The Left’s War On Women: It’s Not Ok

1532132_10152012329686853_2699105403218164199_aViolence against women is never acceptable, writes Anneliese Franklin in condemning the attacks on Julie Bishop and Sophie Mirabella:

Campus violence is, and has always been, unacceptable.  With the flourishing of campaigns such as the White Ribbon Pledge, opposition to violence against women, domestic violence and sexual violence is at a crescendo in our public arena. As a society we understand that to attack anyone is utterly repugnant behavior, and to attack women is an unacceptable perpetuation of hundreds of years of exploitation and harassment.  There is no excuse.  None.  This should cross all political allegiances and boundaries.

It was against this background that the “tolerant” Political Left, in this case the Socialist Alliance, the Education Action Group and Greens members, revealed their true hypocritical nature on Friday. Angered by the recent budget, they greeted Foreign Minister Julie Bishop with mobbing, violent shoves, and a heavy physical blockade at Sydney University.

Not satisfied with one ferocious assault, student socialists set their sights on Public Policy Fellow and former Liberal Party MP Sophie Mirabella on Monday, interrupting her lecture at Melbourne University with megaphones, shrieks and physical intimidation.  Staff were forced to suspend the seminar while police fought to safely escort Ms Mirabella out of the crush. Continue reading