The ‘Righting’ Of Australia’s Foreign Policy

Jack Ryan explores the distinctively strong Abbott Brand of Australian Foreign Policy and its implications for the way our allies and trading partners view Australia, and why the left are confused as to its effectiveness.

In recent months we have seen Abbott come to the fore with a firm hand on the foreign policy front. In doing so he has dispelled the caricature created by Labor of Tony Abbott – The International Embarrassment. Not only did the fear mongering of Labor never eventuate, it has been soundly defeated by the substance of Tony Abbott and Julie Bishop which has been on display since the election, particularly in response to the MH17 disaster. The over-arching message from the Government being that ‘Australia is no push-over and is to be respected’. What is getting surprisingly little coverage is how Labor branded Australia as ‘appeasing’ in foreign policy during much of its 6 year term in office and why this was never considered ‘embarrassing’.

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Deregulation of Planning Approvals, Taxi Industry Deregulation Signal From WA Government

John Day has flagged that the state government will seek to implement reforms to remove some of the burden faced by landowners  on building approval, and will also centralise the approval process. Whilst the latter could hurt the ability of suburbs to develop a unique culture, one needs only to look to their areas most recent developments to witness the dangers of leaving property development to the whims and fancies of officials elected at ill attended and largely ignored local government elections.

Dean Nalder has also flagged the likelihood of deregulating the taxi industry. This move to remove the onerous obligations and costs on taxi drivers may come just in time to allow lower costs to help taxi drivers to save their market as we approach the introduction of the hugely successful Uber app.

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Liberal Love Affair with Draconian Government

Kerrod Gream Kerrod Gream takes aim at the government’s desire to monitor everything we do on the Internet.

This week has been terrible for civil liberties, with the government backing down to changes to 18C. But the other big danger to our civil liberties is the proposed data retention laws. While details are scarce, as they were when Labor proposed similar laws while in government, it’s pretty safe to say that’s it an attack on our individual freedoms, and right to privacy from the government.

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Liberals Back Away from Liberal Values

Kerrod GreamKerrod Gream takes aim at the backing down of the government from changes to the racial discrimination act.

The Liberal Government this week has shown that its talk of being small government, and the early stages of a solid government are over. After a budget that is still projected to have a deficit of $30billion(only $4billion worth of savings made over Swan’s projections) the government hasn’t had much going its way, other than the repeal of the carbon tax. They have shelved the Paid Parental Scheme, which seems good on the surface, but Hockey and the frontbench have still come out suggesting that it’ll be ready to go for July next year continuing on Hockey’s big spending plans for Australia.

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Greens Still Living in a Clean Energy Fantasy World


Brad Emery takes aim at the hypocrites of the Greens movement against  the mining industry.

A young woman rides her bicycle into an inner city polling booth to vote in the 2013 Federal Election.  She tosses her mane of matted dreadlocks over her shoulder as she dismounts and fetches a bottle of organic prune juice from the basket hanging from the handle bars.

She makes a beeline for the Greens volunteer and smiles as she takes the Greens candidate’s how to vote pamphlet.  She makes a deliberate show of rejecting the Liberal Party candidate’s propaganda.  She’s not planning on voting Conservative.