There’s nothing edgy about ‘honour killings’

I can’t believe this needs to be said, but the choices of the Festival of Dangerous Ideas suggests it does.

Uthman Badar, spokesman for Hizb ut-Tahrir in Australia, will be speaking at the Festival on the topic “Honour killings are morally justified”.

How clever.

It has been many years since FODI has shown any desire to live up to its name. Their existences hinge on the flow of government grants, directly or indirectly through the units that make up the art establishment. It’s not here to disrupt the status quo. It is here because, as a Facebook friend snarked, “the whole idea of a Festival of Dangerous Ideas [is to be] some white–person wankery for inner–city latte drinkers to indulge themselves in a trip to the opera house and [provoke] the special feeling of belonging to that special part of society that attends ‘cultural’ events.

So whilst I am openly impressed that FODI has actually gone and proposed a dangerous idea in that context, as far as dangerous ideas go this is quite safe… which is what makes it so dangerous.

It is dangerous in the first instance because the material is justifying murder. Violence is generally accepted as dangerous.

For anyone who, say, might like to think of themselves as culturally enlightened, the barest of philosophical forays will lead you to the subjectivity of morality and/or its experience by the individual.

Armed with this, it is totally conceivable that people who commit what we call “honour killings” have reasons for doing so. It’s a scary rejoinder to the idea of monstrosity as other and seemingly perfect for a crowd seeking “danger”.

This makes it a safe bet. It’s destined to light up blogs like this, and papers and talkback tomorrow, and possibly the 6pm news from earlier this evening. Helen Dale – who has lit up the local media a few times, including this week – called the decision to give Badar a platform “the intellectual equivalent of streaking”, which is so right not just because it’s flashy, insubstantive, and guaranteed to get your eyeballs on the dangly bits, but also because it isn’t novel.

We know that attention will be paid because we have had these debates before. We have had these debates before because there are millions of people who believe murder is a prurient respond to the exercise of certain kinds of autonomy – but they’re other, safely ‘over there’, and the unbridled, uncritical acceptance of the other is how the worst sort of unthinking leftist gets their counter-cultural jollies.

It will be controversial. Why millions of people would hold values so far removed from our own always will be.

And thus we have Badar at FODI, surrounded by the latte elite, who have already started falling over themselves to demonstrate their open-mindedness by paying to listen to a man who fronts the national arm of an organisation that opposes the close-mindedness of a Western liberalism that would go back to stoning women if the culture wasn’t so close-minded.

If an open-mind is worth keeping on this issue this is still not a justification for FODI’s decision. The point of keeping an open mind is to think, judge, and close it eventually. If it never closes it is no great feat of mind, but the simple abrogation of critical thought. FODI is, by choosing to give this violent idea a platform, abrogating that responsibility in the name of whoring themselves out for attention. This is not an act without consequences; what we say in public sends a powerful message about (are you ready for this?) what is is acceptable to say and do in public.

They’re not concerned about that, nor are they actually concerned about whether we should kill slutty sluts for slutting. They’re concerned about how they can leverage Uthman Badar and the Hizb ut-Tahrir brand and the white guilt that creates the cultural relativism that baby leftists are injected with when they submit their first protest poster for assessment, in service of painting the Festival and it’s supporters as open-minded, critically engaged and edgy, and getting the attention that gets them paid. With taxpayer dollars.

If open engagement is what we desire there’s an endless supply of literature on the subject that could be privately consumed. Somehow I don’t think that’s what Hizb ut-Tahrir wants.

That is what I find the most dangerous – it’s lovely to have organisations like FODI that self-consciously hike their skirts and whore their stages in the pretence of glorying in liberalism while trying to undermine it. These ideas don’t deserve to be paraded on a platform as flimsy as amusement. There is no honour in giving a microphone to a man who doesn’t want to give the microphone back, when he will use it to promote a ban on microphones.

FODI sets its own agenda. They made a considered choice to offer the stage to a lobbyist for Islamototalitarianism to promote the murder of (mostly) women.

