Tim Flannery and Michael Kirby to sell NBN

by on 26 April, 2011

ALS rant JULIA Gillard's top salesman for climate change action and a former judge are on a shortlist of candidates to promote the $36bn NBN.

The Australian understands the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy is looking to recruit about a dozen "NBN champions" who would be conscripted to publicly spruik the benefits of the Gillard government's $36bn wholesale fibre network, if a yet-to-be-revealed communications strategy gets the green light.

Forget that Ms. Prime Minister. Those two couldn’t sell Beer and a Meat Pie at a football game.

When it comes to “selling” there are only two people who can do the job!

Demtel’s Tim Shaw and “Vince” from Shamwow!



But there is still more.

Have Tim and Vince help you sell your border protection policy.

But I know you want more.

Tim and Vince can then sell your economic credentials on Budget night.

It gets better.

Tim and Vince can sell the virtue of your minority Government.

But I know you want more.

Tim and Vince will sell the success of the Pink Batts and BER roll out.

This is truly an amazing offer!

But I don’t think Tim and Vince can sell your stinker of a Carbon Tax.

If Bullshit was music, our Government would be a brass band.

Andy Semple

Speak without fear and question with boldness.

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