UK PM David Cameron under pressure to block EU demand for £400 per British family

by on 23 April, 2011

 David Cameron is under pressure to block a demand from Brussels for British taxpayers to give an extra £682 million next year to the European Union budget.

The additional payment would take Britain’s annual EU contribution to more than £10 billion in 2012, the equivalent of £400 for every household.

The demand from the European Commission started a war of words, with Downing Street calling the request “ludicrous” and George Osborne, the Chancellor, accusing EU officials of having lost touch with reality. Last night the Government refused to say what, if any, increase in Britain’s contributions ministers were prepared to accept, prompting charges that they would eventually “roll over” and agree to hand over more taxpayers’ money.

In 2009, Britons paid £5.3 billion to the EU budget, with the payment rising to £9.2 billion in 2010.

Last year, Mr Cameron promised to fight for a “cut or a freeze” in the 2011 EU budget, but was eventually forced to settle for a rise of 2.9 per cent, costing Britain another £450 million.

The Commission has made a formal request to members for a £5.5 billion budget rise that would take EU spending next year to £117 billion (or $181 billion AUD)

Add the EU to another list of fat, useless bureaucracies that need culling – pronto!

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