Journeys in a Vanishing World

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASean Jacobs reviews Theodore Dalrymple’s, The Wilder Shores of Marx: Journeys in a Vanishing World, Monday Books, 2012:

‘The most decisive thing that’s happened in my political lifetime,’ said John Howard in a 2009 interview, ‘is the collapse of Soviet imperialism. It dwarfs anything else.’ This is significant from Howard, whose political life covers nearly half a century.

His observation, however, is lost on a generation of younger Australians. Certainly, oppressive regimes exist today but are fewer in number, while command and control economics have been trounced by liberal market capitalism and globalisation. For anyone under forty the idea of growing up on a planet of rivalling superpowers with conflicting ideologies is no doubt strange.

Tearing around New Zealand on a recent trip I found time to wade through Theodore Dalrymple’s The Wilder Shores of Marx. Dalrymple first published this back in 1991 after visiting the heights and ruins of communism in Albania, North Korea, Romania, Vietnam and Cuba. With usual wit and insight, he elucidates both the absurdity and grimness of life under the banner of Marxist-Leninism. Continue reading

Warm and well fed, or hungry in the dark?

Vic Forbes asks, which is worse – gradual man-made global warming or sudden electricity blackout?

Vic Forbes asks, which is worse – gradual man-made global warming or sudden electricity blackout?

Alarmists try to scare us by claiming that man’s activities are causing global warming. Whether and when we may see new man-made warming is disputed and uncertain. If it does appear, the world will be slightly warmer, with more evaporation and rainfall; plants will grow better and colonise some areas currently too cold or too dry; fewer old people will die in winter and sea levels may continue the gradual rise we have seen since the end of the last ice age.

There may even be a bit more “green” in Greenland. There is no evidence that man’s production of carbon dioxide is causing more extreme weather events. Any change caused by man will be gradual and there will be plenty of time to adapt, as humans have always done. Most people will hardly notice it.

What is certain, however, is that global warming policies are greatly increasing the chances of electricity blackouts, and here the effects can be predicted confidently – they will be sudden and severe.

Localised short-term blackouts can be caused by cyclones, storms, fires, floods, accidents, equipment failure or overloading. People will cope with them. The more widespread blackouts, caused for example by network collapse or insufficient generating capacity, will have severe effects.

All modern human activities are heavily dependent on electricity. Blackouts will stop lifts, trains, traffic lights, tools, appliances, factories, mines, refineries, communications and pumps for fuel, water and sewerage. People will be trapped or stranded in trains, ports, airports, lifts, hotels, hospitals and traffic jams. ATM’s, credit cards and supermarket checkouts will not work. Cash, cheques, IOU’s and pocket calculators will be required to buy anything.

Immediately a blackout occurs, those with emergency generators, fuel or batteries will start using them. But within a very few days, batteries will run flat, emergency fuel supplies will be exhausted, food supplies will disappear from stores and pumped water will not be available. Intensive dairies, hatcheries, piggeries and feedlots will all face critical problems in keeping their animals alive and cared for.

If the blackout is extensive and prolonged, looting will infect the big cities and then spread to country areas. People who are old, sick, incapacitated or alone will be forgotten as able-bodied people focus on feeding and protecting their own.

The real threat to humanity today is not the theoretical dangers from gradual man-made global warming. A far bigger real danger is the growing threat to reliable electricity supplies from deep-green climate policies.

The most reliable electricity supplies come from coal, gas, hydro, nuclear, geothermal or oil. Misguided politicians and uncompromising nature are conspiring to ensure that few of these will be available to generate Australia’s future electricity.

The carbon tax and renewable energy targets threaten the financial viability of using coal, gas or oil to generate electricity. Banks and investors will not risk their capital on new carbon-powered stations dependent on an unstable and polarised political environment. And the declining profitability of existing stations under the carbon tax and mandated market sharing makes it risky and uneconomic to spend money maintaining existing aging stations.

The same green zealots who plot to destroy carbon energy will also work to prevent the construction of new nuclear or hydro plants in Australia. And Australia’s geothermal resources, being generally deep and remote, are unlikely to provide significant electricity for decades.

We are thus being forced to rely on fickle breezes and peek-a-boo sunbeams to generate expensive and intermittent electricity. And it will not be economic to continue building backup gas plants that are run below capacity or sit idle, earning insufficient income as they try to fill the unpredictable production gaps in the supply of green energy. The margin of supply safety will disappear.

Therefore, if we continue to allow green zealots to dictate our electricity generation, blackouts are inevitable. Britain and Germany already face this grim prospect.

