Swimming Pools: Our Children in Danger

In the United States in the period of 2005-2009 there were recorded deaths of 3,533 innocent people in non-boat related unintentional drownings.

Drownings accounted for more than 3,000 deaths between 2005-2009.

There are over 10 million private swimming pools in the United States, that’s roughly one swimming pool for every 35 people! Private swimming pools are often maintained by irresponsible owners, many of whom have small children or entertain guests who are small children, which would explain why a disproportionate number of pool drowning deaths are that of innocent children. Minorities are also at a higher risk of death from drowning in pools, with the CDC recording that the drowning death of a 5-14 year old African American child is three times as likely as that of a white child.

How can such a travesty occur in a modern, developed country like the United States? The answer is the swimming pool culture and lobby.

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The day the Premier resigned

NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell has been found to have received a $3,000 bottle of 1959 Penfolds Grange as a gift, which he failed to declare, and failed to admit to ICAC, conveniently suffering from memory failure, and has accordingly resigned this morning.

Before all thoughts move to who will move on up into the top spot, our anti-lockout friends at I’m Not The Problem Barry – No Lockouts NSW have been taking advantage of this scintillating story to have a bit of a laugh. The full gallery is here, but some of my favourites are below!








Headlines for year 2050

Via Andy’s



  • Ozone created by electric cars now killing millions in the fourth largest country in the world – "Austiranstan" formerly known as Australia.
  • Tasmania executes last remaining Greenie.
  • White minorities still trying to have English recognised as Austiranstan’s (Australia's) fifth official language.
  • Children from a two-parent heterosexual family are bullied in school for being “different”.  The government urges tolerance.
  • Gay marriages now overtake heterosexual marriages as preferred “lifestyle” choice.
  • Melbourne schoolgirl expelled for not wearing Burqa. “Sharia law must be enforced. Being a Christian is no excuse,” says school. Federal Labor Education Minister backs school.
  • Japan announces that they will no longer consume whale meat as whales are now extinct and the scientific research fleet is presently unemployed. The Austiranstan (formerly the Australian) Government has told the Japanese that Cane Toads taste like whale meat.
  • Austiranstan (Australia) now has twenty Universities of Political Correctness.
  • After a 47 year roll-out and at a cost of $2 trillion dollars, the last house is finally connected to the NBN.  
  • Professor Goldman of Bob Brown University (formerly ANU) says, “There is still a long way to go in the fight to stop people saying what they think.”
  • Austiranstan (Australian) Deficit hits $45 trillion dollars and rising. Government declares return to surplus in 100 years which is 300 years ahead of time. Labor Prime Minister Mohammed Abdul Yousuf claims, “Increased growth through more immigration is the secret to our success.
  • Opposition decries the Governments border protection policies as the 15,000th boat leaves Austiranstan (Australia) for Indonesia.
  • Conservatives within the Indonesian government demand to know why they are still giving Austiranstan (Australia) $25 billion annually in foreign aid. Demand the boats stop arriving.
  • Wall Street banks merge to form new super bank, Goldman, Rothschild, Ebenezer, Epstein & Drescher (GREED). Huge billion dollar bonuses paid to executives to celebrate launch.     
  • Baby conceived naturally! Scientists amazed.
  • Iran still quarantined. Physicists estimate it will take at least twenty more years before radioactivity decreases to safe levels.
  • France pleads for global help after being taken over by Islamic countries.  No other country volunteers to come forward to help the beleaguered nation.
  • US President Jose Manuel Rodriguez Clinton-Palin says he will run for fourth term as US President in 2052.
  • Austiranstan (Australia) Post raises price of stamps to $52 and reduces mail delivery to Wednesdays only.
  • As a hangover from Greens policies from the early 21st century, the Labor government has confirmed that consumers will not receive an increase to their weekly electricity allowance of 3 hours as promised at the last election.
  • The Youtube video of Prime Minister Mohammed Abdul Yousuf breaking his election promise, “There will be an increase in your electricity allowance under the government I lead,” goes viral.
  • Climate scientists still baffled as to why the Maldives still hasn’t sunk as predicted by the IPCC.
  • Dr. Tim Flannery still predicts no rain for Austiranstan (Australia).
  • Families earning more than $250,000 will have the pay the Government an additional 30% premium for the privilege of being able to afford private health insurance.  
  • After a ten year $85.8 billion study, commissioned by the Labor Party and the Greens, scientists prove diet and exercise is the key to weight loss.
  • Average weight of an Austiranstani (Australian) drops from 130kgs to 125kgs.
  • Global cooling blamed for wheat and citrus crop failure for tenth consecutive year in Victoriastan and New South Iraq.
  • Austiranstan (Australian) Senate still blocking drilling in the Canberra region, even though petrol is selling for $120 per litre and petrol stations are only open on Tuesdays and Fridays.
  • After a 35 year absence, McDonalds still declares it is not safe to bring back the “Double Beef and Bacon burger.”
  • Halal Hut opens its 10,000th restaurant. 
  • Austiranstan (Australian) High Court rules punishment of criminals violates their civil rights. Victims are to be held partly responsible for the crime.
  • New federal laws requires that all nail clippers, screwdrivers, pens, fly swatters and rolled-up News Limited newspapers must be registered by January 2051 as lethal weapons.
  • Austiranstan (Australian) Tax Office sets lowest personal tax rate in decades at 85%, but the GST remains at 35%. Greens demanded the GST should be 50%.
  • Fair Work Austiranstan (Australian) to finally announce its findings involving former Labor MP Craig Thomson.
  • Former boxer now Sheikh Anthony
    Mundine celebrates the conversion of the NRL into Islam.  
  • Brisbane Broncos won this year’s NRL final beating the Afghan Avengers 22 to 20.


