Why I voted for Liberal candidate Sarah Henderson

by on 6 September, 2013



B P Terpstra

On Saturday afternoon, I shook hands with Liberal candidate for Corangamite Sarah Henderson outside a prepolling centre. But it wasn’t her good handshaking skills that impressed me the most. 

To be sure, Henderson, a trained journalist and acclaimed reporter, has excellent people skills. However, I was very impressed by the fact that a candidate took the time to respond to my emails, her support for stronger borders and the Coalition’s commitment to strengthening families. It’s why I voted for Sarah.

I was impressed by Henderson’s commitment to abolishing Labor’s jobdestroying carbon tax too. Why? Because here in the ultramarginal seat of Corangamite there’s a strong sense that Labor duped us. The ALP delivered a carbon tax we didn’t approve of. 

Obviously, living in an ultramarginal seat means that I’m paying more attention to local politics these days, and the fact that Darren Cheeseman MP’s ALP hasn’t delivered one healthy budget in years is a worry. 

We deserve better. 

I live on a dirt road.  But there’s more. To add insult to serious injury, I often turn right into a “real road” with potholes, a Third World situation that needs remedying thanks to years of Labor neglect. 

Also, for the record, I don’t vote along gender lines. Still I recognise there’s a difference between Coalition women and Labor women. In the ALP, for example, many women are the beneficiaries of a patronising quota system whereas Liberal women are judged by their fruits. 

Interestingly, when asked about her role model last week, Sarah Henderson had this to say

I am a bit biased but I was a great admirer of my mother Ann Henderson. She really was my mentor. She was the member for Geelong from 1992 to 1999 and she was the Minister for Housing and Aboriginal Affairs from 1996 – 1999 and she was just one of those women who just got on and got things done. So she was greatly loved by people from all sides of politics. She drove the revitalisation of Geelong waterfront. That certainly is her lasting legacy and we know how important that is to Geelong now. So I have to say she was my great mentor and someone obviously who I admire very much as a politician. 

In my view, real results matter more than slogans. And, did I say that Sarah Henderson is good at handshaking?

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