Happy New Year 2012

On behalf of the Menzies House team, I’d like to wish all our readers and commentators a Happy New Year for 2012. May it be a prosperous year for you and your family.

I want to sincerely thank you – the reader, for choosing to spend a span of your hours with us. It’s hard to express the kind of honour that represents – that you entrust Menzies House with your precious time.

The usual suspects will be back in the year of the Dragon.


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Fuel Poverty and Death – the Real Downside of the AGW Scam

Andys RantAccording to the UK Office of National Statistics, bitterly cold UK weather contributed nearly 26,000 deaths last winter. Also according to the latest official figures there are over 3.9 million UK households in fuel poverty. Fuel poverty is defined as when a household needs to spend 10 per cent or more of its income on maintaining an acceptable level of heating.

Naturally, the risk of fuel poverty generally increases with age. Over half of the 3.9 million households have someone aged 60 or over.

Fuel poverty is such a big problem in the UK that a nationwide appeal is again being run by the Community Foundation Network. The appeals aim is to encourage people to make donations to help older and vulnerable people affected by fuel poverty this winter.

Yet the UK government, just like our own ecotard ALP Green Independent rainbow alliance, is committed under their Climate Change Act to spend $18 billion pounds a year on cutting carbon dioxide emissions.

"To think of people dying of cold in this country because they can't afford enough heating is really distressing.” said Sir Bruce Forsyth who backs the appeal.

That is true Sir Bruce, but what is really distressing is the untold billions being spent to fight an imaginary problem – Anthropogenic Global Warming.

As the BBC’s Michael Buerk noted in his December 28 post – “I would like to hear a clash of informed opinion about what would actually be better if it got warmer as well as worse.”

What I do know is it’s a lot easier to live in a Mediterranean like climate than a bitterly cold one.


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14 Billion Reasons why this Ecotard ALP Green Independent Rainbow Alliance Government has got to Go

The Daily Telegraph has crunched the numbers and the Australian Taxpayer is again the biggest loser.

A staggering net $14 billion has been spent on useless Green and Independent pork programs since inception of the rainbow alliance government.

A clear and present danger to our nation is the continuance of the Ecotard ALP Green Independent rainbow alliance Julia Gillard desperately relies on to hold office.


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Ecocide a crime against peace?

There is a push to have “ecocide” made illegal as a fifth crime against peace. I am at a loss to figure out how harming the environment could be constituted as such, unless you consider nature to be the equivalent of a sovereign nation that the horrible corporate world is waging war against.

Lawyer Polly Higgins likens ecocide to slavery:

To get there, Higgins needs to borrow one more detail from the slavery story: to find a modern Charles Grant willing to stand up among his or her business peers and urge them to support the abolition of ecocide. So who might that be?

The journalist, Juliette Jowit throws out several examples before coming to Richard Branson.

Richard Branson too has a long history of supporting good causes, despite the sometimes startling gap between his business interests (Virgin Atlantic) and professed interests (climate change).

That’s also called hypocrisy. Why does the left continue to love Richard Branson despite this? If they were being consistent, we would hear them question why he puts his business interests over a cause he claims to really care for.

Upon coming across such green craziness, a few quick links led me to even crazier green realms.

via climatenonconformist.wordpress.com

Hit the link to keep reading, the madness gets even worse…

Reflections on Durban

image from www.wireless77.com

Geoff Croker gives us his take on the Durban Climate Change Conference:

“Massively historic”.

“Delusional” best describes the Durban Climate Summit delegates, and its results. Predictable, were the sworn spin-doctors pushing a propaganda cart filled with buzzwords, promises and fantasies.

Climate Change Minister Greg Combet, with pallid cheeks flushed with joy, called the outcome a massively historic step that has not been achieved before.” He then bewildered a global audience with: “For the first time we have stood up in the United Nations forum and our major trading partners, the US, China and Japan and Korea and India and many others have all stood up and said ‘yes, we’ll be part of a new deal’.”

Still high on gabfest jubilation-juice the minister blurted,One thing is absolutely clear, nobody can sustain an argument that Australia is out there alone in the world tackling climate change. Every single country in the world has committed to an agreement to take effect from 2020.”

