up with various excuses for brainwashing its African and Vietnamese English-learners with Labor and Green electoral propaganda. The migrants were given loaded fact-sheets and quizzes about newly-restored PM Kevin Rudd and Greens leader Christine Milne.

YCC  has now even forwarded me on August 1 a nice teaching document featuring Tony Abbott, his biography and his policies. YCC manager Christine McCall says this document was presented to the migrant students in the lesson following the lesson featuring the Rudd and Milne propaganda. The classes are run by teacher Michelle Ryan.

However, Ms Ryan’s Abbott document is quite different in style and format to the Rudd/Milne documents, and is impeccably sourced to Abbott’s own websites.

A possibility is that the Abbott document was cooked up after QuadrantOnline’s expose on July 23 of the Rudd/Milne propaganda. At least three members of the migrant class – my original informant and two people she contacted – never saw the Abbott document.

Full story here: Via Quadrant online

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