Three Cheers For Alan Joyce


Tim Andrews congratulates Alan Joyce for doing the right thing, and notes that the real villian here is the Fair Work Act:

As someone who has three QANTAS flights booked in the next week, and may still not be able to get on at least one of them, I would like to offer my heartfelt congratulations to CEO Alan Joyce for standing up to Union blackmail and doing the right thing.

There is no doubt whatsoever that if the current, outdated, inflexible model imposed upon QANTAS was to continue, the Airline would eventually cease to exist. It can not, after all,  succeed  against other airlines in a highly competitive international marketplace if shackled by such things, hence why QANTAS International is losing money, and it is highly disappointing that, in persisting with their unreasonable claims, union bosses were happy to see QANTAS go bankrupt just to preserve a few of their perks.

Still, it is rare to see a CEO have the courage to do what Alan Joyce did and ground the whole airline, knowing the personal abuse it would cost him. CEO’s in Australia these days are generally successfully threatened into making deals with union bosses so that our left wing media can say nice things about them, they’re safe from attacks, and it is the consumers and taxpayers who foot the bill when the company goes bust 10 years later and their successors will ask for a taxpayer bailout.

However, the union bosses are not the real villains here. Rather, it is the fact that they were allowed to blackmail a company into a position where it is brought to its knees, and the lock-out was the only choice left, that is the real issue. And the fact remains that none of this would have occurred if not for the euphemistically named Fair Work Australia Act, which allows Unions to take protected strike action on pretty much anything, and limits employers responses whereby their only choice it the lockout – which is what occurred here. And so, with the Fair Work Act designed to give Unions almost limitless power, it is only inevitable that something like this has occurred.

This is the real crime here – that Labor has imposed upon the workplace an incredibly outdated piece of legislation as a payoff to its Union donors for the millions of dollars of members money they donated to the Labor Party. The Fair Work Act is responsible for this. It is bad law, and it must be repealed, hence why it is so disappointing that Tony Abbott has refused to point this out, out of fear of a Labor Party WorkChoice scare campaign.

Unless the Fair Work Act is repealed, get used to seeing disputes like this again, and again, and again.  

Tim Andrews is the Managing Editor of Menzies House. 


Nothing Could Be Clearer

Senator Eric AbetzLabor sought and obtained a mandate from the Australian people not to impose a Carbon Tax says Senator Abetz.

“The Clean Energy Bill 2011 and related bills, if they are turned into Acts, should they pass in the Senate will be 19 separate acts of deceit, 19 separate acts of betrayal, 19 separate acts signifying the contempt in which Labor holds the Australian people,” Senator Abetz said today.

“Rather than debating the clean energy package, we should in fact be renaming it the 'dirty deal package' because it was struck with a dirty deal with the Australian Greens, a party, incidentally, led by a person who once advocated for coal-fired power stations in his opposition to renewable, environmentally friendly hydro generation.”

Labor’s ‘light on the hill’ is no longer powered by reliable, base load, traditional Labor thought but powered instead by faltering and flickering transitory trendy fads changing it from a once-strong, clear beam to a pale, intermittent, slowly dying ember.”

“The Australian Labor Party has not only lost its moral compass, it has lost its policy map as well,” Senator Abetz said.

“As the Greens-Labor Government foolishly and recklessly rushes to create this toxic tax, they tell us that countries all around the world are moving just as quickly. I have to concede that they are right. Countries are moving just as quickly, but in the opposite direction.”

“Canada – No to a Carbon Tax – France – No, Europe – reconsidering its position, Japan – indefinitely postponed, United Kingdom – reducing green energy subsidies, New Zealand – winding back its scheme, Russia – taking no further action, South Korea – delaying and The United States – not proceeding.”

 “It will be a $9 billion per annum tax. It will increase power bills by 10 percent. It will increase gas bills by nine percent, and that is on Labor's own assessments.

“There will be higher marginal tax rates, there will be a huge impact on single-income families and two hundred and eighty thousand self-funded retirees will be worse off.”

“The Prime Minister may have been right when she said, 'There will be no carbon tax under a Government I lead,' because it is Senator Bob Brown and the Australian Greens that are actually leading this Government,” Senator Abetz said.

Senator Abetz is a Liberal Senator for Tasmania and the Leader of the Opposition in the Senate. His website can be found at

The deadly climate change and carbon tax swindle

Over the last few years I have watched the debate about global warming descend into a political and celebrity ego-fuelled circus event where hard science plays merely a supporting role. It’s not even clear what such measures as a carbon tax will even achieve on a global scale besides generating tax revenues for governments and making plenty of bankers happy. Meanwhile millions of people die from hunger and disease every year and there is no tax being implemented to help them.

