Time to wake-up Australia

by on 31 December, 2012

The military arm of Hamas has been listed on our books as a criminal organisation since 1995. Dr Mohamed's visit displays his arrogance and contempt for Australians. When will our leaders put end to this divisive attitude by Muslim leaders and "scholars" who then preach against us? GC.Ed. 

Australia's Grand Mufti meets Hamas

"I am pleased to stand on the land of jihad to learn from its sons and I have the honour to be among the people of Gaza where the weakness always becomes strength, the few becomes many and the humiliation turns into pride," he told local news agencies.

"We came here in order to learn from Gaza. As I said in my speech, we will make the stones, trees, and people of Gaza talk, in order to learn steadfastness, sacrifice, and the defence of one's rights from them.

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