Superfast broadband scheme proposed for 5 million rural (UK) homes

by on 15 April, 2011

Fujitsu claims its £2bn (that’s $3.1bn AU) investment could see superfast broadband reach 95% of UK population.

Britain’s sluggish rural broadband network could be revolutionised for 5 million people within five years, a consortium of companies led by Fujitsu has claimed.

The firm promised that it could eventually offer households a 10 gigabit connection, and said “from day one” ultrafast one gigabit connections would be available. Those speeds are more than 10 times faster than proposals from BT, and would be among the fastest in the world.

And the Gillard Government is going to spend north of $44 Billion (plus?) on the NBN! Outrageous.

I’d suggest Senator Conroy gives Fujitsu a telephone call – urgently.

More via the Telegraph

Andy Semple

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