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Toby’s Sunday light


Tears of a loser

Toby Jug was in Canberra yesterday. He was there to advise the Minister for Industry and “Largely Science”, Ian McFarlane, on the meaning of words he was likely to encounter, and how to pronounce them without looking, and sounding  like a galah. The meeting went late as there was difficulties over adiabatic, afocal lens, albedo, alpha particle, amorphous, and amplitude. Dunce was not one of them.
This was a federal job so payment was extravagant and when they finished halfway through the A’s Toby headed for the nearest five star restaurant. This eatery cannot be mentioned as this would be a breach of ethics. Also because they refused to serve a Chico Roll with Toby’s cheesesteak with waygu ribeye cut down with foie gras and topped with truffled homemade fontina cheese and caviar.
He was astonished to see Tim Flannery, himself, alternating between screaming anger and pitiful sobbing into a goblet of Henri Jayer Richebourg Grand Cru. As he approached, Flannery cried, Look at this—it’s heartbreaking, and held up a copy of the Washington Post. The headline read, “THE IPCC ADMITS IT WAS WRONG ON CLIMATE CHANGE.”
Toby continues:

Global-warming-fairy-300x197It says here you quoted, “that the IPCC’s computer model predictions that the planet has been warming at 0.2% per decade was grossly exaggerated, that the correct figure is around half that, that it can’t be excluded that this is down to natural climate changes and not man made at all and that it casts severe doubt upon the accuracy of the IPCC’s climate change predicting computers.”
Flannery stiffened, What idiot said that?
“The IPCC.”
It can’t be true, he moaned in anguish, evidence-free science has established beyond question that the last twenty years have been the hottest since the earth first cooled 4.5 billion years ago. There is consensus on that in all the media.
“The IPCC now accept that there has been no global warming since 1997,” I was sorry for him but I had to be honest when quoting IPCC’s own report.
But what about ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, the only film to get an Oscar for entertainment and a Nobel Prize at the same time? It stated this decade was the warmest.
The IPCC now accept that there were periods of warming much hotter than in recent times, I quoted from the report, “particularly in the Middle Ages when the population and Co2 levels were much lower and there were no four wheel drives, helicopters, or even coal.”
But what about the fallen levels of sea ice? What about all the polar bears that are drowning? I saw one with my own eyes in the film.
“What else can you see with except your own eyes?” I twigged him to cheer him up before reading him the really bad news from the report, “The IPCC now accept that sea ice levels are growing at a record rate and currently stand at a record high, this year alone there are a million square miles more sea ice than last year, and polar bear numbers are growing at record levels.”
Who said polar bears?
Flannery was cut short as another customer came over with a half eaten Lobster Thermidor in his hand.
It was the Minister for the Environment—Greg Hunt!!
Have you seen the IPCC report that admits that global warming is a load of rubbish Greg?
Greg dropped his lobster and thumbed his waistcoat like Churchill, “it is still firmly committed to the position that global warming is real, the IPCC merely agrees that there isn’t any evidence to back them up.”
No evidence? No evidence? Massive increases in hurricanes in the last decade? Isn’t that evidence or something?
“But it says in the IPCC report,” Greg remarked, “that not only has 2013 been one of the quietest hurricane seasons in history; the US in particular is currently enjoying a record longest-ever period – almost eight years—without one single hurricane of Category 3 or above making landfall.”
Flannery groaned, I planned for everything, I foresaw everything, but how could anyone predict that the IPCC would prefer actual observations of climate to models and predictions?
Hunt clapped him on the back, “It’s OK, Tim, we in the Coalition are committed to Labor’s plan for emissions, AND we are going to subsidise a hundred thousand solar panels. You won’t notice the difference—except that you got the chop, of course. Sorry about that, old chum.”
Flannery dashed the tears from his eyes and forced a smile, So all is not lost then? The game is not over? Do you think they’ll still pay me for my predictions?
“Well, Tim, leave that one with me, I’ll be talking to Tony sometime before  the 2016 elections.”

