Hunting knives seized, scores of Christians murdered, citizenship doled out like candy: the stakes couldn’t be higher

RachelRachel Bailes dissects the Greens’ response to Abbott’s pledge to end the ‘benefit of the doubt’ in the light of recent escalations of Islamist extremism at home and abroad.

As the Australian Coptic Movement prepares to rally in Sydney this weekend after the Mediterranean ocean ran with the blood of 21 Coptic Christians, the stakes for action on terrorism couldn’t be higher.

Meanwhile, a week after the arrests of Fairfield residents Omar al-Katobi and Mohammad Kiad on the verge of another lone-wolf style terrorist attack, Leader of the Greens Christine Milne has branded Prime Minister Tony Abbott ‘desperate’ and ‘divisive’ for his claim that Australians have been ‘taken for mugs’ by terrorists.

Ms Milne has called for Prime Minister Abbott to turn from his clamping-down rhetoric of ending the ‘benefit of the doubt’ within the immigration and welfare system and urged him instead to support her recently introduced ‘Social Cohesion Bill’ to quell the threat of terrorism.

If passed, the Social Cohesion Bill to which Milne refers would establish a taxpayer-funded Centre for Social Cohesion, complete with Director, Deputy-Director and research staff, whose role it would be to “foster dialogue”, “distribute emerging knowledge” and “coordinate programs”. The Bill pledges to bring together “government, law enforcement agencies, academics, researchers, and former extremists” in a national, centralised body to build “resilient communities”.

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White House in secret talks with Hezbollah, willing to “warm up to a direct relationship in the future.”

What’s next, a secret meeting with al Qaeda?

Via the Jerusalem Post


The US and Hezbollah are in secret indirect talks managed by London dealing with the fight against Al-Qaida, regional stability and other Lebanese political issues.

Senior British diplomatic sources, quoted in a report in Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Rai on Wednesday, said British diplomats are holding discussions with leaders of the Lebanese organization and transferring the information to the Americans.

The discussions “are aimed at keeping tabs on the changes in the region and the world, and prepare for the upcoming return of Iran to the international community,” according to diplomatic sources in Washington.

Because the US, unlike the UK, recognizes both the political and military wings of Hezbollah as a terrorist organization and refuses to distinguish between them, US officials cannot legally meet with any member of the party. But according to the sources, the US is willing to hear the views of the party and “warm up to a direct relationship in the future.”




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List of major terrorist incidents and known terrorist groups in Indonesia

And yet the bed wetters in the Labor Party and the left media are wondering why we spy on Indonesia?

Here is a list of major terrorist attacks in Indonesia from May 1962 to November 2012

Here is a list of known Terrorist organisations in Indonesia.

Analysis: Bali attack plot shows Indonesia terror threat evolving

Any Australian Gov’t would be derelict in their duty to protect Australian’s had we NOT BEEN spying on Indonesia. 



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Once upon a time

by Jim McCrudden

Once upon a time there was a world where leaders adopted the line, “We don’t negotiate with terrorists.”

President Teddy Roosevelt, facing ransom demands for the release of a captured American citizen, Perdicaris, by a Moroccan, Raisuli, had a telegram released giving the US response, “Perdicaris alive, or Raisuli dead.”

Every pollie since has tried to come up with such a memorable line, but is driven back to the bland, ‘we don’t negotiate, blah blah’.

To some extent they did try not to but with the coming of Obama things changed – ordinary terrorists? No negotiating, Muslim terrorists? wellll!

This President, this minute, is negotiating with the Taliban in Afghanistan – the very terrorists that the US sacrificed men to fight and eradicate – to share power there with President Kharzi. And not only the US is fighting terrorist there; Australia has been there since 2001 fighting the Taliban under Operation Slipper.

This President ordered US military to join forces with the terrorist rebels to overthrow Qaddafi in Libya and give Al Qaeda its very own nation with a voice in the UN. Not saying Qaddafi was a papabile but he did respect Australian war dead, the new mob trashed their graves.

This President helped the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood push out President Mubarak in Egypt. Then sent them money. Then cut off the money to the new government when the Brotherhood got ousted in a coup.

