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by on 23 June, 2013

A. Essery

Does The Homosexual/Lesbian Minority Now Dictate The Terms In The ADF?

During the recent headlines about questionable conduct of ADF personnel I made comment that since the mid to late 60's the three defence forces have seen a deterioration of standards, discipline and general conduct brought about by pressure from minority activists, political correctness, and blatant stupidity by politicians and senior command of what is now known collectively as the Australian Defence Forces.

Long held conventions that bind a fighting force together are discipline and respect for Commissioned, Non-Commissioned Officers, and each other. Understanding those principles is paramount.  Without respect discipline declines, members lose direction and morale is damaged.

This raises the thorny question about homosexual/lesbian personnel and the manner in which they are afforded preferential treatment to the exclusion of other members. Chief of the Defence Forces, General David Hurley, leaves us in no doubt that attitudes toward diversity within the ADF must change with the times.  He goes as far as saying, ''Marching in uniform (at the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras) evokes a great sense of pride in the history of the Australian Military. It also carries significant responsibility to honour the uniform and all that it represents.''

No Sir, General Hurley, it does not!  For many, especially older ex-service members, it evokes offence, embarrassment and revulsion. Not because homosexuals and lesbians are now allowed in the defence forces, but because they are overtly preferred to the detriment of other personnel and their beliefs. In pursuit of PC the pendulum of has swung too far.

That does not indicate “attracting preference”, you might say?  Well, let us look at a homosexual/lesbian activist, political organisation that not only operates within the ADF but also is actually sanctioned and encouraged by the upper levels of ADF command. I refer to the Australian Defence Gay and Lesbian Information Service (DEFGLIS). It is for all intents and purposes a branch of the ADF headed by, Squadron Leader Vince Chong, an avowed homosexual.

Let us not ignore that under defence services laws, personnel are prohibited from marching in uniform in political demonstrations. In fact, it is considered an action prejudicial to the good order and conduct of the defence forces for participation in such demonstrations, even if dressed in civilian clothes.  However, if you are a homosexual/lesbian then service law is cast aside as such conduct is sanctioned by senior command.

It is alleged that a former member of the ADF — an officer who served in Iraq — stated: “Defence hierarchy are supporting homosexual political activism, the gay marriage agenda and sexual perversion by awarding Vince Chong for his leadership of DEFGLIS. And, they are backing a political campaign to remove rights from Christian organisations.''

It appears to be no problem that Squadron Leader Chong has allegedly written to politicians promoting DEFGLIS with a political agenda that would see religious organisations prohibited from determining who can, and who cannot teach in their church-sponsored schools.

It is further alleged that when an Officer who opposed what Chong was doing, made a public statement that he, a practicing Catholic, would not allow his child to be taught and influenced by a homosexual/lesbian teacher. He was called in by his Commanding Officer for a chat.  This heterosexual, married Catholic Officer was told that his views concerning those who may teach his children offended the homosexual/lesbian community. He was told that his comment was inappropriate. He was also told that he must withdraw his comment and cease political activity if he wanted a military career.

To the Officer’s credit his reply was: ''In contrast, I must also accept that Vince Chong and his buddies, as the new golden boys of the ADF, are not required to be silent on their political, religious and sexual beliefs. Instead, they can campaign politically and denigrate my religious beliefs while in uniform. Furthermore, I must accept that Defence will support their agenda and reward their leadership.''

There are those of us, including myself, who are offended, embarrassed and ashamed of the politically correct direction that the defence forces are taking.  We are offended that the senior command of the ADF has chosen to follow a progressive, socialist, and political path of openly supporting and condoning the political activities of a select group to the detriment, exclusion and denigration of all other personnel and their fervent beliefs. 

Alan Essery is an ex-RAAF officer retired from active duty. He was a flight instructor and charter pilot. He also writes on matters political and is a staunch battler for ex-service superannuants. He is also rumoured to be a savvy fossicker for the yellow stuff.

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