Get Published

The diversity of material that we publish is what makes Menzies House the go-to resource for many on the centre-right in Australia. If you have an opinion on a particular issue, want your voice heard, are hoping to become a famous blogger or simply like seeing your work published on a website with an ever-growing reader base, then we want to hear from you.

We publish op-ed type content (500-750 words), essays and longform material (2000-5000 words), infographics/cartoons/etc and videos. Note however that while we frequently run competitions with cash prizes we do not pay contributors (or ourselves).

To get started please contact a member of the editorial team and briefly outline your idea if we think it would be a good fit we will ask you to prepare a submission. Not sure who to contact? Write to us at

There are a few key things to consider when preparing your submission:

  • Check your writing for spelling and grammar. We try to uphold a very high standard, so make sure you proof read your article. Often it is helpful to have someone else review it first.
  • Submit in a format we can use. Docx/doc for written submissions, Png for graphics and upload videos to youtube.
  • Include links to sources and other material cited.
  • We are happy to publish anonymous content though we prefer to credit you for your work, please include a photo and a two line bio.
  • Provide a title and a two-line summary, something which will grab reader’s attention.
  • Read the Comment Policy and the same principles apply to your submissions.

When we recieve your submission we may make some light edits or ask you to revise some aspects of it, this is a normal part of the process and helps ensure our site has top quality content and your idea is well presented.

Once finalised and accepted we will give you a rough idea of when your material will be published, encourage you to share the content on social media and engage in debate with our readers.