This President hired an Al Qaeda-associated Militia in Libya to “protect” the US Consul, Stevens, and other Americans in Libya from Al Qaeda. The result was that Stevens and three others were murdered and their corpses desecrated. Obama then directed a cover-up, lied that it had been a spontaneous riot over a stupid short video unrelated to terrorists, and took no action to punish the murderers. He did arrest the maker of the video, of course. Of course. That’s his style.

This President is now intending to provide weapons to more even Jihadists, this time in Syria – where it is notorious that Al Qaeda has flocked to once again – to help them take over yet another country.

Two weeks ago Reuters revealed that the US House and Senate Intel Committees had frozen Obama’s funding of the Syria rebels due to the potential for another monumental foul-up of Kevin Rudd proportions and, as the whole population is overwhelmingly opposed to intervention in Syria, it was thought that this might encourage Congress to hold the line, and stop aiding terrorists.

But there is no amount of public disapproval that will stop the pants-piddling Republicans for stooping over for Obama. Opposing him on anything brings tirades of abuse from what passes for journalism there. Congress has just announced that Obama can go ahead funding the terrorists with some “strong” (ROFL) reservations.

Oddly they announced this after the Taliban issued their media release that they were Syria bound to fight a holy war there.

Has Obama got a hot line to Al Qaeda? Are they getting a bit of the US tax dollar too?

Would anybody be surprised?

What is it about Islam?


by Allan Essery

What is it about Islam that has so many reluctant to say anything about it for fear of offending Muslims? Why do we have in Australia politically correct organisations supporting Islam by calling out as Islamophobes anyone who questions Islam.

Why is it Islamophobic to question their well-established link with world terrorism, their inability to integrate in any country that they have invaded en masse or the unwillingness of supposed Muslim "moderates" to take affirmative action against the radical element amongst them?

If you take any notice at all of anything put out by Crikey's Canberra based leftist scribbler Bernard Keane then anything you may have to say about Islam or Muslims in Australia or elsewhere means that you are Islamophobic.

This month the United States, in particular the Obama Administration, takes on the rotating 'Presidency' of the United Nations Security Council. In one of its first actions the Obama Administration has circulated a 'Presidential Statement' in regard to the ongoing and deteriorating situation in Lebanon.

One of the mysteries of this 'Statement' was how it could provide a factually correct appraisal of what is occurring in Lebanon without mentioning the terrorist organisation Hezbollah?

The Obama Administration has a new take on international diplomacy whereby it fails to name terrorist organisations for fear of offending them! To this end they are supported by the UN Security Council which, despite being charged with protecting international peace and security, make numerous references to "new security challenges" and "all parties", but fails to mention the name of those parties or 'Hezbollah' as a terrorist organisation backing Syria's Assad.

$7.5 billion has been injected into the United Nations so-called "peacekeeping" budget for 2013/14 and in keeping with the criminal and treasonous intent, the United Nations "New World Order", intends using those funds to finance United Nations forces to engage in the armed control of the citizens of those sovereign nations that it takes over.

Among the recipients of this funding will be the "Interim Force in Lebanon" (UNIFIL) that is to oversee Hezbollah's rearmament and the systematic use of the Lebanese population as human shields. The same deal has been allowed to Iran that has a plan to introduce nuclear arms that it has said will use against Israel.

As an extension of this incomprehensible lunacy was a resolution demanding that Israel pay for damage to a United Nations site in Lebanon. This was apparently based upon the twisted logic that Israel's self defence should be a punishment while aggression toward Israel, by those favoured by the Unted Nations and their Islamic overlords, should be rewarded.

Muslim terrorists in Nigeria have recently been murdering dozens of Nigerian school children because they say Western education is a sin. They round the children up, lock them in a schoolroom and then throw hand grenades or other explosives into the room to kill them.

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) condemned the acts, but fail to name the perpetrators. Why? Because it may offend Islam!  Could this be because many of the United Nations agencies are either intimidated by and/or actually controlled by Islamist states? The number of Islamic states in positions of power and influence within the United Nations, and the way in which they control United Nations policy should be of concern to all in the free world.

