About us

Founded in January 2010, Menzies House borrows inspiration from Sir Robert Menzies’ ideal of a ‘broad church’ and is the leading community of thinkers and activists across conservative, centre-right and libertarian movements in Australia.

Who we are
Menzies House is a project of the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance a 25,000 member strong non-partisan grassroots activist body dedicated to fighting tax, regulation and waste.

Run by volunteer editors, Menzies House is a not-for-profit website that relies primarily on the support of our generous donors to remain open.

What we believe
We may will disagree on the specifics however we share a broad belief that the freedom of indivdiuals to make their own choices is central to human happiness, dignity and respect. We support a smaller government which taxes, regulates and imposes upon us less. We support a transparent and efficient government to maximise accountability and minimise waste.

Non-Partisan and independent
Many of our team (and even our name) comes from what might be described as the Australian right however we are fiercly non-partisan and independent of any political party, union or corporation. We will applaud good policy wherever we see it and criticise bad policy wherever we see it.

Unless otherwise specified all content solely reflects the opinion of the author and not the editorial team, a political party, employer or any other organisation.

Policy over Politics
Good politics is the business of implementing good policy and we will not forget this. We will cheer less for the mere winning of elections and we will cheer more for the tough work of implementing real reforms.

Intellect and emotion
Our editors and contributors volunteer their efforts because they are passionate about making the world a better place, we will fearlessly support our arguments with evidence because we know that the evidence is on our side.

Frequently asked questions

Are you a think tank?

No. Menzies House is an opinion website however we will review and applaud or criticise the work of many think tanks in Australia and around the world.

Are you affiliated with the Liberal Party and/or Cory Bernardi?

No. Menzies House has no affiliations with the Liberal Party. Senator Bernardi was one of many donors who contributed to our founding, however we have no connection to him or his office beyond this.