MUST WATCH: Obsolete Industries Campaign Video!

As you would be aware, the NSW Government is considering imposing a new tax on NSW consumers to fund a multi-million dollar bailout of the Taxi Industry.

The self-styled “Coalition Of Obsolete Industries” just put out this amazing campaign video arguing that if the taxi industry will receive a bailout because they can’t keep up with new technology – then so should they!

Have a watch:


The Looming Great Green Tax You Didn’t Even Know About!

Green tape is strangling Aussie businesses, killing jobs and driving up costs for consumers and it’s time the Federal Government honoured its commitment to make Australia open for business again.

And repealing a stealth green tax about to be made law is the perfect place to start.

In the dying days of the Gillard government, great new green tax was rushed through parliament – and you probably didn’t even know about it! But believe me, it will cost you big.

Under the guise of “illegal logging” up to 17,000 Aussie businesses could be forced to shut down due to the high cost of this act with a total cost of up to $340 million, and prices for consumers will go up, up, up.

Unless we act now, this will come into law in November.

Like with most “green projects” This will do absolutely NOTHING to save the environment. And of course, the Gillard Government never costed it, there was no regulatory impact statement,  no cost- benefit analysis, parliament never examined the regulations – it was just pushed through.

Only one group will benefit from this – Green “Certification” companies, who have just hit the jackpot. Continue reading

If I wanted America, err Australia, to Fail


Just replace “America” with “Australia” or “UK”.

Obama and Cameron are doing a great job of making sure their respective countries do in fact fail. With luck, Australian’s voted out just in the nick of time the Labor Green rainbow alliance before they irreversibly rooted Australia.

Thanks to Les for the youtube link.


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VIDEO: Dr Dennis Jensen MP On The Failures Of The JSF

Dr Dennis Jensen MP articulates his objections to Australia’s purchase of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter:

Jensen concludes with an irish proverb

If you buy what you don’t need, you might have to sell what you do need.

What do you think? Is this a valuable investment in our security, or will it be a white elephant that will cost taxpayers through the nose and leave us vulnerable?

The War on Humans

Make no mistake; there are plenty of people, (Sir David Attenborough warns that mankind is a “plague on the Earth.”) who also happen to occupy senior roles in Gov’ts, NGO’s (extremist Green groups), the EU and the UN, who firmly believe humans are the enemy.

Peddling Imaginary Global Warming is the perfect cover story for these anti-human forces to enact their deadly ideology. You know the world has gone mad when some people suggest plants have “rights” also.

The video below runs for 31 minutes, but it’s well worth watching.

Continue reading

With friends like this no wonder Rudd resigned from Parliament


expect more to come.

And here they are…


Chairman Rudd video from 2007 still applies today…


The mock-up from the Chaser’s War on Everything is still on the money…


Here’s the latest from Liberal Party HQ…


Great quote from Tony Abbott, “In 2007 you voted for Kevin and got Julia. In 2010 you voted for Julia and got Kevin. If you vote for the Labor Party in 2013 who knows who you will end up with.”

And now Hitler finds out that Kevin Rudd is PM again…


Kevin, in Labor’s own words…


Rudd engaged in ‘jihad of revenge’: Latham




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