Time the Greens changed their name to ‘Green Dawn’

by on 18 November, 2013

Doomsday CAGW

Ever since Bob Brown retired, the rabble running the show over at the Greens has become a lot more radical, and a lot more desperate… 

eco-marxist Bandt’s comment:

Well, I think if the Prime Minister is out there referring to the Leader of the Opposition as ‘Electricity’ Bill, then he can be expected to be referred to as Typhoon Tony himself. The head in the sand approach to global warming in the face of the leaders of the Philippines themselves saying this is what we are in store for unless we get global warming under control makes Australia an international pariah and shows that really at the end of the day Tony Abbott does not believe the science.

And here is the Green Dawn leader Milne with her shot:

In our region Typhoon Haiyan and 10,000 people if not more dead in the Philippines from a storm with such intensity there is now debate whether it is the strongest typhoon ever. Prof Steffen, one our leading scientists, is out saying that it is the warming of the oceans off the eastern Philippines that has led to the intensity of the typhoon.

BoltA has already proven (fact checked) that Typhoon Hiayan is far from the strongest ever Typhoon to have ever hit the Philippines, but that doesn’t stop Green Dawn from using the typhoon crisis to spread more of their imaginary fears.

Green Dawn is nothing more than a fundamentalist religion. They don’t worship Gaia, their true God is coercion.

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