“Agenda 21 – Environmentalism vs Private Property”.

The upcoming Round Table forum will be – "Agenda 21 – Environmentalism vs Private Property". This will be held in the Jubilee Room at NSW Parliament House, MacQuarie Street, Sydney on Tuesday March 19th at 6pm.  Donations are welcome (suggested donation $10 on the night).   Please book early.

              Professor Gillian Triggs
President of the Australian Human Rights Commission

             Dr. Amy McGrath OAM PhD
Editor/Compiler "Wolves in Sheep's Clothing "

           Professor David Kinley
Sydney Law School  – International Law
Mr. Peter Brun H.S. Chapman Society

More info and booking:http://agenda21-eorgf.eventbrite.com.au/

All in the family for Thomson

Well, who would have thought? Women's Weekly conveniently forgets to mention one small detail in this piece defending the Prime Minister as the victim of sexism. If Thomson's wife can't support him - apart from Gillard - who would? GC.Ed.

The author is in fact the wife of Craig Thompson, elected as a Labor MP and protected for years by Gillard from allegations of ripping off $400,000 from his former union.  She is also a former adviser to a NSW Labor Minister.

Read more:http://blogs.news.com.au/heraldsun/andrewbolt/index.php/heraldsun/comments/what


‘Behaviour’ rules vilify asylum seekers – says Broadbent

Victorian Liberal backbencher Russell Broadbent showed great intellect when referring to the charging of a Sri Lankan assylum seeker who allegedly indecently assaulted a young lady in a university dorm.

Broadbent: The rule of law should apply to all and we should not set some people apart.

Had the "the rule of law" been properly applied in the first place it is unlikely that assault would have happened. GC.Ed.

A Liberal backbencher has accused his party of ''vilifying'' asylum seekers after the Coalition immigration spokesman, Scott Morrison, called for ''behaviour protocols'' for those released into the community.
Mr Morrison also said there should be mandatory notification of asylum seekers to local police and residents in the areas where they are housed.

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Pell critical of Pope as he bids farewell

It could be said of Cardinal George Pell that he speaks his mind. It could also be said that he lacks diplomacy. If the Cardinal ever read Dale Carnegie's book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, he failed to understand it.

Pope George? Just doesn't sound right! GC.Ed.

ROME: A frail Pope Benedict made his public farewell to the world's Catholics on Wednesday morning, hours after one of his closest allies – Sydney Archbishop George Pell – criticised his decision to resign and said the church needed a stronger leader.

Read more:http://www.smh.com.au/national/pell-critical-of-pope-as-he-bids-farewell-20130227-2f6d6.html#ixzz2M8huISoy

Thousands of tonnes of peaches to rot on ground

The fate of the Australian farmer draws near, will the last one out, please turn off the lights? This is called fair trade! GC.Ed.

A near-perfect growing season has produced a high-quality crop of canning peaches in the Goulburn Valley this year.

But sadly for growers, the Australian dollar and cheaper imported products have forced the local cannery to cut its intake of fruit again.

That means thousands of tonnes of peaches are likely to rot on the ground.

Read more:http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-02-27/tonnes-of-peaches-left-to-rot-on-ground/4543636

High Court dismisses appeal over letters to dead soldiers’ families

A man charged with sending offensive letters to the families of Australian soldiers who died in Afghanistan has lost a High Court challenge to the charges.

Man Haron Monis appealed to the High Court after being charged with using the postal service to send the letters.

The letters opened with condolences but went on to criticise Australia's involvement in Afghanistan and condemn those who died.

read more:http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-02-27/high-court-decision/4542482

Christopher Monckton fires the first shot

Jo Nova points out that Monckton's allegations of professional fraud must be investigated by the University of Tasmania. Should Monckton be successful perhaps the IPCC will be receiving a similar letter? Some people have a lot to answer for and a lot of people will be scurrying like cockroaches under a skirting board. GC.Ed.

Christopher Monckton has written to Professor Peter Rathjen, Vice-Chancellor, University of Tasmania to point out that one Tony Press has committed “serious professional and academic misconduct and scientific fraud, contrary to Australian Standard AS 8001 as amended by the relevant policy adopted by your university.”

Monckton is calling upon the University of Tasmania to investigate, as it must when allegations of fraud are made.

