Why Australia Should Support A Brexit

by on 23 June, 2016

Tomorrow in Britain a referendum will be held asking whether to leave or stay in the European Union. For economic, political and cultural reasons it is imperative to vote leave, and for those same reasons Australia will benefit from this change.

Many British communities living in Australia understand this most acutely. British expat Tobias Lehmann for example, raises the issue of governance. “I read some horrifying statistics that more than 60 per cent of the rules and laws in the UK now come from Brussels rather than Westminster and I just thought to myself ‘I’m lucky to live in Australia where all the laws come from Australia’.

The three main reasons to leave have been outlined by Gerogina Downer from the IPA. She argues:

  • Britain never consented to be part of the European political structure
  • The EU is both anti-democratic and illiberal
  • Australia and Britain will work better following independence

Out and Into the World, Spectator, 18 June 2016

As the spectator notes, the attempt at a ‘common government has had disastrous effects over a continent distinguished by glorious diversity.’ Having lost the ability to cater for the British population, Downing Street has become more pre-occupied with appeasing European technocrats. This is a significant catastrophe in everyday matters, but all the more so in turbulent political and economic circumstances. For the very reason that we do not know events ahead of their time, so we should place greater strength on a British democratic alliance of the willing to tackle them. As the Spectator maintains, Britain will almost always ‘be able to respond and adapt better as a sovereign country living under its own laws.’



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