Deregulation of Planning Approvals, Taxi Industry Deregulation Signal From WA Government

John Day has flagged that the state government will seek to implement reforms to remove some of the burden faced by landowners  on building approval, and will also centralise the approval process. Whilst the latter could hurt the ability of suburbs to develop a unique culture, one needs only to look to their areas most recent developments to witness the dangers of leaving property development to the whims and fancies of officials elected at ill attended and largely ignored local government elections.

Dean Nalder has also flagged the likelihood of deregulating the taxi industry. This move to remove the onerous obligations and costs on taxi drivers may come just in time to allow lower costs to help taxi drivers to save their market as we approach the introduction of the hugely successful Uber app.

Via Deregulation of Planning Approvals, Taxi Industry Signal From WA Government|Isolated Nation

Why We Need More Services Like Uber

Kerrod Gream

 Uber has recently entered the Australian market, offering taxi like services to customers through ride sharing. It’s faced a number of regulatory issues in both the United States, as well as in Australia. This is primarily due to the overregulated taxi industry, where you have to purchase a taxi licence from the government before being able to offer these sorts of services. In Australia the price varies by state, but in NSW the price ranges from $180,000-$400,000 so there’s a concentrated effort from the taxi industry to lock out competitors to avoid losing the initial investment they were forced to pay because of governmental restrictions on the market.