What The Media Won’t Report – Green Vote In Freefall

by on 30 November, 2014

While the Australian media continues campaigning for the Australian Greens, an interesting fact seems to have been left out of their reporting of both the Victorian State Election, and indeed the previous Federal Election, and all state elections before it.

The Australian Greens vote is in freefall.

Let us look at the numbers.

In the 2010 Victorian Legislative Council Election, the Australian Greens 12.01%. This election, they only received 10.29% – a steep fall of 14.3% [UPDATE: Current numbers have the Greens at 10.8%, reducing the fall slightly to 10%)

The situation is even more accentuated Federally.

In the 2010 Federal Election, the Australian Greens received 13.11% of the vote. By 2013, this had plummeted to 8.65% – a staggering drop of 34.01%

The same pattern appears in every state election held recently.

The Greens vote fell a whopping 36% at the last Tasmanian electionfell a 25% at the 2013 West Australian electionfell 10% at the 2012 Queensland state election, and also fell at the 2014 South Australian election. Even in the Australian Capital Territory in the 2012 Legislative Assembly Election the Greens vote fell 31%! 

The numbers speak for themselves.

Australians around the country are comprehensibly rejecting the radical ideology of the Greens, and nothing their fawning fans in the media can do will change this simple fact. 

Tim Andrews is the Executive Director of the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance, and co-Founder of Menzies House. 

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  1. Quite so. I’m guessing the Victorian Greens will take a 10.8% vote and a seat in parliament, over a 12% vote and no seat, any day.

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