Campaign For Cheaper Books

226034_10151204468093653_1975964193_nThe Australian Liberal Students' Federation has launched a laudable new campaign for cheaper books through removing outdated bans on paralell imports:

So begins another University year, the time of year
where students from all academic areas dig deep into their pockets to
purchase their course readers and textbooks.

Academic and reference books in Australia are
shockingly expensive; there is a reason for this. The biggest sleeper
issue facing Australia’s book industry is its current Parallel Import
Restriction regime. This is why the Australian Liberal Students' Federation
(ALSF) have launched the Cheaper Books

Parallel Import Restrictions (PIRs) prohibit the
importation of wholesale quantities of books
if territorial copyright is held in Australia. Put simply it is a copyright
protection that restricts
importation of cheaper books printed overseas.

In its current form PIRs mean that publishers can
charge more for books as they are not
subject to competition. Because Australian publishers are protected from the
world market,
it means that competition is diminished, which results in consumers paying more

As a university student, the cost of text books each
year in outrageous. Parallel Import
Restrictions discriminate largely against students, as university bookstores
are not able to
source cheaper versions of local editions from overseas, adding up to 30% to
the cost of
text books for all students. With the introduction of more student taxes such
as the Student
Services and Amenities fee, the cost of going to university is leading to a
much higher rate
of student poverty. This is why I have taken a stand along with the ALSF to
create Cheaper Books Now, a project
that aims to campaign and lobby government to abolish PIRs on books.

The ALSF have a history of running strong campaigns,
successfully lobbying for the introduction of Voluntary Student Unionism in 2005.
It is hoped we can achieve that same level of success with this very important

The Australian Liberal Students Federation (ALSF) have
launched the Cheaper Books
campaign, which aims to lobby government on behalf of Students,
Retailers and the Australian people to abolish Parallel Import Restrictions on
Books in Australia, which would lower the price of books across the country.

The ALSF have a strong history of policy change, having
successfully campaigned for the introduction of Voluntary Student Unionism in

ALSF President Christian Street says “It’s outright
disgraceful this day and age that the multinational corporations that run
Australian publishing houses are profiting off this protectionist royalty
scheme, at the expense of students. Students are really feeling the pinch at
the start of the University Year, and student poverty is on the rise. It’s just
not right that this policy is still in place even when we’ve got a Productivity
Commission Report (2009) recommending PIRs be abolished”. Mr. Street has
encouraged people to sign the petition at www.cheaperbooksnow.com.au “Australian Bookstores and retailers are struggling,
the time for policy change is now, and we will make it happen.”

The Australian Government Productivity Commission
released in 2009 concluded, that import restrictions place upward pressure on
book prices and that the price effect is substantial, particularly for academic
and reference books.

Most of those that are profiting are multinational
corporations with Australian subsidiaries,
which choose to invest in our market because there is this protectionist
royalty scheme to
make a profit from. These corporations use the protected Australian market to
segment themselves from the world market, gauging royalties that could be
passed onto

In 1998 PIRs were removed in New Zealand. This only
resulted in a modest decline in
printing industry jobs, at a much slower rate than experienced in Australia
while keeping
PIRs. Most significantly, the scare mongering by publishers was proved to be
as there has been no decline in the number of titles published by local authors,
and no
changes in employment in the publishing industry.

It is time for us to stop propping up Australian
publishing houses and multinational
corporations under this protectionist royalty scheme, they are the only
beneficiaries of
parallel import restrictions amongst many losers, including Bookstores,
retailers and
consumers (including students).

There has never been a greater need to abolish
parallel import restrictions; it is one of
those policies where you look at the detail and think, why hasn’t this been
done yet?
Australian consumers want to support local bookstores, but you can’t exactly
blame them
for shopping online to get the same book for half price?

Students deserve better – Sign the Petition now at www.cheaperbooksnow.com.au

Evan Mulholland is a 23
year-old-student at La Trobe University and is

President of the La Trobe
University Liberal Club and the Campaign Director of Cheaper Books Now.


