Public Funds, Private Service: Why there is room for cuts in the ‘Public Service’

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Lee Kavanagh takes aim at the public service, and suggests some cuts which might be broadly agreeable to the left and the right alike.

At budget time, one particularly strange position is invariably on display: no cuts to the public sector! What this means is that a large number of people, despite having very little idea of what roles are performed by our nearly 2 million public servants or at what cost, are adamant that all of these servants be retained at their current pay. ‘I don’t know what they do, but they ought to keep doing it, and shame on anyone who says otherwise!’ So I propose a simple exercise: everybody who takes this position ought to look through the long list of government departments and their employees and see if it is really true that they’re all absolutely necessary. Peruse the list for yourself and see if you can justify each and every one of them.