Toby’s Sunday Light


Menzies House regular Toby Jug was tasked to decipher the IPCC 5th Assessment and determine how long it would take the world to become a cinder if the population does not turn back the clock to the 8th century BC.

As the deadline approached, it was obvious that the job was too much for poor old Toby. The office hash had gone off for the long weekend, the good whiskey kept for the tax man had vanished, and even the moonshine hidden in the editor’s drawer was no more.

I caught Toby lying in the foetal position, staring glassily at the office budgie named Tony Abbott, and occasionally rousing himself trying to teach the dear little creature to whistle Colonel Bogey.

But, amazingly at the stroke of 11.34 pm he delivered what follows. Apparently, a joint effort with his cousin, Marx Lenin Jug in America. How much is actually his, is impossible to say. GC.Ed@L.

IPCC-CARTOONLast week, when parts of the IPCC’s much heralded “Climate Change Report” were leaked to the press I, as much as any liberal, found myself despairing at some of its findings. No global warming for 16 years; record levels of sea ice; so many polar bears that the UN was proposing a humane cull to limit their numbers; no extreme weather conditions like hurricanes and typhoons – and – worst of all – the computer forecasts were wrong and there was no global warming! I felt like I did when as a child I found out that there was no Santa Claus!

Thank goodness, therefore, for the IPCC – the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. When I was a young boy I remember going to the theatre to see Peter Pan. I, along with the rest of the children, became very upset when Tinkerbell was dying, but Peter Pan saved her life by encouraging the audience to chant along with him, “I do – I do – I do believe in fairies.”

And in like fashion the scientists of the IPCC, when faced with the evidence of their own scientific research that Global Warming was the stuff of fairy tales, simply stood in a circle, held hands and chanted, “we do – we do – we do believe in Global Warming.” And miraculously, just like Tinkerbell, Global Warming was brought back to life.

And thank goodness it was. Unless you are a Liberal or a Democrat you cannot begin to understand what it would mean to live life without Global Warming. It would be like a Christian being presented with undeniable evidence that there is no God – only worse!

The genius of the IPCC is best encapsulated by statistics. 95% of papers written on global warming agree that not only is it happening it is manmade. The beauty of that statistic is that exactly 95% of papers written on Global Warming are written by those who have a genuine liberal conviction that it is happening – as well as a financial interest in perpetuating the splendid liberal myth of Global Warming.

What I find astounding is that 5% of scientists persist in being climate change deniers – in spite of being cast into purgatory for daring to denounce it. Don’t those idiots realise that the correct answer is that not only is Global Warming happening it is manmade? Why do they insist on bucking the trend by carrying out objective experiments and coming to objective conclusions?

It’s the same with journalists. If you want a busy career in journalism you’ve got to be on the winning team. Forget the facts! Stick to the propaganda! Climate change deniers like James Delingpole who approach the subject objectively and cast doubt on the IPCC’s conclusions deserve to be gagged – and his book “Watermelons” deserves to be burned in a modern “sauberung” action against the un-global warming spirit.