Abbott’s Right-Hand Man

Abetz RathChris Rath praises the character of Senator The Hon. Eric Abetz: 

In the political world there will always be the purists and
the pragmatists, the idealists and the realists, the ideologues and the
ambitious. Nobody better straddles this divide in the Liberal Party than
Senator the Hon Eric Abetz. Libertarians and conservatives alike should feel at
ease that the next Leader of the Government in the Senate and one of the most
senior members of the Abbott Cabinet will be one of us. Senator Abetz is a fusionist
(economic liberal/social conservative) and a culture warrior for the right.
Unlike some of his colleagues he did not enter politics for personal glory; his
politics is about fighting for the cause. He leaves the limelight for others,
yet everyday he puts on his armour, travels deep into the jungle of the left,
and fights the gorillas head on, whether they be in the Labor
, the
, the
gay marriage lobby
, the
trade union bosses
, the
or any dangerous
form of 'ism' that threatens Western Civilisation
. However, Abetz is not a
firebrand nor a day dreamer, he is of the belief that it is better to get 80%
of something than 100% of nothing. He is effortlessly both Leader of the
Opposition in the Senate and one of the most conservative members of the Abbott

I was fortunate to meet Senator Abetz in his Hobart office
on the 1st February 2013 where we spent a solid hour over coffee
discussing a myriad of political issues. This was just two days after Gillard
called the election and the day after Thomson was charged with 154
fraud offences
. He was extremely busy, however Abetz has always been
generous with the time he gives to Young Liberals. Abetz came from humble
beginnings and was not born into the Liberal Party establishment or the ‘big
end of town’. He was born in Germany and migrated with his family on an assisted passage to Tasmania where his father
found employment on the Hydro Scheme. No doubt he learnt the virtues of hard
work and initiative whilst working as a part-time
taxi driver and a farm hand alongside studying his Law and Arts Degrees at the
University of Tasmania
. Abetz looks back fondly on his university days
where he took the fight to the socialist left and earned his political stripes.
After university Abetz was a practicing lawyer, however, he made a deliberate
point of telling me that it was not in the corporate sector or government but
instead working directly with individuals and their legal problems, “a good
training ground for a political career” he explained.

Whilst the ALP has strong formalised factions, the Liberal
Party does not. However, Senator Abetz gives the conservative movement within
the Party meaning and direction; he is regarded as the leader of the Federal
Right. When I met with Abet, he proudly recounted the election of Tony Abbott
as leader of the Liberal Party and the rejection of the Emission Trading
Scheme. He reported that some Liberals wanted to jettison all of the policies and
values of the Howard years. This created a “crisis in confidence” in the
Liberal Party and we became a pale imitation of the Labor Party. However, when
I asked him if this was his proudest achievement in politics he was quick to
remind me that politics is about service and not about personal achievement. He
then reminisced on the small ways in which he had helped constituents, such as
assisting an adopted lady track down her birth certificate; she had been
waiting a lifetime.

Senator Abetz’s Christian worldview is that we are all
called to serve, but not necessarily to succeed
. He also answered that his
favourite book is the bible and then explained how there is no such thing as a
neutral or unbiased worldview. At this stage I remembered the time he addressed
the Mainstream
Policy Forum in Sydney
: “that is why when the odd journalist seeks to
introduce me as someone from the religious right, I ask whether opponents will
be classified as being from the godless-Left. Have you noticed – no one ever
has been so introduced. Why? Because the thinking – deficient as it is –
presumes that godless-Left is the neutral and thus a superior position for
public policy making.” It would hardly be an exaggeration to say that Senator
Abetz is the conscience of Australian Conservatism.

Upon leaving Senator Abetz’s office he gave me the guarantee
that an Abbott Government will abolish the carbon tax and mining tax and will
adamantly support free speech, particularly through abolishing 18C of the
Racial Discrimination Act (the Andrew Bolt Clause). He also gave the commitment
that he personally would do everything in his power to protect the institution
of marriage, defend Australia’s constitutional monarchy and advocate for the
abolition of the Student Services Amenities Fee. However, when asked about his
own portfolio area and whether we can expect much needed workplace relations
reform, the pragmatic Abetz surfaces. Abetz proposes cracking down on union
militancy and reinstating the Australian
Building and Construction Commission
, however, he also understands that
radical workplace changes have negative electoral implications. There will be
more freedom and productivity in the workplace under an Abbott-Abetz Government,
but perhaps not as much freedom as us free marketeers would like.   

