The hottest game in Town – Climate Bullshit Bingo

by on 4 July, 2013

Climate BS Bingo

Whenever you here one of the
climate buzzwords on the card above, check it off and call out “Bingo!” as soon
as you have a row of five in any direction. Play it with your friends at the
next conference or speech (be sure to use different cards).


“Amazing! I recently saw a speech
by Al Gore and yelled ‘Bingo’ after just 23 seconds!” – Naomi O., California

“I set a personal best record at a
recent speech by Prof. Michael Mann: Bingo after just 11 seconds!” – Gavin S.,
New York

“I have to admit I’m addicted to
the game, and play it every time I see Obama make a speech.” – Andy R., New

“Climate Bullshit Bingo has helped
my speech writers immensely.” – President Barack Obama

“Can’t wait to try Climate Bullshit
Bingo at the next UN IPCC Convention!” – Roger H., London

“I hardly ever called out ‘Bingo!’
at a Heartland Institute climate conference. No wonder I’ve stopped reporting
on them.” – Seth B., Washington D.C.

“My speeches on climate science
must be getting better and better. I hear people shouting out ‘Bingo!’ earlier
and earlier, sometimes after less than a minute!” – Michael M., Pennsylvania

“Climate Bullshit Bingo has crossed
the Atlantic and is now sweeping across Europe, especially Germany!” – Stefan
R., Potsdam

“I’ve stopped falling asleep at
climate speeches by warmists.” – Pierre G., Germany

“My attention level at climate
speeches by James Hansen has shot up dramatically!” – Marc M., Washington D.C.

“It was fun at first. But with so
many people shouting ‘Bingo!’, it’s kinda become a distraction at UN conferences.”
– Anthony W., California


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