If FODI wants to truly be provocative, there are orthodoxies far better challenged than the secular, liberal, individualist democracy that permits people – including women – to pursue the free thought that allows them to consider and reject the killing women who exercise autonomy could be totally sweet.

FODI has the right to offer the PR flak for totalitarian organisation a space on its platform, and its secular “cultural establishment” type audience is mature enough to consider the idea without accepting it (the way the Murdoch-media-swilling general publicans apparently cannot, no doubt). Minds aren’t likely to slip out from under the warm, prosperous blanket of liberalism for the rock hard reality of whatever backwards logic makes it okay to kill for a contorted derivative of honour. 

Economics French Socialist Style

So. If you have a country where the unemployment rate is over 10%, a financial crisis caused by overspending, and a huge budget decifit fuelled by a runaway welfare state, what do you do?

It seems if you are French Socialist President Francois Hollande, you do the following:

1)Cut the retirement age to 60, meaning fewer taxpayers supporting more pensioners 

2)Increase the payroll tax to prevent businesses hiring more workers. Which will reduce economic growth, destroy jobs, and … put more people on welfare.

Yup… I can't see how anything can go wrong with this plan… 

UN Asks Mass-Murderer Mugabe To Be Leader For Tourism

This is beyond satire.

The United Nations has appointed Robert Mugabe, a mass-murdering communist tyrant who has destroyed Zimbabwe, to be its new Envoy for Tourism:

Improbable as it seems, the Zimbabwean president, who is widely accused of ethnic cleansing, rigging elections, terrorising opposition, controlling media and presiding over a collapsed economy, has been endorsed as a champion of efforts to boost global holidaymaking.

Despite that fact Mugabe, 88, is under a travel ban, he has been honoured as a"leader for tourism" by the UN's World Tourism Organisation, along with his political ally, Zambian president Michael Sata, 75. The pair signed an agreement with UNWTO secretary general Taleb Rifai at their shared border at Victoria Falls on Tuesday…

Kumbi Muchemwa, a spokesman for the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), said: "I can't see any justification for the man being an 'ambassador'. An ambassador for what? The man has blood on his hands. Do they want tourists to see those bloody hands?"

Meanwhile, British MP Kate Hoey, chair of the all-party parliamentary group on Zimbabwe, said: "It is an absolute scandal – and an affront to the people of Zimbabwe, who didn't vote for Mugabe as their president but had him imposed because he used violence and the armed forces to hang onto power in defiance of the democratic will of the people of Zimbabwe.

"For a man who has destroyed his country's infrastructure and cynically engineered hunger to be an 'ambassador' for tourism is disgraceful – particularly as he has been personally responsible for the downward spiral of the economy and destroyed the hotel, travel and tourism industry in the process."

Mugabe and his allies are subject to EU and US sanctions preventing them from travelling to EU countries including Britain, although he does attend the UN general assembly in New York.

Muchemwa added: "Robert Mugabe is under international sanctions, so how do you have an international tourism ambassador who can't travel to other countries?

"The UN is losing credibility in this process. Does it think people should go to a country where the law is not obeyed? An MDC activist was murdered last Saturday. Zimbabwe is doing things which don't encourage the arrival of tourists."

There was also criticism from the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition, an umbrella organisation of civil society groups. Dewa Mavhinga, its regional information and advocacy officer, said: "It boggles the mind how the UN could appoint Mugabe as an ambassador of any sort. I don't think he's an appropriate person…

Remember, our tax dollars go to support this morally bankarupt organisation… 

WTF! Silent Film “The Artist” Wins Best Picture at the 84th Oscars

I normally wouldn’t bother commentating about the Oscars except for the fact the Academy just gave its best picture gong to the French black-and-white silent film, “The Artist”.

It obviously appealed to the art farts so expect to see a plethora of Australian taxpayer funded silent black-and-white films coming to your local cinema soon.

I can’t wait to see the silent black-and-white version of Star Wars…



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Seriously WTF Would Anyone Buy an Obama Belt Buckle?

Some great belt buckles here until I saw this gem.

