Fighting an Unwinnable ‘War’

Kerrod Gream On Tuesday, Tony Abbott made a public statement in relation to the war on drugs saying “We are ensuring that the war on drugs is fought as fiercely as we humanly can. It’s not a war we will ever finally win. The war on drugs is a war you can lose – you may not ever win it, but you’ve always got to fight it.” But didn’t think to question as to why we have to fight this war on drugs.

The war on drugs claims many victims, through abuse and overuse, as well as locking people up for non-violent crimes. Prohibition causes more problems than the reason behind the prohibition. We should be asking why we’re stopping people making decisions for themselves, is it to protect them from themselves? If it’s the latter then we have to ask how locking them up and ruining any future career prospects for non-violent crimes helps the individuals.

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Tax Freedom Day

Happy Tax Freedom Day! That’s right, whatever you earn from here on in is all yours*!

So just how many days do you have to work to pay your income taxes?

*Note…we’re never really free from taxation you will always have 10% GST and other govt fees and charges to pay.

Taxable Income                               Tax Freedom Day

(Includes Medicare Levy)

$80,000                                           86 days or 28 March 2014

$180,000                                         116 days or 27 April 2014

Under the increased Medicare Levy (1.5% + 0.5% NDIS) + PM Abbott’s proposed “Deficit Levy (Tax)” of 1% ($80,000 Plus) to 2% ($180,000 Plus) you’ll have to work a few days more for uncle Joe.

Taxable Income                               Tax Freedom Day

(Includes ALL new Levies)

$80,000                                           91 days or 2 April 2014

$180,000                                         125 days or 6 May 2014



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Tasmanian Governor Underwood must go today!

peterTasmanian Governor Peter Underwood is an utter  disgrace to the office he holds. His personal views about war are fine, if he keeps them personal and does not spray them from the pulpit during an ANZAC Day Dawn Service.

Such an insensitive and cruel delivery on a day of remembrance for those who gave their lives for this nation can only be appeased by his immediate resignation. Underwood has foolishly chosen the wrong time to advance his personal ideology.

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Swimming Pools: Our Children in Danger

In the United States in the period of 2005-2009 there were recorded deaths of 3,533 innocent people in non-boat related unintentional drownings.

Drownings accounted for more than 3,000 deaths between 2005-2009.

There are over 10 million private swimming pools in the United States, that’s roughly one swimming pool for every 35 people! Private swimming pools are often maintained by irresponsible owners, many of whom have small children or entertain guests who are small children, which would explain why a disproportionate number of pool drowning deaths are that of innocent children. Minorities are also at a higher risk of death from drowning in pools, with the CDC recording that the drowning death of a 5-14 year old African American child is three times as likely as that of a white child.

How can such a travesty occur in a modern, developed country like the United States? The answer is the swimming pool culture and lobby.

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The Slow Death of Free Speech

In trawling through the intertubes as I do, I came across an article written by Mark Steyn in The Spectator. Like the Brendan O’Neil article that I shared yesterday, it is a topical article that goes on the attack with regards to modern approaches to Freedom of Speech.

“I heard a lot of that kind of talk during my battles with the Canadian ‘human rights’ commissions a few years ago: of course, we all believe in free speech, but it’s a question of how you ‘strike the balance’, where you ‘draw the line’… which all sounds terribly reasonable and Canadian, and apparently Australian, too. But in reality the point of free speech is for the stuff that’s over the line, and strikingly unbalanced. If free speech is only for polite persons of mild temperament within government-policed parameters, it isn’t free at all. So screw that.”

Full story via The Spectator

Putin’s Persistence: The Ukrainian Crisis

Almost two months into the Ukrainian Crisis, and a diplomatic stalemate has ensued. Neither side wants to back down, and both want to return to normalised relations. Russia has gotten away with violating Ukraine’s sovereignty once, and is gearing up to do it again. Though will the West appease Russia’s whims? Can further escalation be avoided?

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The Future of The Lion’s Den

The bloody Syrian Civil War has raged for over 3 years, and as it creeps on and on it is becoming more and more plausible that Bashar al-Assad will prevail. However, and this may be a bit controversial, it is quite possible that this could be the best result.


A current map detailing the ownership of Syria by various groups, via The Economist


Despite the fact that Bashar al-Assad rules Syria as an autocrat, compared to how Ba’athist dictators go, such as his father, and the likes of Saddam Hussein, as well as Middle Eastern governments as a whole, al-Assad’s rule has been one of the less brutal and repressive, though it is a shame that that quality is cause for praise.

Originally pursuing a life of ophthalmology, Bashar al-Assad was never interested in political or military affairs, and it was only through the untimely death of his elder brother that the younger al-Assad was made heir apparent by his father. In the six and a half years prior to Hafez al-Assad’s death in 2000, Bashar was put through the military academy at Homs and rose through the ranks very quickly, while older officers who might pose a threat to the transference of power were pushed into retirement, and other officers loyal to the Assad family were promoted to ensure stability within the armed forces.

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The Endangered Political Species

I’ve always been a great admirer of Senator George Brandis QC, having had the privilege of meeting him on a number of occassions and hearing a lecture he delivered at the University of Queensland last year (my notes of which are lost somewhere in the confusing mess of terror that is My Documents), and it fills me with such hope that we have politicians, and more importantly an Attorney-General, like Sen. Brandis who stand ready to take on the media, the Leftists, nanny-staters, and even those from within the ranks of the Coalition, in order to deliver enhanced Freedom of Speech to all Australians.

This admiration of Sen. Brandis meant that I was captivated by an article written by none other than Brendan O’Neil, of which some of you may or may not have already read. I highly recommend it, just in the first paragraph I was hooked:

“Ever since Captain Cook set foot here, Australia’s exotic creatures have wowed the rest of the world. Mammals that lay eggs! Marsupials that hop! Well today, Australia contains what must surely count as the most exotic, rarely sighted creature of the twenty-first century: a politician who believes in freedom of speech. Extinct in Europe, seriously endangered in America, this most hunted of the modern era’s political beasts still survives Down Under, and it goes by the name of George Brandis.”

It’s a great piece about a very important issue, so follow the link provided and give it a read.

Courtesy of all Labor voters—thanks a lot!

brokeWe were warned for years about Labor’s profligacy but the lies and spin from Rudd, Gillard, Swan and indeed any Labor figure that fronted the media have now come home to roost—reality can no longer be avoided.
All but the “I’ll vote Labor forever ‘cause me dad did” crowd feared what a change of government would discover when they were handed the keys to the national vault. So bad is the situation that few could have imagined the extent of a financial carnage that has still not been fully determined.
Nevertheless, a travesty it is, and any political party incompetent enough to cause such fiscal wound to the nation should be stripped of all assets and deregistered lest they ever get their hands on the levers of power again.
This article in  The Australian makes a fitting headstone on the grave of a social scourge that must never be repeated—ever again!

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Graph: Reagan’s Recovery vs. Obama’s “Recovery”

It’s almost like conservative economic policies do in fact work.

Via IJReview

reaganvsobamaConsider these three important comparisons of economic indicators, then and now:

– Unemployment was at 10.8% versus 7.7%

– Inflation (Consumer Price Index) was at 13.5% versus 2.7%

– Interest rates (prime rate) was at 21.5% versus 3.25%

In other words, Reagan inherited a bigger mess than Obama.


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