Really Not Part Of The Plan


Sustainable Development?

by Allan Essery. Part 2

Resulting from an enormous volume of evidence gathered by a small army of those suspicious of the intent of the Club of Rome and the United Nations it becomes very clear that there was and currently is a plan to undertake the greatest act of socialist treason ever visited upon mankind.

AGW hysteria was created as means of the UN achieving its intended goal and it was said, “in searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill.''  They went on to say, ''It does not matter if this common enemy is a real one or one invented for the purpose.”

In introducing the latest buzz word ''Future Earth'' the UN and its agencies have a global plan to:

• Research and develop methods to control food, water, energy.  

• Utilise technology, sciences and economics fraudulently to create an illusion.

Pressure governments and law makers to support their efforts.

• Manifest agendas with academics and corporations  to appropriate  funds and control production.

Control under-developed nations by forcing ''sustainable'' technologies.

The success or failure of UN intentions to impose upon mankind total control of every aspect of human life is reliant upon the specific so-called ''sustainability'' orientated education of children from very young ages and the reeducation of adults – the dumbing down of mankind.  In this endeavour the UN Agenda 21, and Common Core, exponents are prepared to use all methods available to them to get their message over and bring about the early education of children and the reprogramming of mankind.

One father in the US was alarmed to learn what his 5 year old daughter was being taught by her public school.  ''Daddy . . ., today we learned that driving cars is making the ice caps to melt and all the polar bears die.'

It is worth noting that our former Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, is taking up a post with a US group-think institute to work on methods of  ''Global Education''.  There should be concern that people like Gillard are prepared to move Australia in the direction of ''one-size-fits-all'' approach to child education.

That madness extends far beyond the classrooms of your local school and even politicians, especially those of the socialist persuasion, are willingly jumping on the UN Agenda 21 band wagon, but they are not telling you.

The UN programme says, ''Countries and the United Nations system should promote a cooperative relationship with the media, popular theatre groups, and entertainment and advertising industries by initiating discussions to mobilize their experience in shaping public behaviour and consumption patterns . . .''

In the US a congresswoman, Barbara Lee, and friends are pushing a resolution that calls on Congress to, '' . . . recognize that climate change will hurt the plight of women more than men; driving women into “transactional sex” for survival — among other horrible fates.''  

It won't take long for Emily's List and such feminist groups to pick up on this foolishness and it is alarming to think that should you debunk climate change, Agenda 21 or Common Core you stand a good chance of being accused of being part of a movement that forces women into prostitution!

Throughout the past 21 years the various governments Federal and State have failed to be up front with the Australian people.  Agenda 21 has purposely not been mentioned and the Australian people certainly have not had a chance to learn of its full intentions nor have they had a chance to vote for or against.

On the other hand gullible politicians have been bewitched by the promises of globalisation.  Alexander Downer once tried to send the Australian people on a guilt trip by suggesting that politics is no longer about left and right but about globalisation (World Government).  He inferred that if you are an opponent of globalisation then you're a globaphobe and hate your country. ''The triumph of globaphobia would be a death note for Australia.'' Downer claimed.

Globaphobia means that Australia and its people come first, but according to Downer and those that think like him, Australia and Australians should come last and the globe first.  It appears that Downer and like minds believe that there is no longer any place for democracy and we should all become drones of the United Nation's ''World Government'' and its agents.  I believe that is bordering on treason.

Sustainable development not part of their plan


by Allan Essery

Part 1 – Agenda 21 again

Awareness of the environment and concern for its delicate balance are indeed sensible endeavours. Concern, however, arose during a 1992 United Nation's conference to discuss future environmentally friendly development. From that conference an action agenda was revealed for an innocuously sounding aim of ''Sustainable Development''. That agenda was known as Agenda 21 and not as innocuous as it sounded.

Agenda 21 was promoted as a non-binding and voluntarily implemented action plan, and so the lie began. It was also called the brainchild of a group of powerful elitists known as the Club of Rome. Their aim was world domination brought about using the United Nations and its agencies to create a World Government together with a World Bank and a Security Force to ensure implementation of its aims.