Despite the Saudis having an alarming record of slavery, misogyny, xenophobia and beheadings the United Nations head honcho Ban Ki-moon (a personal friend of Kevin Rudd) has awarded Saudi's Crown Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz Al Saud the «Outstanding Donor Award» for the Special Human Settlements Programme for the Palestinian People. The mind boggles.

Alan Essery is an ex-RAAF officer retired from active duty. He was a flight instructor and charter pilot. He also writes on matters political and is a staunch battler for ex-service superannuants. He is also rumoured to be a savvy fossicker for the yellow stuff.

A bridge too far?


As James writes, some Muslims are turning against their radical brothers, particularly in Benghazi. A little reason prevails.

Spin collapses. Libyan citizens revolt.

The media’s initial portrayal of the murderous attacks in Libya as an excusable
outgrowth of protest about a ‘movie’ nobody saw, is nothing more than a load of
cringing handwringing apologies that was bought by nobody except spineless,
easily frightened politicians prepared to grovel to Muslim “outrage”.

However the narrative is changing leaving lefty journos up the creek without a
paddle. The US Congress was told on Wednesday that the attackers ‘may’ have had
links to Al Qaeda. No? Fair dinkum? Even the insipid lickspittling Obama
spinmeister, Carney, choking on his early words, characterised the incident as
a “terrorist attack.”

Why the spin in the first place? Because it is a dramatic illustration of the
failure of the Obama-led initiatives.

It’s three years since Obama’s Cairo speech when he tried to placate the Muslim
worlds with weeping apologies and shameless promises the US would behave better
in future.

And?? Diplomats are murdered in Benghazi. The ancient flag of Islamic conquest
is raised over embassies. Iran defies the free world’s demand to cut out
building a nuclear bomb designed to murder every Jew in Israel.

And the pansy media, groping for a scapegoat, blames the Libyan outrage and the
Sydney riots on a 14-minute trailer for a film no one has ever seen. and calls
for censorship. Always more censorship.
But suddenly things changed.

Thirty thousand – 30,000 – Libyan protesters have taken on Muslim
extremists in the city of Benghazi and demonstrated in SUPPORT of democracy in
a fed-up backlash against last week’s attack on the US consulate.

This time it was the al Qaeda types who had their buildings burned. This time
it was them that fled and hid away. This time it was them that had electronic
equipment, arms and ammunition stolen.

Amazingly, for a world bleary with being accused of Islamaphobia, the
demonstrators called their demonstration “Rescue Benghazi day” and made calls
on the government to get rid of these groups. Permanently.

Protest organiser, Ahmed Sanalla, says the rally was prompted by the killing of
the US ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans earlier this month.

“After what happened at the American consulate, the people of Benghazi had
enough of the extremists,” another demonstrator, Hassan Ahmed, said.

Now what does the ABC do?
Or the Herald?
Or Obama?

Self-imposed silence is the likeliest.

Their template does not fit what is happening in Libya.

Jim McCrudden is a retired lawyer, a scholar of
Dickens, Shakespeare and many others. He lives on the NSW South Coast and has
keen interest in politics.


Released Terrorist Ahlam Tamimi: I Would Bomb Israelis Again and in the Same Manner

Andys RantMeet scumbag Jordanian terrorist Ahlam Tamimi. She was serving 16 life sentences for her role in the August 9 2011 bombing of a Sbarro’s pizzeria in Jerusalem that killed 15 and wounded 130 innocent Israelis. Unfortunately she and 1,000 other convicted terrorists were released from prison in Israel as part of a prisoner exchange that freed Israeli solider Gilad Shalit.

Ahlam Tamimi said in an interview on October 19 that she would return to her terrorist ways in a heartbeat. She also considers the murders a tremendous success — one granted to her by “Allah.”

When asked if she would carry out such a large-scale attack again if given the chance, Tamimi replied:

“Of course. I do not regret what happened. Absolutely not. This is the path. I dedicated myself to Jihad for the sake of Allah, and Allah granted me success. You know how many casualties there were [in the 2001 attack on the Sbarro pizzeria]. This was made possible by Allah. Do you want me to denounce what I did? That’s out of the question. I would do it again today, and in the same manner.”