Firstly let me make my position on global warming or climate change clear. I do not deny that the climate changes nor have I ever met or heard about anyone that does. I don’t doubt that in some way humans are affecting the climate however what I do question is by how much our activity is affecting climate change on a global scale and if it is truly the most serious threat humankind faces.

Back in 2009 I suggested that the global community might be focusing too much on climate change and as a result not directing resources to far more deadly threats as I outlined in Are climate change and global warming dangerous distractions?

In that article I outlined my concern as follows:

“I am not saying that using more renewable energy is a bad thing, it isn’t and it makes perfect sense to me that we should reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. I am also not against reducing pollution or trying to pump less CO2 inter the atmosphere as these also appear to be fairly sensible long term objectives.

But I do worry that we are now becoming so obsessed with the climate change/global warming story that we are failing to appreciate there are much bigger problems and that these are potentially a much bigger threat to humankind than a return to the warm old days.”

I also outlined in that article some of the threats to our existence that I considered more serious than humankind driven climate change i.e: A Global Pandemic, Nuclear Weapons and War.

When was the last time you saw for example any significant media coverage dedicated to the subject of non communicable diseases? I wonder how many people appreciate the true extent of the problems associated with these diseases and are aware of the millions of people who die annually from these?

The reality is that this subject doesn’t get much coverage because journalists prefer to track issues that Al Gore and Cate Blanchett like to promote. Science or reality has little place in the mainstream media these days.

So here we are now, in the midst of what I call the deadly climate change swindle. Why is it deadly? Because on a global scale we are directing resources to address a high profile issue like climate change but this is not probably not the most deadly issue we face. For every dollar we spend (or waste) on the climate change swindle we deny funding to other areas of research or on projects to help people out of poverty or improve their standard of living via better healthcare for example.

One of the big global killers is disease and so let’s look at non-communicable diseases (NCD’s) in a little more detail. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) these diseases kill 3 out of every 5 people on the planet or 36 million people annually. Quoting from the WHO website:

“The main NCDs are cardiovascular diseases, cancers, chronic lung diseases and diabetes, which share four modifiable risk factors – tobacco, harmful alcohol use, poor diet and physical inactivity. A quarter of NCD deaths are of people aged under 60, who are in the prime of their lives, while 9 in 10 of these people are from developing countries.”

Source: World takes action on noncommunicable diseases (WHO)

Now ask yourself this simple question: How will a carbon tax or emission trading scheme save any of these lives?

Perhaps the death of 36 million people isn’t enough to attract celebrity or media attention hey? But it gets worse because by 2030, the WHO predicts that NCD’s will kill 52 million people annually.

So how many people die from climate change annually at the moment..surely it must be millions right? Well according to the WHO:

“Climatic changes already are estimated to cause over 150,000 deaths annually. “

Source: Deaths from climate change (WHO)

All deaths are tragic, but to be focusing more global attention on 150,000 deaths versus 36 million seems a little perverse to me.

It is also critical to remember that the deaths from climate change are not all due to human activity alone. Most climate change is in fact naturally occurring so only a small faction (if any) of the people who die annually from the impact of climate change would be saved if humans never built a single factory.

I have read a lot of scary reports and media articles about climate change and at the top of the scale it seems that 10 million people ‘may’ die as a result of climate change by 2030. So even if every one of these deaths could somehow be linked to human activity (which is highly unlikely) then climate change will kill 42 million less people in 2030 than non-communicable diseases (NCD’s).

But the reality (and scientific fact) is we know that even if humans were not on the planet the climate would change. So leaving emotion aside let’s just calmly take a fact based look at climate change courtesy of The Geological Society. According to a statement on their website:

“The Earth’s temperature and weather patterns change naturally over time scales ranging from decades, to hundreds of thousands, to millions of years. The climate is the statistical average of the weather taken over a long period, typically 30 years. It is never static, but subject to constant disturbances, sometimes minor in nature and effect, but at other times much larger. In some cases these changes are gradual and in others abrupt.”

Source: Climate change: evidence from the geological record

So we know the climate changes and has done many times, so let’s move away from the stupid debate regarding if climate change exists or not since this appears to be a way for those pushing a carbon tax to try deflect attention away from tax itself.

Wanting to look after this planet of ours does not mean people have to support a new tax. You can oppose the tax (like I do) and still want to reduce pollution, lower our dependence on fossils fuels and hope we can save millions of lives each year by wasting less and helping people out of poverty.

