Legal Waivers for Take Home Food: Over Regulation has gone too far

Ross K-1Ross Katsambanis takes on the nanny state after receiving a waiver to take home food:

On the 27th of December 2014 my family and I descended upon Hellenic Republic in Brunswick to celebrate my grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary. Given the season, plenty of food had been consumed by everyone in the last couple of days, so plenty of meat from the banquet was leftover.

I politely asked the waitress if I could have some of the meat and dips packaged up to take home, her response shocked me. The young lady stated that I could do so, however I had to sign a waiver declaring that I accept all responsibility if I suffer any illness from the food I asked to be packaged. When I quizzed the young lady on why I had to sign this document she indicated that it was because of City of Moreland regulation. I nearly choked on my succulent slow cooked lamb as I heard this information.

This is yet another case of the nanny state and continuous over regulation from government and regulatory bodies. It is in fact mind-boggling at times how these laws are passed through. I couldn’t even take some lamb home and reheat without signing a ludicrous waiver. A friend ate recently at the Kew equivalent of Hellenic Republic, governed locally by the City of Boroondara, where no such waivers had to be signed for ‘doggy-bags’. Ironically, this person did not bring upon himself food poisoning.

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