Green Activists Put Lives In Danger

The Minerals Council of NSW report that police are investigating a dangerous act of sabatage by the far-left green radicals at Whitehaven mine at Maules Creek,where activists entered the site in the middle of the night cutting  187 down-lines attached to extremely powerful explosives, prepared as part of the mine operations putting at risk the lives of Whitehaven personnel:

This reckless and dangerous act of industrial sabotage is a wake up call for the NSW government.  Those responsible have directly threatened lives, including their own, by tampering with powerful industrial explosive charges used in mine operations,” NSW Minerals Council CEO, Stephen Galilee said today.

“Violent and dangerous activities have escalated in recent months. As well as deliberate trespassing and interference with heavy equipment by protesters, a security vehicle has been rammed, gates have been blockaded or destroyed, and now we have had industrial explosives being sabotaged,” he said.

“We have raised safety concerns about the trespassing of protesters with the NSW Government on a number of occasions. I hope we will now see action,” Mr Galilee said.

“Without action from the Government to deter this type of illegal access activity it is only a matter of time before someone is seriously hurt, despite the best efforts of police and emergency services personnel and site workers to ensure safety.”

“People have a right to protest, but it must be within the law. No-one has the right to put others at risk. And when people choose to ignore the law they should be held accountable for their actions.”

Home educators are true heroes

In the context of a NSW Government Inquiry into homeschooling, Mike Sackville argues we should all give our gratitude to ‘hero’ home-educators:

Home educators are true heros who deserve our gratitude and respect.

Our gratitude because they save taxpayers around $12,000 per student per year, by taking their parental responsibilities fully on their own shoulders, without sending the bill to the government.

Our respect because they refuse to accept second best for their children. They see the educational, emotional, social, spiritual and physiological needs of their children as integrated and unique to each child, and they seek to provide an individually tailored response. Learning time is not compartmentalised and treated as something separate from real life. Social interaction is not limited to peers from a narrow age range.

As John Holt said,

I want to make it clear that I don’t see homeschooling as some kind of answer to badness of schools. I think that the home is the proper base for the exploration of the world which we call learning or education. Home would be the best base no matter how good the schools were [and] It’s a nutty notion that we can have a place where nothing but learning happens, cut off from the rest of life Continue reading