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Menzies Housee is Australia’s leading resource for thinkers and activists and a subsidiary of the non-profit Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance. We need YOUR help to keep doing this work.

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Donate to us directly through the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance Website

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Account Name: Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance
BSB: 012-019
Account Number: 1844-52668

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Made out to the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance, and mailed to PO Box A2208 Sydney South NSW 1235


  1. Call (02) 9045 9210
  2. Enter Biller ID:  406009
  3. Enter Reference Number: 555
  4. Enter the amount in dollars and cents: $XX.XX
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Note that unfortunately donations are not tax deductible.

Please email the Tim Andrews, Menzies House Publisher and ATA Executive Director, at if you have any questions.