The Propaganda of Holy Hate and the Carbon Carbuncle Conundrum Show

Richard Joachim Brought to you by a Green-Labour-Left Coalition.


The ‘Coalition for Peace and Justice in Palestine’ (a HAMAS front) has produced a tear-jerker of a propaganda film entitled “To Shoot an Elephant” that is doing the rounds of universities and Greens-Labour meetings in an effort to spread the boycott of all things Jewish and Israeli in unions and local councils. I’ve written about these ‘boycotts’ previous in MH, concerning Marrickville Council’s attempts to impose such bans and what Sharia Law actually is and how it is applied.


In the film you see a large group of Muslims being led in prayer by their Imam (Mosque leader) with sympathetic Westerners among them. These prayers are being repeated in mosques and have gained currency amongst Muslim groups even in Australia and are ‘prayed’ at various Muslim festivals to which sympathetic non-Muslims are invited. Non-Arabic speaking, or comprehending, pro-‘Palestinian’ non-Muslim supporters are seen bowing their heads as these prayers are said, as a sign of respect and empathy. For their education, I give a translation of these ‘prayers’.


Allah!! Allah akhbar!

Allah is the greatest. He who thanks Allah will be rewarded.

Oh Allah, loosen your power and strength on/ against Jews. (Amen)

Allah, kill them all, and don’t leave any [of them] alive. (Amen)

Oh Allah, with your great power. Allah!

Dear Allah, take revenge for our martyrs’ blood. Allah!

Allah, get rid of the Jews. Bring them down. They are not as powerful as you.

 Allah, make  the earth shake / quake, and destroy their pillars of civilization.

 Allah, cast  fear and terror into their hearts.

Oh Allah, disperse them / drive them out to [so that they] become lost once again.

Oh Allah, show us a sign.

Oh Allah, surprise them in a way they don’t expect [in unexpected ways].

Oh Allah, cast fear and terror into their hearts. (Amen)

(From ‘to shoot an elephant’ produced by The Coalition for Peace and Justice in Palestine’ 2010)


If you or I said such public prayers in English and substituted ‘Muslim’ or even ‘Irish’, ‘Greek’ or ‘Pommie’ instead of ‘Jews’, how long do you think we’d be able to continue without arrest? About 30 seconds would be my guess. These disgusting ‘prayers’ are  nothing short of incitement to murder, and yet this is what’s being produced by so-called ‘Palestinian Peace’ groups and promoted, sanctioned and shown here by the Greens and the Left. I find it hard to believe the stupidity and cupidity – greedy for hate – of these people; the Greens and the Left falsely pride themselves on being educated and intelligent! Well, you could have fooled me.


And where is the voice of ‘moderate’ Islam in Australia – they know what’s being said and ‘preached’ in these ‘prayers’ and at the mosques? All I hear is a deafening silence. Their silence is mute testimony to their acquiescence.


The situation in the UK is similar though graver due to the greater percentage of the Islamist Muslim population there. The UK Labour Party even campaigned under the slogan “Free Palestine – Vote Labour” in certain electorates at the recent UK general election. Thankfully, they lost. It is obvious that Gillard takes her lead and leanings from her British Labour idols, inculcated from birth. Indeed, she may not even be an Australian citizen, childhood immigration does not confer citizenship and I could find no record of her taking Australian citizenship in her official biographies or in Wikipedia. So we may actually have a foreigner as Prime Minister. Has anyone checked? If she is voting and is not a citizen, her election is invalid and even illegal. Rightly or wrongly, the question has to be made.


As a linguist, translator and epigrapher, my profession looks for patterns in language, grammar, orthography and letter-forms in order to properly decipher a text, where it is coming from and what is ‘behind’ it, e.g. the culture etc. The same methodology can, and should, be applied to the body politic. When we do so, strong patterns emerge and one can see that the anti-Semitic, pro-‘Palestinian’ / Muslim leaning stance and the Carbon Carbuncle Conundrum fit the same pattern of oppressive theology beloved of the Left and the Greens (socialism in all its forms often becomes a noxious cult, already the Australian Greens are creating a hagiography for Bob Brown, and the Labor Party for Gough Whitlam who has already been elevated to socialist sainthood).


How so? They invent or blow up a crisis then propose big government solutions that inevitably bring about suffocating and anti-competitive regulations, including curbs on free choice and speech, great ‘new’ taxes to ‘address’ the problem, and ultimately less freedom. It’s a classic Leftist strategy that was pioneered by the British ‘silver-spooned’ socialists and Lenin and then perfected under Stalin and Hitler in the early part of the 20th century. The Gillardian stategy of Carbon ‘taxing’ is nothing new and it doesn’t address any real scientifically shown problems. It just invents a whole new bureaucracy whose task is to suck in more cash from a deliberately frightened public. A classic pattern; Hitler raised taxes to “deal with the Jewish societal problem” (an invented crisis) and the outcome was theft from, alienation of, and the murder of millions of men, women and children, all with the acquiescence of a naive public.


You think it can’t happen here? Think again. The government – State and Federal – over successive socialist regimes (and with the assistance of some limp-wristed conservatives), has given itself the right to allocate water ‘rights’, to ‘resume’ private property (if they claim it is the national interest), and dictate what a farmer / grazier / house-holder / indigenous person can do on, or with, his/her property. There are very limited remedies in the Constitution which really only deals with matters concerning the relationship between the State and Federal governments.


[I am indebted to Richard Millett’s blog which keeps an eye on the doings in the UK and Europe; and to Robert Avrech’s blogs which keep an eye on goings on in the USA.]


Richard Joachim is a semi-retired epigrapher (a type of archeologist who examines and explores ancient writings). He spent most of his working life abroad. Politically conservative, he believes in fair-play, justice and rights of the individual. He has had 3 books and numerous academic and popular articles published ranging from Environmental Issues, Archeology, Languages, Religion and Strange Phenomena.