Why Labor has failed on border protection.

by on 30 June, 2011

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Thomas Murphy discusses Labor's record on border protection: 

In 2001/2002, both major parties accepted that Australia did have a problem with boat people and people smugglers, so together, John Howard and Immigration Minister at the time, Phillip Ruddock put in place the very successful Pacific Solution. At the time, the Pacific Solution had bi-partisan support.
I say that the Pacific Solution was "very successful" since it arrivals dropped from 5516 in 2001, to zero in 2002. Successful to you, or not?

"ANOTHER boat on the way, another policy failure” is how Prime Minister Julia Gillard characterized the flow of people smugglers’ vessels when she was in Opposition on April 23, 2003.

In 2007, Kevin Rudd ditched the Pacific Solution for an open border "policy" that has failed drastically.

In the recent flawed Gillard/Swan Federal Budget, the immigration department has blown out by $1.75b because of Labor's incompetence to secure our borders. This $1.75b includes an increase of 1000% of Immigration staff and the opening/expanding of detention centers.

If people see Labor as the party of "friendliness" towards boat people, they need to think again. If Labor didn't ditch the Pacific Solution, 203+ boat people would not have died, boat people would not be burning down detention centers and going on hunger strikes and finally, they would be treated with respect.

Labor's latest border protection mess up has been seen with Malaysia. Gillard/Rudd did not call the President of Nauru because Nauru is not a signatory to the UN refugee convention, well Julia, neither is Malaysia. If you check Malaysia's humanitarian record, it's simply horrific that they are going to be sending asylum seekers over there where the Police still use the cane. Not only is there a humanitarian problem with this arrangement, there's also a massive cost involved. This arrangement with Malaysia will cost us $292m, that is, $54,000 per refugee we get and $90,000 per boat person we send there. This arrangement with Malaysia will not stop the boats, this has been shown since Gillard/Bowen introduced this new plan more boats have arrived.

Under Howard's Pacific Solution, boat people were subject to Australian law in Nauru, Manus etc and were not subject to daily beatings and being locked up in a cell. This is a lously deal for Australia and will damage Australia's reputation on the humane treatment of refugees.

What does work are TPVs, Nauru and the ability to turn boats around when possible. The point of a "boat people policy" is not to stop refugees from coming to Australia, but to deny the murderous people smugglers a product to sell. Labor has failed on this premise.

If Gillard was serious about "stopping the boats" she will bring back Howard's Pacific Solution which has been proven to work and has been proven to stop the people smugglers a product to sell. Unlike Labor, the Coalition has a strong and humane record for the detention and the treatment of refugees/boat people, and will continue to do so.

I pose you the question, how can we trust a Government that cannot control our borders?

Thomas Murphy is a 16 year old young Liberal member that has a passion for Politics, and is also an AFL Umpire. 

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