Behind The Left’s Vitriol & Hatred


Tim Andrews ponders the reasons behind recent left-wing abuse, and can only come up with one answer:

To provide a bit of comic relief to our readers, I thought I would let you all know that,  in response to Menzies House’s efforts to stand up for Australian families and oppose the Federal Governments unnecessary and economically damaging tax hike, a group of bitter radical leftists decided to launch a facebook hate-page.  

Now, due to the family-friendly nature of this site, I shall not begin to catalogue the vitriol and abuse poured our way by members of this page (why bother giving them more credibility anyway?).  What is interesting, however, is the fact that in the last few days they have directed their bile at the U.S. Tea Party movement, a broad term used to describe a decentralised grassroots movement comprising several thousand independent local organisations, united around reducing the size and scope of government, through eliminating wasteful spending and opposing unnecessary tax hikes.

Although I have had little to do with the Tea Parties, like David Boaz from the libertarian Cato Institute, I came to the conclusion that these Tea Party’s are ultimately a force for good. Getting everyday, ordinary people engaged in the political process, to oppose bad economic policy is a great step forward for civil engagement, and I thoroughly support this.

This vitriol was running through the back of my mind, when I saw this clip:


Because of course, these are the exact same views espoused by the left in Australia. Indeed, upon watching this, I immediately thought of the abuse by representatives of the hate-site, and in particularly, this message that seems to underpin all their work: This right-wing American style of politics needs to be shut down in Australia and only you the public can stop it.”

Ahh, the left. Free speech for everyone, except if you disagree with them.

Yet, beneath the humour that is the pathetically pitiful nature of their bitter obsession (and it can only be called an obsession), is a far darker point to be made. Because lurking beneath their abuse is a hatred of Australians, and a fear and desperation. So let us examine why. 

As we have explained, the tea party movement is simply ordinary people expressing their belief in small government, so, why all the hate? Indeed, as someone who believes in grassroots empowerment, in getting as many people involved in the political process as possible, and in creating a strong and dynamic civil society, this call to “stop” freedom of speech, is something I find baffling. Why all the hate?

The only explanation I can think of for these calls, the only explanation I can find for the hate-filled smears of the left, is that they are terrified of the people. There is a real, palatable of Australians getting engaged in the political process, and this scares the hard-left witless.

Why? The reason is simple. Because the multi-billion dollar left-wing industry relies on a quiet populace.  The billions they receive are dependent upon the Australian people being docile. And I think it’s time for us to be frank about this fact. There really is a multi-billion dollar far-left industry out there, reliant upon our taxpayers, and I am sick of tip-toeing around the issue for fear of alienating a special interest group. 

Let us be frank.

Whether it be fat cat public ‘servant” bureaucrats, safe and secure in their tenure, knowing they will never be able to get a non-taxpayer funded job in the real world. Or so-called “climate scientists”, who, without millions in funds for scaremongering would face the unemployment queue. Those reliant on sustaining a culture of welfare, so they can keep on leeching off the public purse, “helping” the less fortunate, despite all the evidence that their big-government plans never have worked. The artsy types, who live off taxpayer dollars to propagate their hate – sorry, “art”.  “Multicultural organisations”, the ABC, Unions – the list goes on – I am only just scratching the surface. Australia has entire left wing industry entrenched through all levels of government, that up until now has never been challenged. And ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

If Big Left really were unashamed of their actions, they would welcome debate. They would welcome Australians getting involved in their civic duty and taking action upon their beliefs. They would, indeed, encourage this debate in the battle of ideas.

Ye shall know them by their fruits, it is said, and the frenzied actions of the left expose says all that we need to know. Their frantic efforts to silence all debate, to quash all opposition, reveals their true nature: they do not want debate, they want power. And are willing to do anything to stop the Australian people from waking up to their radical agenda.

Except it’s probably too late. The freedom that the internet brings has allowed the Australian people to learn their game (any wonder why Labor is so desperately trying to censor it from political thoughts they do not like?)

The Australian people have woken up, and are sick of it all. They can no longer put the genie back in the bottle. We will no longer be intimidated, and we are standing up for our rights. And the left see the end of their multi-billion dollar industry is near.

And that is why they are frothing at the mouth.

Don't even bother visiting their hate site – not even for a laugh. For all you will see is the last, desperate gasp of a discredited ideology, and witness its adherents collapsing as they view the entire corrupt edifice that supports them crumble before their eyes.

Kinda sad, really.

We are seeing the end of a dark, dark, era.

NOTE: This is a highly abridged version of an article initially posted at Musings of an Australian Classical Liberal in Washington DC

Tim Andrews is the acting Editor-in-Chief of Menzies House. Tim Andrews graduated from the University of Sydney with undergraduate degrees in Economics and Law (Hons), followed by a Master of Public Policy. From 2006-2008 he served as Federal President of the Australian Liberal Students' Federation, and since then, has worked in Washington DC analysing fiscal policy and the effect of tax hikes on families

Does the Tea Party Care about Liberty?

Frequently in the Australian media we hear stories about how the tea-party movement is comprised of radical extremist fascist conservatives. Now, as readers here would know, I classify myself very much on the libertarian end of the political spectrum, and if this were to be the case, I would be rather concerned.

The reality, however, is quite to the contrary, and, to that end, I just came across this article from David Boaz of the (libertarian) Cato Institute:

Tea Party groups have declined invitations to criticize federal court rulings on gay marriage. They have studiously avoided taking positions on social issues, even when social conservatives stomp their feet and demand that the Tea Party start talking about abortion and gay marriage.

I have said before that “The tea party is not a libertarian movement, but (at this point at least) it is a libertarian force in American politics. It’s organizing Americans to come out in the streets, confront politicians, and vote on the issues of spending, deficits, debt, the size and scope of government, and the constitutional limits on government. That’s a good thing. And if many of the tea partiers do hold socially conservative views (not all of them do), then it’s a good thing for the American political system and for American freedom to keep them focused on shrinking the size and cost of the federal government.” That still seems a valid point: Whatever views individual Tea Partiers may hold on an array of issues, as the Tea Party they are organized to constrain taxes, spending, deficits, debt, and the size of government, and that’s a libertarian direction.

Sounds pretty good to me!

You can, of course, read the whole piece here

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