(By the way, I would recommend people read for themselves the entire statement from The Geological Society since it is one of the best overviews I have seen regarding climate change.)

Another interesting passage from The Geological Society statement is as follows:

“In the coming centuries, continued emissions of carbon from burning oil, gas and coal at close to or higher than today’s levels, and from related human activities, could increase the total to close to the amounts added during the 55 million year warming event – some 1500 to 2000 billion tonnes. Further contributions from ‘natural’ sources (wetlands, tundra, methane hydrates, etc.) may come as the Earth warms.”

Now the chances that we will be using coal and oil at the same rate as today for centuries is unlikely since our reserves of both of these will run out within the next 150 years or so. So one wonders if that has been fed into the models used by The Geological Society and other groups? But even if we do the result “could increase the total to close to the amounts added during the 55 million year warming event”.

Since when does ‘could’ mean the science is settled?

Yes climate change is a threat to future generations, but is it the biggest threat? I doubt it. Can we do something smarter to reduce the damage humans do to the environment and save lives beside implementing such mindless policies as a carbon tax? Of course we can. We simply need to get politicians, celebrities and journalists out of the way and get scientists, engineers and other problem-solvers more involved.

We certainly don’t need the climate change debate stifled via name calling or via advertising campaigns by actors living in ‘eco mansions’.

If someone can explain to me how a carbon tax will help save the lives of millions of children who die annually of starvation then I would be very interested. The reality is that we would do more good by taxing over-consumption and imposing penalties on individuals, organisations and corporations that waste food but I guess that just wouldn’t work too well at the Oscars or at those lavish climate change conferences.

So let’s keep the debate open and encourage people not to be swayed by the emotional rants from either side of the climate change debate, because if we make the wrong decisions – they may just turn out to have very deadly results.

Greg Atkinson is the editor of Shareswatch Australia, the Managing Director ofOhori Capital and a Director of Eco Marine Power. He is originally from Australia but currently resides in Japan. He can be followed on twitter via@GregAtkinson_jp. Originally published at Sharewatch and reproduced with permission. 


Abbott: Government should intervene in Qantas dispute

Our commentator "Liberal Elitist" writes in:

The Australian reports that Tony Abbott has criticised the Government for its failure to promptly intervene in the industrial dispute between Qantas and various trade unions representing its employees.
Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has called on the federal government to use all of its powers to bring the dispute to a head, and get Qantas aircraft back into the sky "as quickly (and safely) as possible".
"Obviously the longer this dispute lasts, the worse it will be for our international reputation," he told ABC Radio today.
He argued the situation was serious enough for the government to intervene, and insisted such action should have been taken earlier.
This is not just another off-the-cuff remark from Abbott: it's the official policy of the Liberal Party, which published an article headlined “Time for Labor to Muscle Up on Qantas” on its website. Is this really the representation that conservative Australian Coalition voters asked for—from a party that supposedly “believes in individual freedom and free enterprise”?
Unfortunately, there are no political parties in Australia which demonstrate a genuine commitment to small government. Right-leaning libertarians have an Opposition which criticises the Government for being too slow to intervene with the management of a public company and proposes to address climate change by manually allocating capital to government-approved businesses. The left libertarians have a Government which opposes same-sex marriage while competing with the Opposition for the least humanitarian asylum seeker solution.

Liberal Elitist is a student who would like to see an Australian political party apply a presumption against government intervention when making policy.

Occupy Wall Street Should Protest Crony Capitalism, Not Capitalism


If the Occupy Wall Street movement is really motivated to stop corporate greed and corruption it would focus on President Obama and his tight circle of crony capitalists, who have looted the public treasury under the guise of promoting clean energy. The problem plaguing our economic system is crony capitalism, not capitalism.

The government bailouts outraged Americans from all political persuasions and ignited the Tea Party movement but those unfortunate events are history.

What’s even more outrageous is President Obama followed the episode of Wall Street, auto company bailouts, and funding of clean energy initiated by President Bush with a $787 billion economic stimulus that funnelled massive amounts of public funds to private businesses, many of which have close political ties to the president.

The tens of billions of tax dollars allocated for clean energy turned into an orgy of big business special interest group politics that has spectacularly failed to create meaningful job growth.

The high profile bankruptcy of solar panel maker Solyndra brought national attention to cronyism associated with the clean energy stimulus. Billionaire George Kaiser – an Obama donor and fundraising bundler for the president – was a key investor in the failed clean energy venture that resulted in a $535 million loss of taxpayer money.


