MUST WATCH: Obsolete Industries Campaign Video!

As you would be aware, the NSW Government is considering imposing a new tax on NSW consumers to fund a multi-million dollar bailout of the Taxi Industry.

The self-styled “Coalition Of Obsolete Industries” just put out this amazing campaign video arguing that if the taxi industry will receive a bailout because they can’t keep up with new technology – then so should they!

Have a watch:


Swimming Pools: Our Children in Danger

In the United States in the period of 2005-2009 there were recorded deaths of 3,533 innocent people in non-boat related unintentional drownings.

Drownings accounted for more than 3,000 deaths between 2005-2009.

There are over 10 million private swimming pools in the United States, that’s roughly one swimming pool for every 35 people! Private swimming pools are often maintained by irresponsible owners, many of whom have small children or entertain guests who are small children, which would explain why a disproportionate number of pool drowning deaths are that of innocent children. Minorities are also at a higher risk of death from drowning in pools, with the CDC recording that the drowning death of a 5-14 year old African American child is three times as likely as that of a white child.

How can such a travesty occur in a modern, developed country like the United States? The answer is the swimming pool culture and lobby.

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