What Our Government Forgot To Tell You

by on 4 February, 2013

A. Essery

Allan has become somewhat of an authority on the UN Agenda 21. His extensive research has uncovered what most politicians know nothing about. As AG21 has been around for 30 years, some leaders considder it "embedded" in law. GC.Ed.

I know there are many who think that all of this Lima Agreement/Agenda 21 business is a lot of malarkey, but before closing your mind to it I suggest you consider some of the aspects that are playing right into the hands of the United Nations Global Government planning.

Agenda 21, or SD A21 as it is known, appears at first glance to be a reasonable document that aims to correct a lot of the worlds ills.  It is much more insidious than you would suspect and you must wonder why successive Australian Governments firstly signed up and why they didn’t tell the Nation and now deny that it is being implemented in Australia. 

Australia was committed to the United Nations Agenda 21 when the Keating Government signed on during the Earth Summit in Rio in 1992, along with 177 other Nations.  The Australian people were never told about it and they were never given a chance to vote on it.

The Howard Government never told the people about it and although they were in Government from 1996 to 2008 and neither has the Rudd/Gillard Governments been forthcoming.  SD A21 was never removed and Australian people were still not given a choice as to its continuation.

What is Agenda 21?  It is a United Nations policy that aims for sustainable development of the entire planet under United Nations control and direction.   The policy says: “We recognize that for significant international financing to give strong support to the various commitments made in the outcomes of Rio+20, the developed countries (including Australia) agreed to provide new and additional resources exceeding $30 billion per year between 2013 & 2017 to the developing countries in their efforts toward promotion of sustainable development.  We also pledge that for a more sustained and longer-term financial support we agree to enhance the mobilization to UN $100 billion per year from 2018 onwards and work towards setting up a financial mechanism, including a possible sustainable development fund.”

This is a blatantly socialist redistribution of wealth, away from developed nations to the Third World.  The “spin” is environmental protection.  The “reality” is UN control of our economy.

Agenda 21 is a United Nations designed and monitored program that is a fundamentally undemocratic policy that threatens sovereignty and fundamental human rights.  For Australia, Agenda 21 poses a serious risk to freedom and human rights.

All three levels of Government have been quietly and undemocratically implementing this program throughout Australia, as agents of the UN, for almost 20 years.  Researcher Graham Williamson says, “Although pervasively embedded into Government (undeclared) policy at all levels, when directly questioned about AG21 our elected representatives go to extraordinary lengths to either avoid the subject or pretend it is not being implemented.  From all my enquiries, not one politician or bureaucrat eagerly responded by openly detailing the many ways in which the tentacles of AG21 are being implemented through the various government departments.  Implementation of Agenda 21 is based upon a failure to accurately and truthfully inform Australians.  It is based upon deception and trashing of democracy.”

In light of the foregoing, it is interesting that Australian Governments have forwarded extensive reports on the implementation of SD A21 to the United Nations at regular intervals since its inception and up to 2011.

There are a number of aims set out in the UN SD A21 that should be of considerable worry to all Australians.  Did John Howard introduce gun control on the basis of Port Arthur as the disarming of the citizens is embedded in the UN policy one has to wonder?  Ask yourself why there have been such massive cuts to our defence budget.  Cuts so savage that they were questioned by the US, but the reduction or removal of Nation’s defence capabilities is a requirement of the Agenda and the funds normally spent on defence, according to the UN policy, should be forwarded to the UN to finance a global army to enforce its Global Governance intentions.

A recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald by Peter Hartcher indicates that the reduction in defence spending will leave Australia where it would be useless in a large-scale conflict.   30 years ago Australia was giving its time expired fighter aircraft to countries like Indonesia and Malaysia, today the Indonesian airforce is superior to the RAAF in size and capabilities.  As Hartcher says, “with each passing year the Australian defence force will grow less and less impressive to the rest of the world.”   Thanks to the United Nations.  

Allan is retired from active RAAF duty. In civilian life he was a pilot and flight instructor.  He was also the commander of an Royeal Volunteer Coastal Patrol maritime rescue unit on the South Coast of NSW and senior officer for the Far South Coast.  He fights for a fair go for ex-servicemen and women and is a harsh critic of the government's treatment of serving and ex-service personnel.  

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