Far from being a non-binding and voluntary action plan the following was the reality for those that signed on, ''This global contract binds all nations and spreading regions to the collective vision of "sustainable development." They must commit to pursue the three E's of "sustainability": Environment, Economy and Equity’’, referring to the UN blueprint for environmental regulation, economic control, and redistribution of wealth.

Sold to the world’s nations as a plan for creating sustainable societies 176 governments around the world, including Australia, saw it as a means of social justice and a healthy planet. Initially, few if any were awake to their lies and doomsday scenarios, the pseudo-science and the unimaginable costs that came with this elaborate and fraudulent con.

Had any of the worlds leaders caught up in the lie bothered to undertake just a little research, or even given it some considered thought, they would have realised as did others that, Marxist economics has never worked. Socialism produces poverty, not prosperity. Collectivism creates oppression, not freedom. Trusting environmental "scientists" who depend on government funding and must produce politically useful "information" will lead to economic and social disaster.''

Back in1992 when Agenda 21 was born there was not yet the hysterical knee-jerk reactions of the alarmist's ''carbon pollution'' and ''man-made climate change'' and so these lies were cleverly created by the UN and its agencies to justify their ''sustainable development'' agenda. 

The UN very effectively, but falsely, enhanced the illusion when the Secretary General of their Earth division said, ''Current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middleclass – involving high meat intake, use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and work air conditioning, and suburban housing are not sustainable.''

In line with this propaganda, new buzzwords came into being. Words such as sustainable development, environmentally sustainable, future earth, smart growth, and biodiversity.  Phenomena such as climate change were promoted as man-made disasters while naturally occurring climate change was conveniently ignored.

To achieve the aims of Agenda 21 it would be necessary to undertake the mammoth task of reprogramming the human race. Human rights as we know them would have to be removed for the good of the collective.

The UN plans to rid the world of poverty as a means of controlling the world's population; but how are they going to achieve that?  Well, they have already surreptitiously commenced a redistribution of wealth from affluent nations to the poorer nations. Think about Carbon Tax and where all the proceeds go. Think about the transfer of manufacturing from affluent manufacturing nations to poorer nations. Think about where Australia's manufacturing and farming assets have gone. Think about the lowering of trade barriers and tariffs to bring that about. And, think about the redistribution of the population of poorer countries to the more affluent nations.

To achieve its intended agenda the UN will attempt to coerce the world's governments into surrendering the sovereignty of their nations. They hope to achieve a quiet transition through which our individual freedoms would be stripped away. Your children would become the sole property of the ''State'' and you would have no say in their upbringing, their education, or their future.  You would not be allowed to own any property and nor would you be allowed to choose where you live.

The United Nations is fearful that more and more of the world's population will realise what is happening and fight against it. They would be ecstatic that some would be sucked into their deception and support Agenda 21 by labelling those against the agenda as ''Conspiracy Alarmists'' and the UN will seek to discredit them and any elected official who undertakes to work against them.

The UN to control the internet?

The UN seems hell bent on controlling just about every aspect of our lives. They believe we have become too stupid to mind our own affairs. If we let them get away with this they are right, we are stupid.

At first glance, the United Nations' International Telecommunications Union (ITU) seems benign.

agency helps coordinate global telephone interconnections so we can
make overseas phone calls. It manages radio spectrum and satellite
orbits. All tedious and technocratic work.

But the ITU is holding a
meeting in December to decide whether it – and by implication, the
United Nations – should take over the internet.

This meeting in
December will be the culmination of a long contest between the
decentralised, private internet and the leaden hand of state control.

A UN takeover of the internet could be incredibly bad. Bad for liberty and free speech online. Bad for technological innovation.

would we want to hand the basic structure of the internet to a
committee of governments – many of which censor the internet at home?

