Cape York Under Attack From Environmental Extremists

By Jack Andrew Wilkie-Jans

Cape York is yet again under attack! There’s no other way to put it. While the region is the “conscience” of Australia and thus bandied around the social policy field, the majority of Australians do not have any real insight into the region, the environment and the peoples’ aspirations.

The region is vast, larger than Victoria and most European countries, it has a wealth of cultural, environmental and also natural resource assets. The region is also home to only 16,000 people (give or take according the last census count). Politics as we all know is a numbers game and so too is policy drafting and implementation. With so few people it is no wonder political parties and bureaucrats feel they can walk all over them with no chance of any serious backlash at the polls. Yet in spite of the minute population and internal politics, the people of Cape York have always been able to pull through in defiance against city based policy makers for the preservation of their own best interests. This is a credit to their political nous and determination. Mostly the Cape has been battling against ‘lock-up’ policies generated by the Greens and Labor, instead in favour of pursuing a future of economic prosperity and social cohesion.

After successfully banding together and keeping the Cape viable back in 2011, the Cape is yet again under attack by Queensland’s Labor government.

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