The Biggest & Best Event Of The Year!

It is with great delight that I can finally let you know that registration for the biggest, the best, the most exciting pro-liberty conference in the Asia Pacific region is finally open.

That’s right, registration is now open for the 5th ALS Friedman Conference, with a lineup of speakers, events, and contests you just won’t believe.

In addition to some of the best speakers from not just Australia, but over a dozen international speakers, this years conference will include interactive workshops, hands on activism training, filming with YouTube sensations, debates on topical issues like the Trump Phenomenon, student-led sessions highlighting the leaders of tomorrow, and a chance win a staggering $5,000 in our “Shark Tank” contest! Not to mention our line up of panels, speakers, discussions, and the Gala Dinner & Presentation of the Liberty Awards. If you thought last year’s conference was good, believe me, it has nothing compared to the epic we have planned for 2017.


Just some of the great international speakers we have include:

Nick Gillespie, editor of Reason Magazine, and one of the United States’ most widely respected commentators;Professor Mike Munger from Duke University, considered one of the world’s best public choice economists; Austin Peterson, former candidate for US President for Libertarian Party Nomination; Matthew Sinclair, my personal hero, and known as the best issues campaigner alive today, responsible for campaigns such as “Mash The Beer Tax” in the UK which succeeded in forcing the Government to CUT the beer tax for the first time in a half century; Sam Bowman, Executive Director of the Adam Smith Institute in London; Rory Bromfield, Director of The Pro-Brexit “Better Off Out” Campaign; Libertarian activist and author Avens O’Brien,  Naomi Brockwell, A producer on the Stossel Show formerly on Fox News, and Policy Director of Blockchain Tech Corp, Jordan Williams from the NZ Taxpayers’ Union and Zoltan Kesz, a member of the Hungarian Parliament!

Our Australian speakers include: Ross Cameron, Former Liberal MP and Sky News Commentator; Mark Latham, the controversial former Australian Leader of the Labor Party; Lorraine Findlay, Law Lecturer at Murdoch University and anti 18C activist, Theresa Moltoni OAM, President of the Queensland Chamber of Commerce, Professor Suri Ratnapala, Emeritus Professor at The University of Queensland, Professor Wolfgang Kasper, Dr Tanvir Ahmed,Sydney based psychiatrist and author of Fragile Nation, and Andrew Bragg Director of Policy & Research of the Menzies Research Centre.

And that’s only just the start! For a full list of speakers visit

We are currently going through a period of profound change not just in Australia, but around the world. Disenchantment with politics as usual is at an all time high as people are desperate for something different. This years Friedman Conference will address the heart of these issues, providing a way forward, and is one you simply can not afford to miss. There will be disagreement, there will be debate, but there will be intellectual stimulation, great people, and a fantastic time for all.

The Conference shall be held in Sydney, at the Aerial UTS Function Centre in Ultimo from 28-30 of April. Different packages to suit your budget are available, and for further information and to secure your spot please visit Last years conference sold out with close to 350 attendees attending, so be sure to get your tickets quick!