All actions have consequences. We cannot continue pouring billions of dollars of community savings down the climate-change sink-hole, without starving our essential infrastructure. We cannot keep adding taxes and political risk to traditional electricity generators without reducing new investment in real base-load generating capacity. And we cannot keep adding unstable solar and wind elements to our electricity network without adding greatly to electricity costs and the risks of network failure.  

When the lights fail, and the supermarket shelves are cleaned out, we will return, at great cost and after much misery, to cheap reliable continuous electricity using coal, gas or nuclear fuels.

Gaia worshippers will find that “Earth Hour” will not be such fun when it becomes “Earth Week”.

Viv Forbes has no vested interest in electricity generation, except as a consumer. And he gets no funds from the government Climate Change Industry. He holds shares in a small Australian coal exploration company which will benefit by exporting coal if expensive unreliable electricity in Australia forces more power-using industries overseas.

Conroy intimidating telcos, Turnbull says

Just another example of a totalitarian government running amok. GC.Ed.

COMMUNICATIONS Minister Stephen Conroy has been accused of bullying and intimidating telecommunications bosses, after attacking the Vodafone chief for questioning government policy.

Senator Conroy has compared Vodafone Australia boss Bill Morrow to unpopular former Telstra boss Sol Trujillo, after he questioned the government's commitment to the universal service obligation.

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Who says Marxism is dead – they don’t!

Hurry, hurry, limited seats and standing room. GC.Ed.

Socialist Alliance, Green Left endorse, to take part in Marxism 2013

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The joint statement below was released by Socialist Alliance and Socialist Alternative.

The National Executives of the Socialist Alliance and Socialist Alternative agreed on December 13 to terms under which Socialist Alliance and Green Left Weekly will endorse and take part in the Marxism 2013 conference to be held in Melbourne, from March 28 to April 1.

This first significant national co-operation between our two organisations is a product of discussions that began between the two organisations on November 4 to explore the possibility of closer collaboration and unity.

Socialist Alliance and Green Left Weekly will be promoting Marxism 2013 as an important opportunity for all socialists and other progressive activists and thinkers to discuss how we can advance our common cause.

Socialist Alliance National co-convener Susan Price will speak alongside leading Socialist Alternative member Diane Fieldes on a panel on Australian politics today; Socialist Alliance's local councillors Sue Bolton and Sam Wainwright will share their experiences and make a case for a socialist intervention in elections for parliaments and local councils; and former Green Left Weekly co-editor and Socialist Alliance national executive member Simon Butler will present a session on Marxism and Ecology.

Both organisations share a commitment to fighting for a socialist system in which society is democratically controlled by the working class, and its resources are used to abolish class divisions and address the ecological and social crises that society faces.

As the two largest socialist organisations in Australia today, we recognise that we have a serious responsibility to grasp this opportunity to build a bigger and stronger socialist left in Australia. Both groups commit to continue to discuss points of political agreement and differences in a constructive and comradely manner and seek a way to progress the unity process.

Is Gillardism the new Marxism?

Kev Hicks

Every day, my Inbox is flooded with messages similar to Kevin's article. Increasing worry about policy directions of the Gillard regime has Australians taking unprecedented interest in politics, especially as we are in an election year.They are indeed concerned. GC.Ed.

Though a communist, Gillard holds a lot of stock in materialism. She believes that the major force in world affairs is production: the making and accumulation of ‘stuff’. Workers hired to produce the goods that make the world go round feel no great pride in their labours. This only leads to alienation, unrest, and ultimately, revolution.

In Ms Gillard’s world view, the majority of people toiled with little reward while the upper classes reaped the fruits of their labour. She saw an inherent inequality in capitalism. Ms Gillard believed that situation could not go on forever, and it would eventually reach critical mass and result in a revolution of the working classes against their capitalist masters.  She believed the results of such rebellion would lead to a paradisaical communist form of government with freedom for all.

Ms Gillard cares not about facts that the communist governments that emerged in the twentieth century have been among the most cruel dictatorships and wanton human rights violators the world has ever known. The injustices of this age are real and need repair, but the legacy she is bequeathing to the 21st century brings only more terror and totalitarianism into the world.

Ms Gillard held strong and oddly disturbing Communist ideas since she was young, which does not bear repeating here and now. However, it is fair to say her views on Communism have kept evolving and she now appears to have grown to view that those in government or those supporting ALP Government are entitled to wealth, while anyone else in society with a mid-range income or above must have their wealth redistributed to those on lower incomes. This style of Communism is a reflection of her ties with China where you must be invited to join the Party, and only then do you get access to highly paid jobs. This has also meant only the top University students earn a invitation to the Party.

