Language as the weapon of mass hysteria

Jack Ryan explores how different political parties use language to communicate to the public to garner support amongst different segments of the electorate. And the increasingly alarming tactics used by the left!

The reason Tony Abbott and the Liberal Party won the election in September 2013 was because they provided a clear alternative for government compared to the disgraceful mess of the Labor / Greens alliance. The Liberal Party with its extremely calm, cool and considered approach was hitting home runs. Labor was trying to follow this example but had clearly lost their ability to communicate effectively with the electorate. This is important to note, because due this superior communication with the electorate the Liberal party romped home! Largely off the back of Babyboomers and Gen Xers as voting blocks. However, winning office is one thing, keeping office is another. Which makes it a concern that for all the time in opposition there is an important lesson which the Liberal party failed to learn, how the convey its message to a new and emerging voter base which is commanding ever greater attention from governments. This is of course refering to Gen Y and Z, lets call them ‘the younger’. This begs the next question of ‘Why’. Why are Labor and the Greens so much better at courting the younger as a voting block? Why is the rhetoric used by the left so good at conveying its message that it grabs their attention and influences their political affiliations?

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I am an ethnic minority and I oppose Section 18C


Virad Mathur articulates how 18C infringes on the right of freedom of speech while doing little to protect minorities

I belong to a visible ethnic minority group. In a crowd of people I don’t know, I am often most easily identifiable by my skin colour. Laws such as the Racial Discrimination Act, including the controversial section 18C were written to ensure people like me are not disadvantaged and discriminated against because of our ethnicity.

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The Socialist Alternative’s continuation of Intimidation tactics.

Last night at University of Sydney there was a protest held by the Socialist Alternative, at the Howard cup, an inter-university debating competition between NSW Liberal clubs. They had found out that Chris Pyne would be attending the event, and luckily for those of us in attendance there were members of the Australian Federal Police posted at the event. About half an hour before the event was due to begin, just after we had finished setting up and had prepared the tables outside for people to sign in. We were milling around in the entrance hall when one of the senior members came running in yelling for everyone to get inside. This was followed by members of the AFP rushing to close the doors then dozens of protesters throwing themselves against the doors in an attempt to break through, I got some very amateur footage just following this.
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Floors and ceilings

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASean Jacobs writes on the importance of mobility and opportunity:

It’s no surprise that many would like to be as good at basketball as Kobe Bryant or at golf as Tiger Woods. And it’s equally no surprise that this isn’t possible.

But there’s one way to make us ‘more equal’ and that’s to make those better off much worse. To continue with sports, for example, let’s say we limit the amount of time Bryant and Woods train each day. This would disrupt their performance and, in doing so, reduce the gap between our abilities. But the objective has been achieved – we’re now more equal (although still a great deal apart).

The same handbrake on ability, skills and opportunity can be applied to virtually any arena, from academia to business. But some political leaders and policymakers have seen the harmful effects of this thinking on society and the economy.

Ronald Reagan, for example, in his 1957 Eureka College Commencement Address said that ‘an economic floor beneath all of us so that no one shall exist below a certain level or standard of living’ in reality means ‘building a ceiling above which no one shall be permitted to climb.’ Reagan thus pursued economic policies that unleashed people’s talents and not the other way around.

At around the same time, by contrast, Indian policymakers struggled with the effects of taxes designed exclusively to take from the rich and give to the poor. As Fareed Zakaria reflects, ‘the top marginal tax rate in India in 1974 was 97.5 percent. (Really.)’ And the Indian economy, now well regarded for its growth and poverty reduction, thus lay stagnant for decades. Continue reading

The tolerant left burn posters at Adelaide University


The Adelaide University Liberal Club (AULC) and the Australian Liberal Students’ Federation (ALSF) have condemned the burning of posters at Adelaide University yesterday evening.

Created together by the AULC and ALSF, the posters encouraged students to join the university’s Liberal Club if they disagreed with recent protests conducted by socialists at universities across Australia.

The posters read: “Stop student Socialists. Join your Liberal Club.”

The posters also included images from violent student protests held in the Melbourne CBD last year as well as recent clashes Julie Bishop and Sophie Mirabella have had with students at universities.

AULC members put up posters at Adelaide University’s North Terrace campus yesterday evening hoping they would be present to contrast today’s ‘National Day of Action’ protests, organised by the National Union of Students (NUS).

