Kochie says: Stop The Levy!

by on 31 January, 2011

My interview with Julia Gillard this morning on Sunrise was a bit like an episode of Yes Minister.

But please (Prime) Minister, I’m not an idiot.

You be the judge here;


I just wanted the Prime Minister to explain why we needed a Flood Levy instead of the Federal Government simply paying for it out of the taxes we already pay.

My view, and that of most economists, is that the Federal Government is more than capable of funding the reconstruction of flood affected areas out of its own resources without hitting us with a flood levy.

But let me make it very clear that I have no issue whatsoever in spending what it takes to get Queensland and regional Victoria back on their feet. Queensland is the cornerstone of our coal and tourism export sectors so it is imperative we get infrastructure back quickly.

I’m just querying why it has to come out of a new tax.

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Kochie is spot on!

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