And so we see Ms Gillard’s notion towards student numbers at university increasing and Australia raising it’s scholastic profile closer to China and Japan. The problem is; those students have studied all their life not only at school, but after school also, having little time for outdoor pursuits.

This Government wants our children to become the same, increasing homework, expanding Asian languages, and Asian History, and not having an opportunity to find their individualism, which is where sports and hanging out with mates is essential in making us who we are, strong, healthy, happy, and confident Aussies.

Kevin Hicks has a diverse background, including being in the RAAF and trained at the Australian Federal Police College as a Fraud Investigator working for a number of Commonwealth Government Departments over 18 years. Kevin has also worked as a Town Clerk for 2 Community Government Councils in the Northern Territory. 

The Goebellesque/McTernan trick for 2013

Considering modern technology, McTernan seeks to control ALP propaganda via Google and Wikipedia. When the ordinary person does a web search for "facts" about Australian political affairs, page after page will be propaganda from the Goebellesque McTernan. Step 6 of the 10 steps decreed in the Communist Manifesto as carried out in the US. GC. Ed.

6.                  Centralization of the means of communication and transport in the hands on the State. Part of the [New Deal] by Franklin Delano Roosevelt theCommunications Act of 1934 established the [Federal Communications Commission (FCC)], it is charged with regulating all non-federal government use of the radio spectrum (including radio and television broadcasting), and all interstate telecommunications (wire, satellite, and cable) as well as all international communications that originate or terminate in the United States.

McTernan says:

''Adopting an open-data framework to increase transparency, accountability and collaboration would allow the digitally literate public to design innovative ways to use government data,'' he said in his thinker's report, which has been made public.

''Everybody in Australia has got two personal researchers – Google and Wikipedia,'' he said. ''So, in the end you need to be clear: this is the problem, these are the facts, this is the way we're going to analyse it, and this is what we're going to do.''

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The whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me Mr. Whippy!

Julia Gillard has always maintained her work with Socialist Forum, "a sort of debating society," was part-time clerical work when she was a student.

ABC Broadcast: 17/10/2007

TONY JONES: Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party?

JULIA GILLARD: Tony, it's 2007 and I'm a 46-year-old woman. What Peter Costello is referring to is more than 20 years ago when I was in my 20s. I was a full-time university student and I had a part-time job for an organisation called Socialist Forum, which was a sort of debating society. It ultimately amalgamated with the Fabian society, which of course is a long-running ideas and debating group in Australian politics and indeed in British politics before Australian politics. I've worked in the cleric and administrative work.

Full ABC interview

Ms Gillard softens the Fabian Society's socialist bent.

Download Julia fabian dinner

Sitting on "The Special management Committee" seems more involved than part-time clerical work.


How to kill Australia’s golden goose

Sometimes conservative thinkers need to be reminded exactly why they think that way. This inaccurate drivel should do the job!

'Gina Rinehart’s moral universe is twisted'

'In richest-woman-in-the-world Gina Rinehart's twisted moral universe, workers in Australia need to work harder for less to compete with African mine workers (including an estimated 100,000 to 250,000 child miners in West Africa who slave for $2 a day. She says that's what competition in the “global market” dictates.'

Further cure is here, if required.

Thanks Abe.


BHP Billiton has added to the wave of closures in the coal mining sector, shutting a central Queensland mine due to low prices and high costs. The announcement came as fellow coal miner Xstrata announced it was slashing around 600 jobs across the country.


UN chief, Aides Plot ‘Green Economy’ Agenda at Upcoming RIO+20 Summit

Fox News exclusively reports what I and others have presumed all along was the UN’s real agenda: to extend the powers of government; to raise taxes; to weaken the capitalist system; to curtail personal freedom; to redistribute income; to bring ever-closer the advent of an eco-fascist New World Order.

I would normally not reproduce the entire article but it is so explosive I have posted it in its entirety here.

1984 is closer than you think.

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Occupy Chicago gives rousing Welcome to Communist Party USA

Andys RantRebelPundit has been all over the Occupy protests in Chicago. Check out the crowd of several thousand giving a “warm welcome and overwhelming applause” to John Bachtell from the Communist Party USA.



There you go – people using their freedom of speech to protest about taking away your freedom.


Ah yes…”wonderful” communism is trying to make a comeback to save us from the “evils” of capitalism.

Never forget, that under Stalin, tens of millions of people were murdered, either shot or they starved to death.

Did you know a delegation of German Gestapo and SS came to the Soviet Union to learn how to build concentration camps? That Stalin authorized children to be shot from the age of twelve?

Communism is pure evil and yet we now witness people applauding 21st century communists!



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