The Ad SBS Refused To Air

by on 12 March, 2015

Last Saturday, the taxpayer-funded broadcaster SBS refused to air an advertisement critical of same-sex marriage in an act described as “blatant political censorship“. The ad, which was broadcast on Channels 7 and 9, was booked and paid for prior to being pulled by SBS management and had received regulatory approval.

Dr David Van Gent, President of the Australian Marraiage Forum, made the following comments:

This is suppression of free speech on a matter of public importance. It is outrageous for a taxpayer funded broadcaster like SBS to apply censorship to one side of the debate on same-sex marriage. SBS is funded by taxpayers on both sides of the same-sex ‘marriage’ debate”. SBS broadcasts hours of the Mardi Gras protest march, free of charge, with its ‘Australian Marriage Equality’ float and other political themes. The Chief of the Mardi Gras Parade, Michael Rolik, specifically highlighted ‘marriage equality’ as one of the rally’s targets for legislative change. SBS gives free airtime for them to make their political point on ‘marriage equality’, but refuses to show even one minute of a paid ad presenting an opposing view. SBS gave us no reason for their last-minute decision…I see that SBS has its own float in this year’s Mardi Gras Parade, and I also see that the SBS slogan is ‘Diversity works’. But clearly they cannot work with any diversity of opinion on the issue of same-sex marriage”

Senator David Leyonhjelm, who introduced the Bill for Same Sex Marriage into the Federal Senate, and Senator Dean Smith, another supporter of the legislation, have both condemned the decision , as has Australian Human Rights’ Commissioner Tim Wilson.

The SBS Charter specifically calls on it to “present many points of view”

Here is the controversial ad:


So what do you think? Should SBS have censored this ad?


9 thoughts on “The Ad SBS Refused To Air

  1. SBS has become a political arm of the homosexual lobby who are after your kids

    why should tax payer money be used to promote a political agenda or in this case not only promote it but censor the opposition. As a publicly funded broadcaster this is appauling

  2. This is the downside of the marriage equality debate.

    Win this and the next step will be equality of parenting rights!

    Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott both opposed same-sex marriage -strange bedfellows.

    Oh wait …. Perhaps not the best thing to say!

  3. “the next step will be equality of parenting rights!”

    They’ve had that for decades. Anyone can raise kids, doesn’t matter whether they’re straight, gay, married, de-facto or single.

    That’s why I’ve never understood the “think of the children” argument when it comes to gay marriage. Gay couples that want to raise kids already are, with or without marriage. It’s hard to imagine that they’ll suddenly become worse parents if we let them get married.

  4. Good point dB.

    But are same sex couples able to legally adopt children?

    Or are these children from previous heterosexual relationships?

    Is the issue that if same sex marriage is legal, then adoption will “automatically” legal as well?

    Genuine questions, anyone know the answers?

  5. Also for consideration. SBS did not want to broadcast this ad during its broadcast of the Mardi Gras procession!

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