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President Obama and the Politics of Envy


In difficult times, a wise man once said, it’s important to state the obvious. So here goes…

Barack Obama cannot run for re-election touting his success in economic matters. That’s mainly because he’s had no success in economic matters.

He can’t brag about a low unemployment rate – not when it’s over 9 percent.

He can’t boast about the growing economy, which is barely growing and may even slide back into recession.

He can’t tell the voters about all the new, clean, green jobs he’s creating, because he isn’t. (Can you say Solyndra?) And perhaps you’ve noticed that he’s already stopped talking about how many millions of any-kind-of jobs his administration has “created or saved” and is now talking about all the jobs his policies have “supported,” whatever that means.

So what can he do? Only one thing: Wage class warfare. Turn Americans against each other based on envy. Divide Americans into two camps: the “greedy” rich who don’t contribute their “fair share” on one side … and all the downtrodden, decent people struggling for a better life on the other.


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Released Terrorist Ahlam Tamimi: I Would Bomb Israelis Again and in the Same Manner

Andys RantMeet scumbag Jordanian terrorist Ahlam Tamimi. She was serving 16 life sentences for her role in the August 9 2011 bombing of a Sbarro’s pizzeria in Jerusalem that killed 15 and wounded 130 innocent Israelis. Unfortunately she and 1,000 other convicted terrorists were released from prison in Israel as part of a prisoner exchange that freed Israeli solider Gilad Shalit.

Ahlam Tamimi said in an interview on October 19 that she would return to her terrorist ways in a heartbeat. She also considers the murders a tremendous success — one granted to her by “Allah.”

When asked if she would carry out such a large-scale attack again if given the chance, Tamimi replied:

“Of course. I do not regret what happened. Absolutely not. This is the path. I dedicated myself to Jihad for the sake of Allah, and Allah granted me success. You know how many casualties there were [in the 2001 attack on the Sbarro pizzeria]. This was made possible by Allah. Do you want me to denounce what I did? That’s out of the question. I would do it again today, and in the same manner.”

MEMRI provides the interview and translation:


Pity some Israeli commando didn’t put a bullet in her head.

Meanwhile, some good news to report…

Two American drone strikes hours apart destroyed a hideout in Taliban strongholds in Pakistan’s rugged tribal regions Thursday and a vehicle with a number of fighters inside. A close ally of one of the area’s top militant commanders and 12 others were killed, Pakistani intelligence officials said.

The first attack in the South Waziristan tribal area hit a vehicle and killed Khan Mohammed, also known as Sathai, deputy leader of a group of militants led by Maulvi Nazir and also the commander’s cousin, said the officials. It also killed Nazir’s younger brother, Hazrat Omar, the officials said.

Hours later, five missiles hit the militant hideout near North Waziristan’s town of Mir Ali, killing six men, said the officials on condition of anonymity as they were not authorized to talk to the media.

Nazir is one of the most powerful militant commanders in the tribal region and is accused of working with the Taliban and al-Qaida to stage attacks against foreign troops in neighboring Afghanistan.

Five militants killed in Thursday’s drone strike were riding in a pickup truck from Tora Gola village to the nearby area of Azam Warsak when they were hit, said the intelligence officials. Three other people were injured in the attack, they said.

Is it seventy-three or seventy-seven Virgins? How many do these terrorist retards get when they go to paradise?

I think these dead SOB’s are actually on an express elevator to hell.


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Michael Moore: Occupy Movement Obama’s Only Hope for Re-Election

The Blaze reports:


Left-wing filmmaker and reluctant “1%’er” Michael Moore spoke during a book signing at Barnes & Noble in White Plains on October 24. During the Q&A session that followed, Moore was asked how liberals can convince others to reelect President Barack Obama. Moore’s answer was simple: Occupy Wall Street and its satellite movements.

“If Obama stands up for the working, middle class over the next year, he can pull it off…I don‘t know how we can ’make him’ do that other than through the Occupy movements,” Moore said plainly. He went on to assert that Obama has “tried to have empathy” for occupiers “all over the country.”

“Maybe some good will come out of this,” Moore said, adding that protests will give Obama the “push” he needs to beat the GOP in the next election.


Obama is so a one term President.


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ACORN Playing Behind Scenes Role in ‘Occupy’ Movement


The former New York office for ACORN, the disbanded community activist group, is playing a key role in the self-proclaimed “leaderless” Occupy Wall Street movement, organizing “guerrilla” protest events and hiring door-to-door canvassers to collect money under the banner of various causes while spending it on protest-related activities, sources tell

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