Obama belt buckle

Seriously, WhyTF would anyone buy an Obama Belt Buckle?

Fortunately there was no Julia Gillard or Bob Brown belt buckles in sight.

Why is it that some people like to wear stuff with pictures of socialist President Obama or mass murderer and communist Che Guevara? When did progressivism and communism become “so cool”?


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PC BS Alert: Cougar Mascot is Offensive to Women. Only Tweet if you’re Self Employed

BS Political Correctness strikes again, this time at the new Corner Canyon High School in Draper, Utah.


Students in Utah may have voted to urge on their sports teams with the battle cry ‘Go Cougars!’ but the school district has overruled the popular choice because it claims it would be insensitive to women.

While cougars – the large mountain cats – are prevalent in Utah, the principal Mary Bailey worried people would also be reminded of the popular culture use of the word to describe sexually aggressive middle-aged women who attract younger men.

The decision came even though Brigham Young University, Utah, considered one of the country’s most straight-laced (Mormon) colleges, uses the cougar for its mascot.

Cougar women

Seriously, saying “Go Cougars” would be insensitive to women? WTF? 

Locally, Political Correctness strikes again, this time a senior adviser to NSW Transport Minister Gladys Berejiklian has publicly joked about the death of a teenager graffiti “artist” killed by a train while spraying his “art” in a train tunnel.


Public Servant Sam Fairlie-Cuninghame responded to the death of Tre Toman, 18, with the tweet: "Train vs person. Train always wins".

Naturally, the opposition transport spokeswoman Penny Sharpe called on the O'Farrell government to move quickly and fire Mr Fairlie-Cuninghame.

The lessons here are;

1) Don’t spray graffiti whilst in a train tunnel and;

2) Don’t tweet your personal opinion unless you are self employed otherwise you’ll most likely get sacked.

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WTF! EU Says You CAN’T Claim Drinking Water Stops Dehydration

From the Collins Australian Dictionary:

Dehydrate vb 1 to lose or cause to lose water; make or become anhydrous 2 to lose or cause to lose hydrogen atoms and oxygen atoms in the proportions in which they occur in water, as in a chemical reaction 3 to lose or deprive of water, as the body or tissues > dehydration n 


Drinking water does not ease dehydration, the European Union has ruled – and anyone who disagrees faces two years in prison.

The decision – after three years of discussions – results from an attempt by two German academics to test EU advertising rules which set down when companies can claim their products reduce the risk of disease.

The academics asked for a ruling on a convoluted statement which, in short, claimed that water could reduce dehydration.

Dehydration is defined as a shortage of water in the body – but the European Food Standards Authority decided the statement could not be allowed.

The ruling, announced after a conference of 21 EU-appointed scientists in Parma and which means that bottled water companies cannot claim their product stops people’s bodies drying out, was given final approval this week by European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso.

The decision was being hailed as the daftest Brussels edict since the EU sent down laws on how bendy bananas should be.

I wonder how long EU-tard Jose Manuel Barroso would last in the middle of the Simpson Desert without any drinking water? No wonder Europe is bankrupt with idiots like Barroso in charge.

And the poor citizens of Greece and Italy are now governed by unelected EU technocrats.


First in Greece, then in Italy, democratic governments have found themselves being finger-wagged out of office by bigwigs based in Brussels, who have decided it would be better, in this era of economic crisis, if technocrats rather than democrats were running these fragile nations.


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WTF? Combet accuses Abbott of Climate Change Racism

Federal Climate Change Minister Greg Combet has accused Opposition Leader Tony Abbott of having a racist climate change policy.

Mr Abbott has warned that Australian businesses buying carbon permits under an emissions trading scheme could be conned by unscrupulous international traders.

Mr Combet described Mr Abbott's position as "economic xenophobia" in an address to the National Press Club.

"It is in effect a white carbon policy designed to harvest more votes no matter what the cost."

The Government argues an internationally linked emissions trading scheme is needed so pollution can be cut at the lowest cost.

So 24 hours ago it was ok for Labor to be economically xenophobic by suggesting all Australian mining companies be forced to source their steel locally, as if there was something wrong with foreign made steel.

