The Nazis are back—sieg heil!


by William Weintraube 

Yes, there is an insidious Nazi influence at the very
highest levels of the Coalition and, praise be to God, we can thank the
Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) for this timely
disclosure in their newsletter.

Woe betide anybody who questions a newsletter with the title
of “Hardhat Express”- obviously it
tells it the way it is. 

The Union’s latest newsletter has reminded the world that
Liberal Senator leader Eric Abetz had a great uncle Otto Abetz who was a
leading Nazi – Hitler’s Ambassador to France no less.

Connecting the dots in an thoughtful, insightful and calmly
measured article, the Union’s attack on the alleged horrors of the Coalition’s
industrial relations policy, members have been reminded that, “He (Hitler) wanted to smash the unions too.”

Well, yes Otto was Eric’s great uncle – something that has
never been denied by Eric.  Senator
Abetz has claimed that he never ever met Otto. For the record, Senator Abetz
made no response to the Union’s revelation; probably shamed into silence I
don’t doubt.

However, we only have the Senator’s word that he never met
his infamous relative. Otto Abetz died in a car crash on 5 May, 1958 in
Germany; Eric was born in Germany on 25 January, 1958. Perhaps, just perhaps,
Otto cradled baby Eric in his arms and whispered, “Go to Australia mein liebes kind and smash the unions.”

The CFMEU newsletter didn’t just reveal Senator Abetz’
sinister inspiration, it also let the world know that Coalition industry
spokeswoman Sophie Mirabella had a past relationship WITH AN OLDER MAN! Oh, the
shame, the disgrace! It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Ms Mirrabella’s former
gentleman companion was himself a Nazi. The CFMEU should do some serious
investigative reporting into this potential bombshell. And, while in such investigative mood, examine and expose the
pedigrees and benefits to mankind of their members, past and present – John Maitland as a starting point.

The US lawyer and writer Mike Godwin back in 1990 announced
his “Law of Nazi Analogies” and it
has since made it into the Oxford English Dictionary.

Basically, Godwin’s law applies especially to inappropriate,
inordinate or hyperbolic comparisons to situations or opponents as Nazis – in
other words, playing the Hitler card.

Godwin showed via many examples that the longer and more
acrimonious a debate becomes or when somebody is reduced to trying to belittle
opponents, the so-called killer argument is just to compare them to Hitler, one
of his gang, or the whole Nazi Party for good measure.

Anti-Catholic zealots had a fine old time when German
prelate Joseph Ratzinger became Pope Benedict XV1 in 2005 “revealing” his
disgraceful Nazi past.

You see, young Joseph was drafted into the Hitler Youth in
1941 on his 14th birthday – not his idea; it was the law. Later he
served in an anti-aircraft battery. And despite the fact that his family
loathed the Nazis and that a cousin his age with Down Syndrome was taken away
and murdered by the Nazis because of his disability, we had a Nazi Pope!

If you think that the CFMEU can’t be beaten on accusing
people of being a Nazi or under the influence, then you should think again.

The religious right in the USA beats them hands down.

There is a wonderful website called “nowtheendbegins” which, among other dire predictions and Bible-based
revelations blows the lid on why President Obama and Hitler are so
frighteningly similar.

There is a long list of chilling comparisons. The first four
in order – both held outdoor rallies, both had ghost-written autobiographies
prior to coming to office, both had original last names changed (from Schicklgruber  in Hitler’s case and Soetoro in Obama’s
case) and – my personal favourite – both concealed their real identities as
Hitler was Jewish and Obama is Muslim.

The list goes on and each comparison reveals more and more
of The Truth!

Commenting on the Union’s Abetz outburst, the
Australia/Israel and Jewish Affairs Council sadly noted that this sort of
nonsense trivialised the events of World War 11 and debased politics. They
considered the Union’s comments as “false,
inappropriate and offensive.”

If the CFMEU wants to put the Jewish lobby in its place,
they could do no better than appropriate the riposte by the English tart Mandy
Rice-Davies at the centre of the Profumo scandal in the early 1960s.

It was put to her by counsel for Lord Astor that he, the
noble Lord, had claimed he hadn’t even met her let alone had intimate
relations. She replied, “He would say
that, wouldn’t he.”

Heath Aston – Fairfax hack extraordinaire

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