If Delingpole had lived in Nazi Germany no doubt he’d have insisted, in his pathetically objective, fact-based, way, on writing articles claiming that Jews were not untermenschen – in spite of the fact that well over 95% of papers written by German scientists on the Jewish question agreed that the Jews were. Like German journalists who cast doubt on the scientific consensus that the Aryan race were superior to the rest Delingpole and other climate change denying journalists would have been shot!

Yet we Global Warming liberals are still forced to suffer objective journalism which casts doubt on what we know to be true in spite of the evidence – that Global Warming is a clear and present danger!

When I first read the news casting doubt on Global Warming I was so upset I needed a stiff drink, so I headed off to New York’s most exclusive bar “Los Americanos” for a cocktail. There were no seats so I stood at the bar and ordered a “Cuzco Humming Bird.” There was a rowdy crowd sitting in the booth behind me so I sipped my drink and listened in to their conversation.

“I’m telling you Elvis isn’t dead,” one of them proclaimed, “he was fed up with being a rock star so he’s re-trained as a scientist and is working at the Area 51 research laboratory experimenting on the alien life forms who crashed at Roswell.”

As a progressive I found these theories strangely compelling and plausible so I walked over and asked if I could join them.

“Pull up a seat Kevin,” one of them smiled, and I took a backward step in surprise as I recognised the man as Rajendra Pachauri, the chairman of the IPCC.

“See if you can settle an argument Kevin,” said one of the other scientists, who I recognised as Katharine Hayhoe, a climate scientist at Texas Tech University, “Rajendra thinks that Hitler is still alive and living in a condo in Palm Springs with Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden – where they are planning to destroy the world by burning fossil fuels around the clock”

“As Hitler was born in 1889 I think that’s highly unlikely,” I replied, “that would make him 124 years old.”

“I told you so,” Katharine scoffed at Rajendra, “Hitler is dead, it’s just Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden who are burning fossil fuels in Palm Springs.”

“Never mind about Saddam and Osama,” I interrupted their scientific musings, “tell me about this so-called evidence that there is no Global Warming.”

“It’s a storm in a tea cup Kevin,” Rajendra replied, “or it would be – if there were any storms.”

“Storm in a tea cup?” I shrieked, “I thought your research had concluded that all of your computer climate predictors were hopelessly wrong.”

“Not hopelessly wrong,” a man I recognised as climate expert Dr John Harte responded, “just wildly wrong. They had predicted temperature increases which would have turned the river Hudson into the river Styx but our revised figures show a possible increase of as much as 2 degrees celsius over the next 10,000 years – if that prediction comes true, and we’re as certain that it will as we were about all the things we’ve got wrong in the past, think of the catastrophic consequences for your great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandchildren.”

“But what about the fact that we have record levels of sea ice?” I persisted.

“They are not record levels,” Rajendra put me straight, “there was much more sea ice during the last ice age.”

“Okay then,” I played devil’s advocate, “what about the fact that there has been no Global Warming since 1998?”

“We’ve considered that carefully,” Rajendra fixed me with a steely glare, “and approached it on the basis that there is Global Warming and that we need to fabricate evidential theories to explain away the fact that there actually isn’t any.”

“So what have you come up with?”

“My theory is that Global Warming is being swallowed up by the Bermuda Triangle,” Katharine replied, “and the heat is being used for cooking by the citizens of Atlantis.”

“That just sounds silly,” I shook my head.

“Of course I won’t put it that way,” said Katharine, “I’d dress it up in scientific gobbledygook so that people wouldn’t be able to understand me.”

“So what would you say?” I asked.

“That the natural variability of the climate can account for considerable fluctuation in global temperatures year on year, in spite of an overall upward trajectory and over relatively short, non-climate timescales these patterns of natural variability can lead to all kinds of changes in global and regional near-surface air temperature: flat, increasing, or even decreasing trends,” Katharine replied, “and this short-term variability reflects natural patterns of heat and energy exchange between the different components of the Earth’s system. Only over climate timescales do the long-term trends emerge that reflect the influence of changes in atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide.”

“Trying to make sense of that,” I said, “you seem to be saying that Global Warming has happened over the last 16 years, but there has been no actual increase in temperature because non-human made natural weather conditions have made the earth cooler and cancelled it out.”

