PQ Wolves Want A Vote On Eating Anglo Sheep For Dinner

by on 13 March, 2014


And so all things come to pass.

Thankfully, the most repugnant thing in Canada today has come to pass, at least for the time being, as the Quebec PQ Government, headed by socialist xenophobe Pauline Marois, heads to the polls on 7 April.

Marois has declared her Government is fighting against corruption left behind by the Liberals, which is ironic given the Charbonneau Commission will cease hearings for the duration of the election.

The message mustn’t have got through to the Commission, which was supposed to be the gold standard with which Marois could beat the Grits across the head on the campaign trail after the debacle that is Montreal’s council.

For those who don’t follow the Charbonneau Commission, it is digging into corruption so deep it makes The Sopranos look like Play School.

However, back to the election.

Marois has declared she will fight the election on her xenophobic secularism charter, as this reflects the needs of the Quebec people.

Liberal leader Philippe Couillard, on the other hand, is focussing on those completely frivolous luxury items like education, health, jobs and the economy.

None of that crap for Quebec under Marois, though, throwing off the horrible shackles of Anglo-Canada is what her province needs to become great once more.

Yes madames et monseuirs, Quebec will only be great once more once separated from the rest of Canada, while still using the Canadian dollar and having a seat on the board of the Bank of Canada!

Wait, what?

No, that wasn’t a typo. A sovereign nation in Quebec would still want a seat on the Reserve Bank Board and would still use the Canadian dollar.

Did I miss something?

No, because Marois believes that, while Quebec and Canada should be distinct nations, they should still forge ahead with an economic union in the best interests of both nations.

And hasn’t that worked out well on other continents around the world…

But that’s not all. Marois also says that Quebec must forge its own future, although there will be no borders to prevent other nationalities from visiting, because it is clear to all that everyone is welcome in Quebec

And an independent Quebec’s first act in attracting new tourists to Quebec will be….. asking Ottawa to pay for a new rail line.

If the stupidity is burning your brain, don’t worry. The lack of logic is hurting my head too.

It gets worse, though. The PQ, a socialist party if ever there was one, has signed up media mogul Pierre Karl Peladeau as a candidate, who is famous for declaring himself a union buster!

Oh how a separate Quebec would be a delight to watch unfold. A party in power which is indulging in a healthy dose of ideological hallucinogens, coupled with an inability to stop mooching of those people who are supposedly holding Quebec back with their free money, on top of the fact non-French speakers won’t be able to feed themselves.

Non-francos going hungry? Oh yeah, this happened by the way.

That’s on top of this, so no more carbs for you, you filthy Anglo!

Not that you’ll need to worry about feeding yourself, given you won’t be able to clothe yourself either.

Given the hostilities towards anyone of a non-Franco background, it would be evident there would be a capital flight from Quebec, and it’s only two hours down the Trans Canada highway to Ottawa.

Speaking of which, nothing has been said of how any successful referendum would affect places which are inextricably linked to the rest of Canada. Well, it’s really just Gatineau we’re talking here.

So you would need to remover a major city from Quebec, and then go cap in hand somewhere to borrow to stave off bankruptcy, but we already know where Quebec would get that money from if they had their way.

So we have a province with its economy five rungs below junk status, a visceral hatred for anything not Francophone (I’d say French, but apparently Francois Hollande is a sellout to Anglo interests), and a desperation to stay wedded to the free money being provided by evil overlords.

For most people determined to make a life for themselves, failure is not an option.

But for the Parti Quebecois, a failing Quebec is the only option.

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