The Time for VSU is Now


11825642_480027035490598_4756637646190208338_n[1]Will Joseph addresses the need for VSU following the recent protests of Chris Pyne’s book launch by NUS and Socialist Alternative Students.

Prior to Christopher Pyne’s book launch in Melbourne starting, we saw some sickening behaviour from the National Union of Students & Socialist Alternative. These people injured police & damaged private property on our student fees; they do not care about students, all they care about is their unrepresentative socialist agenda.
These people also blocked people from going into the event; this is not their event to host. The sad reality of all of this is that every student from all three academic sectors at every campus at every TAFE & University associates with these people involuntarily. At the end of the day, the Student Services & Amenities Fee (aka the student tax) finds its way to the National Union of Students.


Students should feel angry about the way part of their fees are being used. Even though this is an involuntary tax, the policy specifically & strictly states that it cannot be used for political purposes. The majority of students aren’t on the extreme-left philosophies & they aren’t statists. The majority of students are simply trying to get a good education so that they can get ahead in life; students are not on campus to violently riot against politicians. These people take our money involuntarily & they still have deficits.

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