“Precisely,” Katharine smiled.

“And is there any evidence for this?” I asked.

“Absolutely none,” she replied, “but it’s the only pro-global warming theory I could come up with that fits the fact that there has been no global warming for 16 years.”

“Are none of you worried,” I continued to play devil’s advocate, “that the world has spent trillions of dollars to counter the threat of Global Warming, as predicted by your computer programmes, but they have all turned out to be100% wrong?”

“What do you mean wrong?” Rajendra protested.

“Didn’t you predict that all of the glaciers in the Himalayas would have melted by 2035?” I retorted.

“Which would of course,” Katharine interjected, “destroy Bigfoot’s natural habitat.”

“And then in a humiliating climb down,” I continued, “you had to admit that you were wrong and that they weren’t melting at all.”

“We were only wrong about the date,” Rajendra protested.

“But isn’t that rather important?”

“People are often wrong about dates,” Rajendra replied, “when Warren Jeffs, the president of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, predicted from his prison cell that the world would end on December 23rd 2012 and it didn’t he didn’t give up – he simply accepted he was wrong and changed the date of the apocalypse to December 31st 2012.”
“But the world didn’t end then either,” I protested.

“But it will end one day,” Rajendra assured me, “and Jeffs will have the last laugh, just like the IPCC will when the Himalayans glaciers melt one day.”

“So you don’t feel at all foolish,” I asked him, “making unsubstantiated statements that the Himalayan glaciers were melting – based on no evidence whatsoever?”

“Foolish?” Rajendra laughed in my face, “let me tell you something Kevin – I am the director general of a company based in New Delhi called The Energy and Resources Institute. After my claims about the melting Himalayan glaciers the European Union and America paid my company millions of dollars to study the Himalayan so-called melting glaciers – do you think we’re in this for nothing?”

“What do you mean?” I was shocked.

“All of our livelihoods rely upon the international community believing that Global Warming exists,” Rajendra replied, “for decades now we climate scientists have been making out like bandits. You don’t think that we are going to let a small matter like the truth de-rail that gravy train do you?”

“But what if they find out you are a liar?” I asked.

“What do you mean a liar?” Rajendra looked affronted.

“Didn’t you pretend to have two PHD’s,” I challenged him, “when you only have one?”

“I put the fact that I had one PHD into my climate change prediction computer,” Rajendra replied, “and it predicted that I had two.”

“And in 1996 didn’t an Indian High Court conclude that you had “suppressed material facts” and “sworn to false affidavits?”

“Only in the interests of justice and climate change,” he replied, “if I was corrupt it was a noble cause corruption.”

“And didn’t you claim that IPCC reports are the consensus of 4,000 scientists,” I pushed him, “whereas the last one was written by only 1,200 – over two thirds of whom were unqualified first year science students?”

“There’s actually only one 0 difference between 400 and 4,000,” he protested, “you’re just nit-picking now.”

“And didn’t you claim that the IPCC report was peer reviewed,” I put to him, “whereas only 23 out of 44 chapters were – and even those were reviewed by peers who had helped write the report?”

“You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs,” the President of the IPCC shrugged.

“So you accept that you’re a liar?” I put it to him straight.

“We don’t like to use the word liar,” he winced, “we prefer the term liberal climate scientist.”


New Labor presents more Follies

The ALP Musical Follies (in b flatulent)

Presents: Billy and Alby

by Florenz Ziegfeld, musical correspondent

Madame rageIt has finally been confirmed by senior ALP officials that
the post 2013 party will be a radically new, inspirationally innovative and
multi-talented show and the launch of “Billy
and Alby – The Musical”
presages this exciting future.

A senior source described this marvellous new stage
performance as “ground-breaking in
Australian political history”
as it combines the debates between the
leadership rivals with a dynamic fund-raising campaign.

The stars – Bill Shorten and Anthony Albanese – are already
being referred to in show bizz circles as “The
B A Duo”.
John Howard laughed when he suggested “BA” meant “bloody awful" in duplicate, or maybe, "bugger all."