Absolute twaddle! “Every single country” has not “committed!” Major countries like Canada, Russia, China, Japan, India and the US are far from “committed.” Also, most “commitments” are conditional and not applicable for decades.

Were Mr. Combet not programmed to spruik party line and UN lies he might privately believe those “massively historic” achievements may serve as rough toilet paper on a spike in an Oodnadatta dunny. Meanwhile, Australia leads the way as a confused orphan, a hapless victim of a Gillard/Green’s “roadmap” to nowhere.

Mr. Combet ignores that previous climate summits, including the inaugural Copenhagen flop, have ended in tears as countries do the sums that total deepening poverty or budget breaking expenditure predicated on uncertainty, especially with conflicting reports from sceptics and scandalous, IPCC report-doctoring by leading climate scientists.

Another, preaching from the summit propaganda memo was Grenadian Ambassador Dessima Williams. She leads the charge for 42 island nations who believe their homes will be flooded, all with their hands outstretched for a slice of the $100 billion fund. “Historic is the word,” she said. “The idea that we got everybody to agree to take some form of legal commitment is a major outcome.” This comes from group hypnosis.

Identical words and phrases used by delegates, ALL of them Warmistas, have me wondering what happens at those meetings. Immediate to mind is Alice B. Toklas’ famous tea parties at which her hashish-laced brownies launched all to euphoria. But, the delegates’ intoxication for the unattainable will only mimic the feeble buzz of a middy of half strength beer. Upon return to their electorates in the real world, avowed oaths are quickly forgotten. Durban’s make-believe will be no different.

The Durban agreement includes Kyoto Protocol II, Kyoto I lapses next year. Swept under the carpet was Canada’s decision to withdraw from Kyoto as will several other nations. At this stage the only nations to “commit” is the 27-nation European Union who collectively produce less than 20% of global emissions. Except Australia, who will lead the world, like the lone piper squawking off-key from the ramparts of Normandy. Nobody is listening.
The conference, desperate for support, again set rules for a green climate fund amounting to $100 billion to help poorer countries clean up their act. It’s really wealth redistribution and we’ve seen this nonsense before; it’s a windfall for despotic dictators who spend up on palace extensions, lavish parties, more Rolls Royce limos, and bulging, Swiss bank accounts. Only $1billion has been collected so far—probably Australia’s down payment.
Beyond a sympathetic press and ebullient politicians, surprises do break. Friends of the Earth Climate Justice, Coordinator Sarah-Jayne Clifton said. “Led by the US, developed nations have reneged on their promises, weakened the rules on climate action and strengthened those that allow their corporations to profit from the climate crisis.”

In rebirthed détente, French foreign ministry spokesperson Bernard Valero described the conference as a roadmap, an “important compromise.” Their journey to 2015 when the agreement is supposed to be approved will be a rough trip and by operational date of 2020 that “historic roadmap” will be a tattered parchment fraught with burned bridges and potholes that fizzle in a cul-de-sac.

Such political chatter is code for, “shove it on the back burner mes amis, we’ve got more to worry about, like Europe going down the gurgler sooner than we think.”

According to some lawyers, the Durban deal is nothing more than a voluntary arrangement that’s been postponed until 2020. By 2020, many of the Durban delegates will be retired, voted out of office, change of portfolio, or will have committed suicide because climate cooling became an embarrassing reality. Climate summits are sisyphean folly.

Nevertheless, the world will watch as the Gillard/Brown government leads the way. And, what for? To placate the Greens and hang on to power that according to polls is surely short lived.

Geoff Croker has 30 years expirience writing for publications both in Australia and abroad. 

US Government Spends $1.4 Billion On Whether Prayer Can Cure AIDS, Coffee Enemas Can Sure Cancer, And Inhaling Lemon Can Heal Wounds

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that the federal government has spent almost a billion and a half dollars to explore politically popular but scientifically dubious claims such as $666,000 to determine if distant prayer could heal AIDS. It didn’t. I would be interested in how this was tested. I cannot get the image of Lyn Cassady praying at a goat in a secret military lab.