MEMRI provides the interview and translation:


Pity some Israeli commando didn’t put a bullet in her head.

Meanwhile, some good news to report…

Two American drone strikes hours apart destroyed a hideout in Taliban strongholds in Pakistan’s rugged tribal regions Thursday and a vehicle with a number of fighters inside. A close ally of one of the area’s top militant commanders and 12 others were killed, Pakistani intelligence officials said.

The first attack in the South Waziristan tribal area hit a vehicle and killed Khan Mohammed, also known as Sathai, deputy leader of a group of militants led by Maulvi Nazir and also the commander’s cousin, said the officials. It also killed Nazir’s younger brother, Hazrat Omar, the officials said.

Hours later, five missiles hit the militant hideout near North Waziristan’s town of Mir Ali, killing six men, said the officials on condition of anonymity as they were not authorized to talk to the media.

Nazir is one of the most powerful militant commanders in the tribal region and is accused of working with the Taliban and al-Qaida to stage attacks against foreign troops in neighboring Afghanistan.

Five militants killed in Thursday’s drone strike were riding in a pickup truck from Tora Gola village to the nearby area of Azam Warsak when they were hit, said the intelligence officials. Three other people were injured in the attack, they said.

Is it seventy-three or seventy-seven Virgins? How many do these terrorist retards get when they go to paradise?

I think these dead SOB’s are actually on an express elevator to hell.


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September 11th, 2001… Reflections On Ten Years Gone By

Menzies House U.S. Politics Editor Amir Iljazi shares some brief thoughts on the ten year anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.


Menzies House U.S. Politics Editor Amir Iljazi shares some brief thoughts on the ten year anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

It was the fall of 2001, and I had just graduated from high school a few months prior and was only a few weeks into my first semester at College (Junior College to be exact). I was driving to campus, which was only a few miles away, and I had heard some chatter on the radio about how an airplane had crashed into one of the World Trade Center towers in New York City and there was speculation that a malfunction had caused the plane to hit the tower. However, it was only several minutes later that I arrived to class and heard from others that another plane had just hit the second tower. It was not more than twenty minutes later that we were all told that class was dismissed and I headed home. When I arrived, I turned on the TV and the Breaking News was interrupted for other Breaking News; this time the target was the nation’s capital as another hijacked airplane hit the Pentagon. Then eventually, I would also see the breaking news about United Flight 93 and the heroic actions that prevented another DC landmark from being attacked. I stayed fixated all day on the television flipping from each channel only to see the same thing; I still have the same day edition news flash St. Petersburg Times paper that was printed late afternoon.

The world changed for many people on that day, and I don’t say this in any kind of political sense. For example, there were a number of Americans who after seeing the horror that took place decided that they should join or re-enlist in the armed forces. Their lives certainly would be forever changed as many of these brave men and women would be deployed to Afghanistan, and several months later Iraq. Lives were not only changed because of the decisions made by these individuals, lives were also lost. The perception of America was also changed, and there was a renewed sense of unity by many people all over the world. Both leaders and the people of many nations were eager to let the United States know that they stood with us on that day.  I would be remiss not to give particular recognition to Australia not only because of this being Menzies House, but also the circumstances surrounding Prime Minister John Howard and September 11th. Howard was in Washington the morning of the attacks and he invoked the ANZUS Treaty shortly after, noting it "demonstrates Australia's steadfast commitment to work with the United States.”

There are several schools of thought on September 11th and what it meant or what it means and how we should remember that day if even remember it at all. I am one of those individuals who believe that not only America but also the entire world should never forget that day. I say this because it is important to think about the consequences we face when we take the smallest things for granted. The sense of security that you have in your life can be taken from you in the blink of an eye and while many would say that an act of terror isn’t the only thing that could rip away that sense of security, they are correct; that is not what I mean however. The sense of security that was often (and is now once again to a certain extent) taken for granted was felt in every community in the country. That was shattered for an entire nation the minute the towers fell, in a collective and unprecedented fashion. The horror of seeing people jump from 50 floors up to their death is absolutely dreadful and I would not wish that on another human being. The world watched as America was attacked, and the course of history was changed from that day on in ways that nobody could have even imagined only a few years prior.