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The Winter of Discontent

MugshotMitchell Cutting discusses the unacceptable tactics employed by the left in their protests against the Government across the last week, and examines the frightening pattern of brutish behaviour which is emerging:

The recent spate of attacks on women at University Campuses by a group of Left-wing activists has provided us all with a glimpse of their mindset. They mistakenly believe that these incidents are acceptable in our community. These actions are an unnerving indication of the willingness of a new generation of socialist activists to cross lines of common decency which had previously remained untraversed.

Scenes of the minister for Foreign Affairs, the Hon. Julie Bishop MP, being assaulted by a group of students at the University of Sydney on the 16th May are concerning as an isolated event. More concerning is the assault of former Federal MP Sophie Mirabella at the University of Melbourne on the 19th May, indicating that a pattern of this type of brutish behaviour may be developing.

Most Australians do not consider this type of behaviour to be normal. It is as though these people never learned principles of common decency or courtesy. When in our history has it been acceptable to assault anyone, male or female, politician or otherwise? Everyday Australians do not identify with this behaviour.

The same left-wing activists who assaulted Julie Bishop have appeared in youtube footage, shot on the same day as the assault.  The footage shows a rally where several people address the crowd, one crying  ‘how dare they come on to this campus today!’ The argument that Government Ministers should avoid Universities because some students may be upset is absolutely absurd. Understandably, when the gravy train leaves the station, those left behind are going to be unhappy. This does not discount the act that regardless of their political views, citizens deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Continue reading

The Left’s War On Women: It’s Not Ok

1532132_10152012329686853_2699105403218164199_aViolence against women is never acceptable, writes Anneliese Franklin in condemning the attacks on Julie Bishop and Sophie Mirabella:

Campus violence is, and has always been, unacceptable.  With the flourishing of campaigns such as the White Ribbon Pledge, opposition to violence against women, domestic violence and sexual violence is at a crescendo in our public arena. As a society we understand that to attack anyone is utterly repugnant behavior, and to attack women is an unacceptable perpetuation of hundreds of years of exploitation and harassment.  There is no excuse.  None.  This should cross all political allegiances and boundaries.

It was against this background that the “tolerant” Political Left, in this case the Socialist Alliance, the Education Action Group and Greens members, revealed their true hypocritical nature on Friday. Angered by the recent budget, they greeted Foreign Minister Julie Bishop with mobbing, violent shoves, and a heavy physical blockade at Sydney University.

Not satisfied with one ferocious assault, student socialists set their sights on Public Policy Fellow and former Liberal Party MP Sophie Mirabella on Monday, interrupting her lecture at Melbourne University with megaphones, shrieks and physical intimidation.  Staff were forced to suspend the seminar while police fought to safely escort Ms Mirabella out of the crush. Continue reading

Violence Against Women: Socialists Say Yes

BREAKING: In a staggering display of misogyny, left wing protesters at the University of Sydney physically attacked Julie Bishop earlier today, the minister narrowly escaping serious physical harm by the quick-response of her security detail.

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 10.20.34 PM

Sydney University Students’ Representative Council Education Officer, Ridah Hassan and National Union of Students NSW Education Officer Chloe Rafferty appeared to take credit for the attack. Unconfirmed reports further state that Tom Raue, a member of the Greens and Vice-President of the University of Sydney Student Union, was also heavily involved in the incident.

The Sydney University Student Union, SRC and the National Union of Students are supported financially through the compulsory student unionism introduced by the previous Labor Government.

The attack was allegedly over the Coalition’s plans to deregulate our tertiary education sector.

UPDATE: A facebook group expressing disgust at this behaviour has been formed – Violence Against Women: Uni Students Say No. I strongly encourage everyone to join.

UPDATE 2: The Australian Liberal Students’ Federation has released this statement.

UPDATE 3:  A campaign has been started to make the perpretuartors of this vile act responsible for their actions: Take part here

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Trudeau: It’s My Party And I’ll Shut You Up If I Want To

FrontOne of the often reviled features of the campus left, across the planet, is the way in which anyone who dares to argue a different viewpoint is shouted down, sometimes threatened, occasionally harmed physically, or, on rare occasions, have their lives threatened.

Thankfully, the vast majority of those campus ferals often grow out of their totalitarian proclivities, if not their socialist ways, and develop the ability to string three words together in a voice which cannot be heard in two separate cities at once without technological assistance.

Those who tended not to grow out of their authoritarian attitudes end up joining parties of the ultra left, such as the Australian Greens or the Canadian New Democrats.

Now, there’s a new voice on the ultra left, shutting down dissent, a wolf dressed in sheeps’ clothing, looking to dine out on freedom of speech, thought and conscience.

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