Overall Senator the Hon. Eric Abetz is a very inspiring and
successful fusionist politician who excels as a warrior within Australia’s
culture war. He is a man of integrity and ambition who looks up to Thatcher and
Reagan for inspiration, but ultimately to Christ before any others. The Abbott
Government will be a reformist and effective conservative Government because
Abbott’s excellent judgment will be further strengthened with the wisdom and
values of people in his cabinet like Senator the Hon Eric Abetz.

Rath has just completed a Bachelor of Economics at the University of Sydney and
has commenced a Masters of Management. He is President of the Throsby Young
Liberal Branch and works as an adviser to a Liberal Parliamentarian.    



James writes about an historical event of centuries ago. It is informative and indicates how President Obama is pushing his leftist agenda. He has created a festering sore among many Americans who refuse to acquiesce. To quote James, This thing is getting nasty. GC.Ed.

The bumbling Obama, and his clueless vice-president, Biden are stumbling around to take arms away from US citizens.

But judging by the reactions of thousands if not tens of thousands of
women joining gun clubs, carrying sidearms, practicing shooting; and
judging from dozens of organisations quite apart from the huge National
Rifle Association who repeat “Molon Labe” and keep referring to
Lexington on April 19th; and judging by the bumper stickers reading
Molon Labe, it will take bigger men than these two to succeed.

Molon Labe? Lexington?

In 480 BC, a Persian Army reported by Herodotus as numbering two million men and marched to enslave Greece.

King Leonidas of Sparta marched with only three hundred men to Thermopylae to stop him.

A Persian envoy arrived. The envoy explained clearly to Leonidas the
futility of attempting to resist the enormous Persian army, and demanded
that the Spartans lay down their arms.

Leonidas laconically replied, “Molon Labe” – “come and take them.”

In 1775, the British Army had orders to disarm American citizens.
Specifically to capture and destroy “military supplies” – muskets –
reported to be stored.

It made sense. The Irish people, for example, had long been disarmed – it was death for an Irishman to own a weapon.


Well, it made military sense.

On April 19, 700 regulars entered Lexington as the sun rose. They thought they had the element of surprise.

As the advance guard entered the village of Lexington, about 80
Lexington militiamen emerged from a tavern and stood in ranks on the
village common watching them.

A British officer rode forward, waving his sword, and called out for the
assembled throng to disperse, and may also have ordered them to “lay
down your arms, you damned rebels!”. The American commander instead told
his men to just disperse. None laid down their arms, repeating the
action of the Spartans.

Someone fired a shot – famously “the shot heard round the world,” the
shot which began the American Revolution and which led directly to the
second amendment of the American constitution that citizens will always
have the right to bear arms.

Ancient and modern history, but as the plaque standing at Thermopylae shows, in the consciousness of American men today.

Women too.

An educated American woman tore pages from the Q’uran which offended
her, explained why, and burnt them. She filmed the whole thing and stuck
it on Utube. Nestled in the crook of her arm is a semi-automatic,
artistically made up in a colour she liked and bore the words – Molon
Labe. Come and take it.

A group of men called the Oath Keepers have the same attitude

Oath Keepers is an American nonprofit organization that advocates that
its members (current and former U.S. military and law enforcement)
disobey any orders that they are given if they believe they violate the
Constitution of the United States.They took an oath to uphold and
protect the constitution when they enlisted and that is their basis for
swearing to refuse any command they believe is unconstitutional.

founder is no dummy. He is a Yale Law School graduate and a former US

They have a pledge – Molon Labe – and list of ten orders they will not obey. Head of the list is this
We will NOT obey any order to disarm the American people.

They explain:

The attempt to disarm the people on April 19, 1775 [Lexington] was the
spark of open conflict in the American Revolution. That vile attempt was
an act of war, … Any such order today would also be an act of war
against the American people, and thus an act of treason.

Amazing how historical events throw long shadows.

It is now reported that an ominous question is being asked of US armed
forces officers is this – would you, if ordered, fire on American

When the Shah of Persia was asked this about Iranian citizens, he said
No, and he was deposed by the demented Ayatollah Khomeni who has no such

This is apparently in the minds of the Oath Keepers and similar.

One sign that has begun to appear on lawns is:

“I’m warning you, Jack,
I’m going to shoot back”

This thing is getting nasty.

Jim McCrudden is a retired lawyer, a scholar of
Dickens, Shakespeare and many others. He lives on the NSW South Coast and has
keen interest in politics.