I am not ashamed to let it be known that the day should be remembered on every occasion and that Americans should never be in a position where they forget what happened. It may be cliché, but I am always hopeful that one day we will get back the sense of unity that we had in the days following the attacks. There are many arguments to be made as to what happened to that unity, both in the US and with the entire world, but that really is neither here nor there in my opinion. What matters most is that we try to gain back that sense of unity and that we never take for granted the freedoms we still have left because if we are not appreciative of neither, we will lose both.

I debated about whether or not to even write something for the readers of Menzies House on this topic, and for a number of reasons. That being said, I just felt it was something that I really wanted to do and I thank Tim Andrews and everyone else at Menzies House for allowing me to share these brief thoughts on what I still feel is an important day that should always be remembered.

Amir Iljazi is the U.S. Politics Editor of Menzies House. He earned his Master's Degree in Political Science at American University in Washington, D.C. and currently resides in Tampa, Florida. Before relocating back to Florida, he specialized in longitudinal campaign tracking and voter trends for Federal Races nationwide while working for a Washington DC based center-right political advocacy organisation. You may follow him on Twitter@Michi83

Remembering September 11


Senator Mitch Fifield reflects upon the September 11 attacks:

Marking the tenth anniversary of the attacks wrought on American civilians by Islamic terrorists is a dark occasion indeed. Yet it also provides an important opportunity to reflect on an event as momentous as it was tragic, whose impact shaped the key global issues of the last decade. 

Australians can be proud that we recognised the attacks of September 11 not only as an attack on America, but as an attack on the Western liberal values that our own country holds dear. Then Prime Minister John Howard knew immediately that those who seek to murder American civilians would just as soon wreak the destruction they caused on September 11 on our own soil if given the chance. The renewed strength and depth of the Australian-American relationship in the wake of September 11 reflected the fact that our shared values and beliefs were under attack.

The vicious method employed by those who inflicted the attacks of September 11 were so barbaric, and their results so horrific, that the event itself often obscures from attention the motivation behind the attack. The objective of those who perpetrated these attacks was not to fly civilian aircraft into American landmarks; these were mere tactics to achieve the ultimate aim of the destruction of Western culture and the values upon which it is built.

Christopher Hitchens summed it up well when he stated that Al Qaeda employs terrorism in order to bring about its ultimate objective; the transformation of the global community into “a stone age society without music, culture, philosophy or dialectic of any kind – the model being Taliban Afghanistan.”

It’s a shame that it has become politically incorrect to say that our way of life is more enlightened and more tolerant than that which these extremists would impose upon us. We should celebrate that the foundation stones of our society promote individual liberty and tolerance, rather than kowtow to cultural relativism.

Australians must never forget what happened in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania on the 11th of September 10 years ago. It’s not about maintaining hatred and anger towards those who inflicted these atrocities. It’s about remembering how important it is that tolerance, freedom and decency remain strong in our own country and across the world.

We mustn’t allow an attack on our values to result in us abandoning those values. America and the West are certainly not flawless. Our societies are not without problems or difficulties or challenges. But it is vital that we remember that September 11 was not an attack on us because of the negative elements of our societies. September 11 was an attack on us because of the good things in our society.

The terrorists who flew those planes into the World Trade Centre did so because they were fundamentally and violently opposed to the truly wonderful things about Western civilisation. They hate democracy. They despise pluralism. They detest secularism. And they loathe tolerance. These attacks were a direct assault on the key tenets on which our nation and others have been built.

As we all pause to remember the thousands of innocent lives lost on September 11 and in attacks since, let us steel our commitment to the values we hold dear. We must not waiver in our resolve that our nation is built on beliefs that are good and right.

Mitch Fifield is a Senator for Victoria and manager of Opposition business in the Senate.