Thousands of morons in the rain celebrate their collective stupidity

Via the Herald Sun


The federal government was "sacrificing the planet for politics" by not taking stronger action to combat climate change, a rally in Sydney has been told.

Thousands of protesters, many in plastic ponchos or huddling under umbrellas, braved wild weather in Sydney's Prince Alfred Park on Sunday to call for stronger action on climate change.

Organised by social activist group GetUp!, the rally is one of more than 100 similar events throughout the country, with a total of about 50,000 people expected to take part.

"Today is a challenging period in our political history. It's a time when our government is sacrificing our planet for politics," GetUp! campaigns director Erin McCallum told a crowd carrying placards with slogans such as "Aim higher on climate", "Turn up the heat, choose solar power" and "Hands off our carbon tax Abbott".

Ms McCallum said the "government might have turned climate change into a political football but they weren't counting on us to play ball".

Police estimated between 3500 and 5000 people were at the Sydney event.

Yes they have the freedom to protest, just as I have the freedom to call them Moron’s.



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Electricity Bill Shorten plans on committing political suicide twice

The Australian


LABOR will oppose repeal of the carbon tax if proposed amendments to
Coalition legislation are unsuccessful, says Opposition Leader Bill Shorten.

Tony Abbott has demanded Labor
allow the Coalition to repeal legislation that puts a price on carbon.

Mr Shorten announced today that
Labor would propose amendments to the government's carbon tax repeal
legislation, aimed at moving to an emissions trading scheme.

Labor believed an ETS was the best
way to deal with carbon pollution and address climate change.

Actually, PM Abbott should call Electricity
Bill’s bluff and introduce an ETS with a starting price of $0.05 – which is still
five cents more than what the price of CO2 is really worth…

of the Carbon Tax

So is the consensus



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Carbon Tax gets two Vetoes


Australians have elected the second Prime Minister who made a prominent election promise that: “There will be no carbon tax under my government”.

The electorate supported this policy twice. With two vetoes, the desire of the people is surely obvious.

Why are politicians still having a debate about whether to repeal this silly tax on the gas of life?

Viv Forbes,

Rosewood    Qld   Australia

Correlation, Causation or a Carbon Tax Con-Job?


If two things vary in parallel, that is a positive correlation. But it does not prove that one causes the other.

For example, wet roads always occur when it rains. But wet roads do not cause rain.

Three things are required to prove that rain always causes wet roads.

Firstly, no exceptions – roads must get wet every time it rains. They do.

Secondly, the cause must always come before the effect. Rain always comes before wet roads (apart from snow, floods, burst water-mains etc).

Thirdly, we need a credible explanation of the mechanism. We have it – rain is composed of falling drops of water, and the water wets the road.

The three conditions are satisfied – therefore rain does cause wet roads. The theory becomes a law.

Now, let’s look at the theory that carbon dioxide (CO2) controls global temperature.

Firstly, there is no consistent correlation – CO2 has risen consistently for the last century but global temperatures rise and fall, and the trend has been flat for over a decade. This absence of consistent correlation proves that CO2 is not the prime controller of global temperature.

Secondly, ice core data show that temperature turning points occur long before reversals in atmospheric CO2 content. This evidence suggests that global temperature may control the CO2 carbon dioxide content of the atmosphere, rather than the reverse. And there is a proven mechanism to explain that – warming oceans expel CO2 and cooling oceans absorb it.

Thirdly, although the mechanism of carbon dioxide warming exists, it is progressively less effective as CO2 levels rise.

It is clear that CO2 fails all tests as the controller of global temperatures. Other factors such as solar cycles, clouds and oceans have much bigger impact.

Thus the carbon dioxide theory of global warming is a carbon tax con-job.

Viv Forbes,

Rosewood    Qld   Australia

Carbon Dioxide is not Pollution


We should minimise human pollution of land, atmosphere and oceans.

But that has nothing to do with carbon dioxide from modern coal-burning power stations. No rational person could define carbon dioxide as “pollution”. It is a harmless, non-toxic, colourless natural gas that is the essential food for all plants which then produce food and oxygen for all animals.

Almost everything in coal was derived from plant material – burning it is no more dangerous than burning wood. Both will suffocate you in confined places, but when dispersed in the vast atmosphere their emissions are beneficial plant fertilisers.

Modern coal-fired power generators have extensive filtration equipment which ensures that the exhaust gases are harmless natural gases already present in the atmosphere – nitrogen, water vapour and carbon dioxide – all essential to sustaining life on Earth.

The smogs of Asia are not caused by burning washed coal in modern power stations. They are caused by burning everything else, usually in dirty open fires. They burn cow dung, wood, cardboard, plastic, paper, recycled oil, tyres, dirty coal, kerosene – anything available that will cook food, provide warmth/light or deter mosquitoes. Forest fires in Indonesia, cremations in India and dust from the massive Gobi desert all add to Asian air pollution. As do old worn-out boilers, furnaces, engines and power stations which can spew unfiltered exhaust gases, ash, soot and unburnt fuel into the air.

These all add to air pollution – carbon dioxide does not.

Fifty years ago, bans on open fires plus clean coal-fired electricity and piped coal gas solved the suffocating smogs of London and Pittsburgh.

The same will work wonders on Asian smogs today.

Viv Forbes,

Rosewood    Qld   Australia