Digital Set-Top Boxes – Cheaper at Harvey Norman

by on 15 February, 2012


Every set-top box delivered under Labor's digital TV rollout could be costing the taxpayer an average of $698 –  almost double the government's original estimate, more than 30 times the cost of a box bought at a department store and far more expensive than a new 106cm flatscreen TV.

In May last year, Senator Conroy put the average cost for each installation at $350, but recent figures provided to The Australian by the digital switchover taskforce show that the initial budget of $69.5m has delivered 77,400 installations, which works out at an average of $897 each.

With just days to go until the analog switch-off, and faced with the prospect of being left without a working TV, Ms. Pasco phoned the son of a well-known retired local TV installer.

He fitted a set-top box she bought from Harvey Norman for $48.

All up, the cost of the set-top box and the installation set her back less than $100.

Set-top boxes is item 8 from the top 50 ALP achievements since 2007.

From the same people who are spending $36 billion (plus) on the National Broadband Network.



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