We have followed tragic cases where prayer was advocated as a better avenue than medication for AIDS and other ailments. However, that did not stop the funding of research into the question by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), part of the National Institutes of Health. NCCAM also spent $374,000 to determine whether inhaling lemon and lavender scents can heal wounds. It couldn’t.

via jonathanturley.org

Staying in power costs lots of green for Julia Gillard and Labor

THE Labor government's tenuous hold on power has already cost taxpayers almost $15 billion.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard spent $65 for every Australian in order to keep the Greens and independents happy – and her party in government – all while facing global financial turmoil and a wafer-thin budget surplus.

An analysis shows the pork-barrelling extended beyond deals struck after the election, with Labor forced to extinguish political spot fires and buy votes for controversial policies such as the carbon and mining taxes.

via www.dailytelegraph.com.au

The Top US Political Stories of 2011


Menzies House U.S. Politics Editor Amir Iljazi discusses the major political stories that took place in the US during 2011.

2011 is nearing an end, and I thought it would be great to share some the major political stories that took place here in the United States. I have written on several of these, so certainly there is some familiar ground covered here. Enjoy!

Images-4Weiner Gets Busted

The bombastic New York Congressman, best know for his fiery and impassioned attitude delivering the liberal talking points anywhere he can get coverage (even rough territory if need be) found himself… overexposed earlier this year. After sending some risqué photos of himself to several different women, Weiner became a punch line so fast that the late night comedy show writers couldn’t get a raise fast enough. After several weeks of laughs, and intense pressure from major Democratic figures, Weiner had no choice but to resign.

ImagesTrump vs. Obama 

The ‘battle’ that could have been? That’s how some may frame it looking back, but it certainly was a headline stealer for a few weeks in the late Spring as America’s loudest CEO began to level some heavy criticism against President Obama while at the same time not only boasting about his own interest in the White House… but also becoming the most well-known ‘birther’ in the world as he repeatedly questioned the validity of President Obama’s citizenship. The feud was short-lived as President Obama ultimately released his birth certificate (again) and publicly lambasted Trump while he was in the audience at the 2011 White House Correspondence Dinner.

Images-5White House Scandals (Solyndra and Fast & Furious)

The Obama 2008 Campaign was regarded as one of the most disciplined campaigns in recent memory, earning the nickname “No Drama Obama” and many felt that would translate once the President and his team took over in DC. Things have not been so smooth however, and this year two important stories have shown that there is definitely some ‘drama’ in the Obama White House. Solyndra (the solar energy company that received a preferential loan secured by the Energy Department only to go bankrupt shortly after) and the Fast & Furious operation (where the ATF essentially lost US arms during a gun smuggling sting aimed at Mexican drug cartels) have really shown how undisciplined the Obama Administration is. Solyndra reeks of arrogance and Fast & Furious reeks of incompetence. Obama hasn’t been hurt too much by either situation, but they are both just more examples of the kind of ‘change’ President Obama has failed to deliver.

Images-6Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

In the early part of 2011, fresh off of victories in the 2010 elections, many newly elected GOP Governors began to assert their influence by attempting to bring in major reforms to how their respective states were doing business and address the problems they faced economically. No Governor in the country showed more courage and conviction than Scott Walker of Wisconsin. Against a firestorm of criticism from every major Democrat force in the country (left-leaning Media outlets; Big Unions; even the White House) he stood his ground to pass major budget reforms and a bill that would cripple the egregious power that the public sector unions held in the state. After cowardly sore-loser Democratic state representatives fled the state, he remained undaunted and held true to his promise to ensure that this law would take effect. The cowardly Democrats returned, the bill was passed, and Governor Walker’s reforms have already had a positive effect on the state.

Images-7Debt Ceiling Debate

Much of the entire summer of 2010 for Congress was spent dealing with the “Debt Ceiling” and how to proceed on extending the nations credit line and the debate literally reached a peak level when a deadline was looming and the country was faced with the threat of a downgrading. The debate (like many since the GOP retook the House in 2010) was mainly focused on taxes and insistence from Democrats and the President that tax increases be a part of the deal. The “balanced approach” that was a sham from the beginning was tabled along with the idea that President Obama had any interest in long-term deficit reduction; the GOP won; and the media lashed out at Grover Norquist (who would become the newest ‘boogeyman’ for left and their allies in the media)… all while what went underreported was the real story: For the first time, spending cuts were tied to a debt limit increase.

