Liberals claim they used Kevin Rudd as double agent

THE Howard Government claims it used Kevin Rudd to leak information that was damaging to his enemies within the Labor Party.

Former foreign minister Alexander Downer has revealed Mr Rudd, at the time an ambitious backbencher, would seize on information given to him about his Labor rivals – and regularly feed it to the media.

"We used him mercilessly to embarrass (Labor's then foreign-affairs spokesman) Laurie Brereton," Mr Downer told The Sunday Telegraph.

"We would give Rudd information to use against Brereton, and he would use it.

"He was so incredibly unprincipled. When he was chairman of the caucus committee, we used him mercilessly to embarrass Laurie Brereton."

Mr Rudd would leak the information to his media contacts as an anonymous source, Mr Downer said.

"I don't use the c-word, but I do use the f-word pretty freely, and I can tell you that Kevin Rudd is a f****** awful person," he said.


(Posted by TVA)