Trudeau: It’s My Party And I’ll Shut You Up If I Want To

by on 15 May, 2014

FrontOne of the often reviled features of the campus left, across the planet, is the way in which anyone who dares to argue a different viewpoint is shouted down, sometimes threatened, occasionally harmed physically, or, on rare occasions, have their lives threatened.

Thankfully, the vast majority of those campus ferals often grow out of their totalitarian proclivities, if not their socialist ways, and develop the ability to string three words together in a voice which cannot be heard in two separate cities at once without technological assistance.

Those who tended not to grow out of their authoritarian attitudes end up joining parties of the ultra left, such as the Australian Greens or the Canadian New Democrats.

Now, there’s a new voice on the ultra left, shutting down dissent, a wolf dressed in sheeps’ clothing, looking to dine out on freedom of speech, thought and conscience.

The irony is that the man who is leading this charge towards ideological gulags is the son of the man who introduced the Canadian Charter of Rights and…. So many lols…. Freedoms.

Last week, Grit leader Justin Trudeau, who was famous for being famous before being appointed leader by a flock of red sheep who yearn to return to the days where Alberta was robbed at gunpoint by his old man, decided that the debate on abortion was settled and that anyone who dared disagree with his new decree from on high that abortion on demand was the only acceptable view was to be banned from contesting the 2015 Canadian election as a Liberal candidate.

Now, given that Justin made his living as a public speaker and a school teacher, one would think he would have something of a grasp on the English language (his childhood in Quebec notwithstanding). Hence, Justin may be interested to know that the Oxford Dictionary defines liberal as “Willing to respect or accept behaviour or opinions different from one’s own; open to new ideas”, “Favourable to or respectful of individual rights and freedoms” and “(In a political context) favouring individual liberty, free trade, and moderate political and social reform”. If Justin wants to avoid being a liar, the Oxford Dictionary makes compulsory reading.

Apart from his lack of understanding of the English language, Trudeau junior’s decree also places him in stark contrast with what was supposed to be his father’s crowning glory in the Charter, specifically sections 2a, 2b, 7, 26 and, if he follows his new uber-feminist line on the topic, 28.

But gone are the days when the Canadian Liberals were such a broad tent, that the champion of death penalty abolition, bilingualism and welfare recruited a man who was diametrically opposed to the entire agenda.

Today, there is to be no dissent from the leader’s standpoint that women are to be treated as poor darlings whose heads are so heavied with hairspray that they need men to do their thinking for them because their brains can’t operate, and anyone who does dissent will be shown the door, preferably to exile in such horrible, anti-woman hellholes as Sweden and Holland.

Kind of makes you wonder how he will deal with his newly minted MP for Toronto Centre, who happened to make a living off people disagreeing. Of course, the upshot of this is that the Canadian press pack believes that such a move will wedge conservative PM Stephen Harper into a corner, his the only party which is still struggling with an issue which is now ‘settled’.

You also have to wonder how the next Liberal convention is going to play out, given Trudeau’s decree flies in the face of the most popular Liberal Premier in Robert Ghiz, whose province of Prince Edward Island, where he holds 23 of 27 seats in the Parliament, doesn’t provide abortions.

However, polls have suggested that, even in the pre-Mulroney days, Canadians were uneasy with abortion on demand, and that has not changed. This presents as an electoral goldmine for Stephen Harper, who has struggled for traction over the last twelve months courtesy of Senators with their snouts in the trough, the Supreme Court railing against a Harper nominee, and a defence spending debacle.

Harper has often been derided as not shutting down those of his backbench who are pro-life, however this demonstrates a commitment by Harper to diversity, even though Harper himself has actually tried to shut them up to avoid the whole debate. Instead, Harper’s approach may change given that even Pravda…. sorry, the Toronto Star, has stated its discomfort with such decrees, especially in light of Trudeau’s pledge for open riding nomination contests (pre-seelctions), which he promptly ignored five minutes later.

Harper, for so long ridden as the boogeyman of Canadian politics, can now advertise his party as the one open to the 92% of Canadians who have at least some reservations on abortion matters, while the other three parties across Canada, plus the Bloc Quebecois, are closed to them. Rather than drive Harper to the wall, Trudeau has opened up an almost entire polity for Harper to campaign to.

Harper doesn’t need to proclaim abortion as the Devil’s work, but rather simply admit to the truth: Abortion is a vexed, controversial issue and the Conservatives appreciate that, which is why abortion isn’t something discussed with a blue hat on. To that end, pursuing the more moderate pro-life movement would be an ideal start.

In pursuing the more reasonable approaches, Harper will inflame, provoke and, hopefully, draw out the more bolshie leftoids who believe any suggestion of not aborting is a breach of human rights, of which plenty are present in this debate. Suddenly, Harper the control freak can become Harper the hugger, tolerant of all, while Trudeau, long believed to be the Liberal saviour, becomes the control freak who cannot win an argument, so he stops them happening.

The central concern is not abortion as an issue. Personally, I think abortion is foul but Government should not be legislating in such areas. However, to deny an individual, elected to a national Parliament the right to speak their conscience is, in itself, unconscionable.

In one fell swoop, Justin Trudeau has aligned what was slowly becoming a genuinely Liberal party with the uber left, and allowed Stephen Harper to become the soft touch of Canadian politics. Normally it would take a truly dumb individual to make such a blunder, but Trudeau has demonstrated that his politics, just like his hairstyle,  never really left campus.

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