“We are thinking out
of the box,”
said the director Bruce Hawker, who cannot be named for legal
reasons, “but inside the box-office.”
His trademark impish grin belied the extraordinary amount of work that has been

The show will premiere at the MSG on Tuesday week and
tickets have been on sale for a fortnight. Card-carrying ALP members will pay
$1 and receive 10 AWU shares, while an aggressive selling campaign targeting business has marketed block
bookings of ten seats for $10,000.  It is reported that, so far, thirty-seven tickets have been
sold reaping an impressive $37 less undisclosed considerations to former MP Craig Thomson.

Labor insiders claim that one ticket has been sold to a Sophia
Mirabella who, allegedly, is seeking a political career and new friends in an
organisation that prides itself on being kinder and gentler.

It will be a whole-of- party production – for example, the
remnants of Women for Gillard will
provide a soprano chorus (“Funny to think
of them as the sopranos,”
joked Hawker) while a selection of faceless men
from the National Right will perform as the ten tenors using a unique, although
untried method whereby the lowest note is a shrill high “C” throughout the aria.

However, not all has gone smoothly.

Former PM Gillard was reportedly in a “murderous rage” when
told she would have work co-operatively with former PM Rudd on the libretto for
a signature piece tentatively entitled “Hail
to The Messiah”
. It seems Rudd
had already decided he would sing this engaging ditty into a into a large
convex mirror although he publicly stated that under no circumstances
would he ever do any such thing. Cross his heart and hope to die.

Julia was initially delighted to appear as a solo artist
singing an adaptation of “Everything’s
from Jesus Christ Superstar
and there was a real buzz about her rehearsals as she sang,

“Try not to get
worried, try not to turn on to

Problems that upset
you, oh.

Don’t you know

Everything’s all
right, yes, everything’s fine.” 

Then she discovered the original character who warbled this
ditty was Judas. More “murderous rage” was

A compromise was reached whereby Julia would sing to Kevin,

“Every time I look at
you I don’t understand

Why you let the things
you do get so out of hand

You’d have managed it
better if you’d had it planned

But your government
lost direction and we were all dammed.”

The cast and crew have been sworn to secrecy about the fact
this is another Judas-related tune. Mr Hawker has threatened to sack anyone who
leaks to the Murdoch media.

Rudd, for his part, will be his usual show-stopping self
with an enthusiastic rendition of another adaptation from Jesus Christ Superstar,

“Julia, you won’t just
believe the hit you’ve made around here

You are all we talk
about, the wonder of the year.

Oh what a pity it’s
all a lie

Nobody can relate to
you, nobody can demystify.”

Being an expert on practically everything, Rudd knew the
tune was based on a song for King Herod and that pleased him mightily,
especially as the crown has been refurbished with ermine.

Another feature individual performance will be by Wayne
Swan. There is already talk that he will be hailed as the World’s Greatest
Timpanist when he belts out, while beating his own drum,

“In my dreams I have a

That would make me a
wealthy man.

I wouldn’t have to
work at all

I’d tax the lot and
have a ball.”  

But the poignant, haunting, emotion-charged finale by Billy
and Alby already has a place in ALP and light musical comedy history when their
extraordinary, prolonged transitions beyond high “C” shattered the large
stained glass window of da Vinci’s Lambs
to the Slaughter
and cracked the massive bass pipes on the rented, antique
Whurlitzer organ.

Looking stunningly individual in matching Zegna suits
(Mercifully ex PM Keating is doing the costumes after ex PM Hawke was ruled out
as he could only think of shorts, blue singlets and thongs) and tasteful blue
ties, The B A Duo will face each
other, feign a smile and sing,

“Knowing me, knowing you

There is nothing we
can do

Knowing me, knowing

We just have to face

This time we’re

Breaking up is never
easy, I know

So bugger off, you
have to go.”

Late news!

The previously mentioned Ms Mirabella, who describes herself
as a former country lass, has asked if she can actually be in the show rather
than fork out the $1 for the ticket. It seems the super hasn’t come through

Under cover of darkness, she performed a stirring piece from

“How can people be so

How can people be so

Easy to be hard

Easy to be cold

And especially people

Who care about strangers

Who care about evil

And social injustice

Do you only

Care about the
bleeding crowd.

How about needing a

I need a friend.”

While no final decision has been made about her inclusion in
the show, she has already won the ringing endorsement of Rainbow Labor, the gay
equality crowd.

Said a spokesperson, “Her
performance puts the Wicket Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz in the