Help YALE Students Go Back To Their “Safe Space”

University is a place where ideas are explored and challenged, where concepts are subject to rigorous debate and horizons are expanded. Well, except if you go to Yale. One of the United States’ most prestigious and acclaimed universities is being held hostage because some students have confused university with kindergarten.

The source of the controversy is an email sent out regarding Halloween costumes. The email stated that students should be mindful of cultural appropriation when selecting their attire for Halloween related tomfoolery. The email was responded to by Erika Christakis, Associate Master of Silliman College who was supported by Nicholas Christakis, Master of Silliman College. They had the nerve to consider that while the intention of the email regarding Halloween costumes was good, as university students are adults they are able to make decisions about how they dress themselves. They also expressed that it is better to have an open dialogue about these things and if one finds a costume offensive then they should ignore it or tell the person wearing the costume that they are offended by it.

You see what the Christakis’s did not consider was that some students at Yale do not like it when their ideas are challenged. The students have protested, called for resignations, vilified the couple and directly abused them. It seems a “safe space” only exists for students who have been upset by someone disagreeing with them. The term “safe space” doesn’t apply to members of staff being surrounded and verbally abused.

We really need to help these students. They’re paying a fortune to attend an elite academic institution for adults when they really only need to pay for a kindergarten. I’m outraged for them as consumers, more than anything.  We have a solution! I’m gathering up a list of names and we will take their place at Yale so that they can go home to their “safe space”.

I mean they probably could have done some research on what they were getting themselves into if they read Yale’s Mission Statement:

“Yale aims to carry out each part of its mission at the highest level of excellence, on par with the best institutions in the world. Yale seeks to attract a diverse group of exceptionally talented men and women from across the nation and around the world and to educate them for leadership in scholarship, the professions, and society.”

I’m sorry Yalies but no one reaches the highest levels of excellence or benefits from diversity when living in their “safe space”. If you want to be a leader, excel in scholarship, a profession or just be a functioning adult, you will be challenged. You will be confronted with people saying things you don’t like and you will be offended. I’m pretty offended right now that you’re at Yale at all, really. I respectfully suggest that if you’re not ready for university, we will gladly relieve you of the burden that is your oppressive Yale education.

It is okay to be upset and offended by someone raising a different point of view. The truth is that you might not be ready for university. We get it privileged Yale students, really. You’re oppressed. You’re triggered. You cannot withstand the pressure of being confronted with another opinion so you throw a tantrum. I get it – I once told my two year old niece she couldn’t have ice cream before dinner and boy was she upset. Self-awareness and respect is something that you learn as you mature. Unfortunately, you’re just not mature enough to go to university. If you are looking for a “safe space” or a “home” whereby you are told you are special, wonderful and unchallenged, you should probably go back to your mother’s house. By the sounds of it, you weren’t challenged there either. Your parents can give you the unconditional love and support you need to develop into a thinking and functioning adult. It’s better late than never.

There are millions of people across the world who would gladly take your place at Yale. Anyone who would like to help these students by taking their place at Yale should sign this petition: Dear Yale, if your students cannot handle rigorous debate and ideas, enrol us instead!

Click HERE to sign!

Danielle Davidson is a Queensland-based budding lawyer and proud cat owner, Dani stands up for academic integrity and overcoming the privileged silencers of intellectual debate on university campuses