Labor have scraped the bottom of the barrel in a new low with this ridiculous statement that Abbott’s preference for a direct action climate plan over an ETS is economic xenophobia.

Rather than buy dubious foreign sourced Carbon Dioxide abatement certificates, Tony Abbott is using common sense to spend the same money on local abatement here.

You can’t clean you own backyard by paying for someone else to clean somebody else’s backyard.  


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Minority Report Becomes Reality: Pre-Crime Screening


Straight out of Minority Report a new Homeland Security program would subject Americans to pre-crime interrogations and physiological scans to detect people who are intending to commit a terrorist act at sports stadiums, shopping centres, airports and other public places has moved closer to being implemented after the FAST program passed its first round of testing at an undisclosed location in northeast US.

The system uses a computer program that studies physiological indicators of a person, such as heart rate and the steadiness of a person’s gaze, and then uses the data to make a judgment on whether that individual has “malintent”.

Minority Report – coming to an airport or sporting stadium near you.


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GetUp! petition hits ABC for shift to “Right”

More than 1255 idiots people have signed an online petition complaining about the ABC's political coverage, with many saying a tough interview by 7.30 anchor Chris Uhlmann with Greens leader Bob Brown is evidence of a lurch to the Right.

The petition to "get the ABC back to its charter" appeared on a website owned by lobby group GetUp! some weeks ago.

As a viewer and taxpayer, I am more than concerned that the National Broadcaster has become a political mouthpiece for the ultra conservatives,” states the GetUp! petition.

This coming from GetUp! LOL.

Many of the signatories say Chris Uhlmann is the problem.

Chris Uhlmann pushed Senator Brown hard on Monday, as to whether he wanted to phase out the coal industry, and how he'd counter the associated loss of jobs, industry, investment, and income, if that were achieved.

Too borrow Fox News' slogan, Chris Uhlmann was “Fair and Balanced” in his interview with Senator Brown.

From the GetUp! website: GetUp members are building a ground-up movement of real people who are putting the participation back into our democracy.

Step 1 in GetUp!’s new “our” democracy: If you don’t like the message – go after the messenger.

Step 2 in GetUp!’s new “our” democracy: If you can’t get the messenger’s head, then do your darnedest to control the language of the debate.

It’s not all bad, GetUp! you can always fall back and count on Q&A to give you a bump.

And we all know GetUp! is just another union front.

THE union movement has emerged as a key financial backer of the advocacy group GetUp!, with six unions pouring more than a million dollars into its election purse in the past three weeks alone.

GetUp! has splashed nearly $1.5 million on TV advertising since the campaign began, meaning the unions have effectively supplied two-thirds of its advertising budget.

The organisation’s director, Simon Sheikh, refused to name the six unions yesterday, saying they wanted their identities kept secret until after donor returns are filed with the Australian Electoral Commission.

How does this fit with GetUp’s declaration:

GetUp is an independent, grass-roots community advocacy organisation… GetUp does not back any particular party… GetUp is a not-for-profit and receives no money from any political party or the government.

No money from any political party, but plenty from one party’s chief donors.

The ten commandments of communism GetUp!:

  1. Abolition of property in land and application of all rents of land to public purposes.
  2. A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.
  3. Abolition of all rights of inheritance.
  4. Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels.
  5. Centralisation of credit in the banks of the state, by means of a national bank with state capital and an exclusive monopoly.
  6. Centralisation of the means of communication and transport in the hands of the state.
  7. Extension of factories and instruments of production owned by the state; the bringing into cultivation of waste lands, and the improvement of the soil generally in accordance with a common plan.
  8. Equal obligation of all to work. Establishment of industrial armies, especially for agriculture.
  9. Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries; gradual abolition of all the distinction between town and country by a more equable distribution of the populace over the country.
  10. Free education for all children in public schools. Abolition of children's factory labor in its present form. Combination of education with industrial production, etc.

To borrow one of Mark Twain’s notable lines: Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of GetUp!  But then I repeat myself.


Andy Semple

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