Michael Smith’s Speech On The Allegations Against Gillard: A Union Boss’s Account

104Steve Purvinas, Secretary of the Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers’ Association, discusses his experience at Michael Smith's Sydney speech on the allegations surrounding Julia Gillard and the Australian Workers' Union:

No matter what your political persuasion, everyone
wants honest unions.  That’s why, as a
union leader, I sat in the front row of a conservative Right Wing event
recently where the past involvement of our Prime Minster in a potentially
scandalous union affair, was to be discussed in detail.

As I scanned the packed room for familiar
faces I felt uncomfortably alone.  I’d
never associated myself with conservatives, nor thought there would ever be a
need to.  Although not a member of any
political party, I am usually at home with those from the left of politics and the
members of my union – Aircraft Engineers – that I have worked with for 26

I got a look of surprise when I explained
to the lady I sat next to that I was a union leader.  She had been a union member too at one point
but found the experience less than rewarding as her workplace complaint was
never addressed.  Her husband had a
similarly bad experience.

It dawned upon me that these “strange” people
held some very similar views to me.  They
thought there was a place for unions in our society, but no place for union
corruption. I suddenly felt more at home, albeit with a completely different
set of faces, with the main event about to begin.

I’d been warned by others in my movement
not to attend this event; I rarely heed the advice of others.  I attended the function with an open mind
wanting to know the truth about the woman holding the highest office in our
land and the union that openly states in its objects that it seeks to
“establish one union for all Australian Workers”.

The night was opened by Tim Andrews, an
upcoming aspirant in the Young Liberal movement [Editor: Tim Andrews is no longer a member of the Young Liberals or of the Liberal Party], who introduced the invited
guests.  I was not surprised when he then
mentioned me by name and title making it clear to all in attendance that the
event was now not just a right wing nut case convention, there were also left
wing nutcases present.

The main speaker was Mike Smith, the former
2UE broadcaster described by Mark Latham as the leader of the “Lunar
Right”.  He also acknowledged my presence
and touched on the many drive time discussions I had had with him about our
national airline Qantas.

Mike spoke with passion.  He held the audience captivated with his
stories.  He went well over time and
nobody wanted him to stop.   He’d make a
great salesman but the difference was, personal belief shone through his every
word.  Here was a man openly discussing
Julia Gillard’s involvement in what would amount to absolute union corruption,
everything I detested, if it was true.

For the 200 people in attendance there was
no doubt.  The Prime Minister was guilty,
as were those who ran the Australian Workers Union in the early 90’s.  I was almost convinced myself until I
remembered the long held principle that a person was innocent until proven
guilty.  I would not be caught up in the
moment and abandon my principles.

The one thing I found interesting about
Mike Smith’s presentation was his intricate knowledge about AWU affairs of this
period.  Every story was supported by a
document, or so he claimed.  We could not
see them from the floor but many have now appeared on his

The documents hold the key to the future of
this case.  What will happen should they
indicate misappropriation of funds by union officials, even with the unwitting
involvement of our now Prime Minister? 
Will her entitlement to the presumption of innocence save her
politically if the affair is not thoroughly investigated?  Will anyone be game enough to investigate the
events surrounding the AWU scandal or will our political system close ranks and
leave the question open?

If Mike Smith’s documents surface and appear
genuine, I beg the Prime Minister to support a full investigation into the
early 90’s financial affairs of the AWU. 
I think back to this year’s ACTU Congress and the passionate speeches
made by union leaders about ethical behaviour in our business.  If those same union leaders are true to their
word, now is the time to open the books and once and for all clear the air on
this matter.

As a rank and file union leader I’m always
concerned about the potential damage affairs like this and the HSU scandal do
to my movement.  They turn good people
away from unions and I can tell you from experience, once an Australian develops
a distaste for collectivism, it rarely returns.

As the evening wound up, we were all
invited next door to the City Tattersall’s Club for drinks and I found myself
in an interesting conversation with a fellow who was trying to convince me that
global warming was good.  He claimed that
the crops would be more productive and need less water.

It dawned upon me that I may have something
in common with these people but we weren’t entirely the same.  And with that I called it a night.

 Steve Purvinas is the Secretary of the Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers’ Association.