Images-1Gabrielle Giffords Shooting

Just a week into 2011, Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was the victim of a deranged and obsessed gunman who attempted to assassinate her, and killed several others in the process. What followed afterwards was a disgusting display from the left to try and blame anyone who was even a registered Republican for the crazed actions of a very sick individual who was not influenced by any specific ideology; he was just a sick person. The more important part of the story was the brave recovery for Giffords that followed, as well as a national conversation on the tenor of political discourse and whether or not there ought to be room for improvement.


Speaking of political discourse!? What many thought was a simultaneous effort by everyday Americans was actually a coordinated effort by several influential figures behind the scenes who sought to upend the current political course that was being set by those in DC… and no, this is NOT the Tea Party, this is Occupy Wall Street. What started out as an effort in Zuccotti Park in New York turned into a nationwide movement (embraced by the left-wing media, go figure) in cities across the country attempting to showcase the fact the United States has not yet embraced socialism and redistributed wealth to a bunch of ungrateful, unemployed, college grads who don’t feel like working to pay off their student loans. While there were many individuals who had a certain story to tell about wealth disparity in the United States… the movement quickly let the inmates take over the asylum as violence, drugs, and even death became just another part of your average “Occupy” site. The future of the movement will be interesting to see as we head into an election year, and a true test of how influential they can be.

Images-22012 Republican Presidential Primary

The main reason you’ve been reading me! The GOP Presidential Race has been one big roller coaster ride with many different surprises that have given us great stories all year long. Looking back certainly the rise and fall of Herman Cain, the new ‘comeback kid’ Newt Gingrich, and the debater that keeps on giving Governor Rick Perry really stand out; and let’s not forget of course… Ron Paul, who has become a major force in this current political climate. What is even more amazing is that for all the attention the race has been getting with all the speculation on who is in or who is out and the questions as to Romney’s status as the ‘next in line’ for the nod… the fact is we have yet to cast one vote in the contest.

Images-9Bin Laden Killed

Now I know people are thinking right now “this isn’t number 1?” The answer to that is no and the reason is because this is about the top “political” stories of 2011. This definitely is one of the most important and I put it this high because it is arguably the biggest accomplishment for President Obama thus far. The reason that I do not have it at the top is because I do not believe the 2012 election will turn on this issue. That being said, the fact of the matter is it gave President Obama a major bounce in polls (short-lived) and voters will be reminded throughout the 2012 race that Bin Laden was killed on his watch… and that certainly can’t hurt Obama’s chances next year.

Images-3GOP Takes Over House

Say what you want readers, but as an individual who suffered with seeing Nancy Pelosi become Speaker of the House, and then proceed to display an absolute arrogance toward the people of this country with her utter lack of intelligence, and competence on issues like Energy, the Economy, and Health Careno image was more wonderful than seeing her lose that gavel less than five years after she took it. I could care less who she was handing it to because in my mind the goal of the 2010 elections was simple: MINORITY LEADER PELOSI. The victory was complete and seeing her lose all influence and power over policy decisions in this country was a truly epic moment that certainly stood out for me and still resonates nearly a year later.

There you have it everyone!!! The biggest political stories of the year here in the United States from yours truly! I look forward to another great year posting for Menzies House and I want to thank you all for your continued readership here on the site! I’ll be starting off the New Year “Fast & Furious” myself with several posts coming in the next few weeks as the initial voting begins for the GOP in their nomination process.

From me to all of you: Have a very safe, and very Happy New Year!!

Amir Iljazi is the U.S. Politics Editor of Menzies House. He earned his Master's Degree in Political Science at American University in Washington, D.C. and currently resides in Tampa, Florida. Before relocating back to Florida, he specialized in longitudinal campaign tracking and voter trends for Federal Races nationwide while working for a Washington DC based center-right political advocacy organisation. You may follow him on Twitter@Michi83