30 cents of every dollar raised by UNICEF is kept for themselves


Their “goals” may be “noble” but,
like all UN run bodies, UNICEF like to keep as much of the cash contributions for

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Halloween is an important event for
the United Nations Children's Fund, or UNICEF, as hundreds of thousands of
trick-or-treaters go house-to-house asking for pennies or dollars to help the
world’s needy children. But according to the U.N. Board of Auditors, which
monitors the organization’s finances, the cost of funneling such private sector
money through UNICEF’s national committees to the global organization is
getting so expensive that it merits special notice.

A report by the auditors that was
published last June, but won’t be considered by UNICEF’s supervisory executive
board until next year, highlights the fact that those national committees last
year kept an average of 29 percent of overall private sector
 contributions for themselves, either as expenses or as stockpiled cash.

In all, more than $341 million in
donations was held back by administrators in 2012, and more than $2.39 billion
over the period from 2006 to 2012, amounts that the auditors dryly labeled as



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Thanks to capitalism, globalisation, technology and a reduced tolerance for violence, humanity has never had it so good

Just watch all the Ecotards and
Pinko’s go berserk…

Via the
(read the whole article)


…We are also far less likely to die
from the side-effects of economic development and the burning of cooking and
heating fuels. In 1900, one person in 550 globally would die from air pollution
every year, an annual risk of dying of 0.18pc. Today, that risk has fallen to
0.04 pc, or one in 2,500; by 2050, it is expected to have collapsed to 0.02pc,
or one in 5,000. Many other kinds of pollution are also in decline, of course,
but this shift is the most powerful.

Besides, the
Earth really is a tough SOB



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FMD: Prince Charles blames the Syrian civil war on Global Warming


What a great way to appease the Syrian
Islamists…blame AGW
for their ruthless war…



The Prince of Wales used his keynote speech at the 9th World Islamic
Economic Forum in London this evening to warn of the political and economic
dangers of climate change, and used Syria as a "terrifyingly graphic"
example of the adverse effects of climate change on vulnerable populations.

Opening the forum, Prince Charles said drought, poor food security and
rapid urbanisation contributed to the social tension that ignited into the 2011

"The tragic conflict in Syria provides a terrifyingly graphic example,
where a severe drought for the last seven years has decimated Syria's rural
economy. Driving many farmers off their fields and into cities where, already,
food was in short supply.

"This depletion of natural capital, inexplicably, little reported in
the media, was a significant contributor to the social tension that exploded with
such desperate results."

Okay Chuck, you’ve had enough of the Global Warming kool-aid.

Thanks to Rosie for the link.


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Labor’s Climate Change Authority wants to put Australia out of business sooner

The sooner this mob are shown the
door the better.

Via the


The Climate Change Authority has recommended a major increase in the
national emissions reduction target for the rest of the decade.

The independent body recommends, in
a draft report released this morning, that Australia deepen its target to up to
15 per cent by 2020.



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Two puppies rescued after nearly being used as living firebombs by Muslim Brotherhood


The Muslim
is a bunch of low life Charlie Uniform November Tango’s


Via Israel
National News


Two puppies from Egypt were rescued
just moments before they were to be used by the Muslim Brotherhood in their
protests as "puppy bombs" dipped in gasoline and set on fire.

The revelation about the
Brotherhood's cruel tactic used two weeks ago at Tahrir Square during
demonstrations against the ouster of President Mohamed Morsi's was made known
by Robyn Urman, a pet rescuer in Tenafly, New Jersey, as reported by CBS



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Poll: 42% of Americans identify with the “extremist, racist etc” Tea Party, 42% with Obama…

Via Rasmussen


Voters are evenly divided when
asked whether they agree more politically with President Obama or with the
average member of the Tea Party. But an enormous partisan gap colors virtually
all opinions of the Tea Party.

A new Rasmussen Reports national
telephone survey finds that 42% of Likely U.S. Voters think the president’s
views are closest to their own when it comes to the major issues facing the
country. But just as many (42%) say their views come closest to those of the
average Tea Party member instead. Sixteen per cent (16%) are not sure. (To see
survey question wording, click here.)



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Hamas Orders: Shoot Protesters ‘In the Head’

Islam’s latest contributions to

Via Israel
National News


Hamas has reportedly issued orders
to shoot any opposition protesters in the head.

Sources in the Palestinian
Authority told the Palestine Press news agency on Saturday
that the Interior Minister in Hamas’s government in Gaza, Fathi Hamad, has
instructed security forces to be tough on any anti-Hamas demonstrator who
will take part in a campaign by the opposition scheduled to begin on
November 11.

Waiting for the Greens
to complain in 3, 2, 1…



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