Barnett thinks Chinese understand business and WA better than the Kanberra Komrades Kommunity (KKK) aka ALP

by on 28 May, 2011

WA Premier Colin Barnett says relations between Western Australia and the Gillard government are at a low point, and the Premier has begun forging closer links with Beijing rather than Canberra as economic power shifts to the resource-rich state.

Mr Barnett told the Perth forum, attended by 350 business leaders, that Western Australia's closer ties with China were occurring because 60 per cent of Australia's exports to the Asian superpower were from his state. China invested more in Australia than in any other country. Of that investment, about 80 per cent went into Western Australia.

Mr Barnett said Western Australia accounted for 44 per cent of Australia's exports, equal to the sum of exports from NSW, Victoria and Queensland.

Is that the sound of the secession clock I hear ticking?

Andy Semple

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